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Will Trump Start a War with Iran?

What's behind Trump's tough talk on Iran?

Even Trump does not want a war with Iran. I do not think anyone want that. not that Iran would not be defeated but because who wants a war? Well, who is in sound mind, wants a war?

Trump is not going to war anywhere. Reason one - the American army is tired fighting two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and loosing both and now almost fighting a third one in Syria. Most of teh Generals and tehir men are in no mood to get embroiled in another endless war, escpailly in the ME. Reason two - the United States does not have the money to finance wars any time soon. The effects of the last wars still remain in a big way. The smartest thing President Obama did was largely extricate USA from useless wars in Afghanistan, Iraq etc and allow the natives to slaughter each other till they get tired of it. Costs the US Tax payer next to nothing and keeps the enemies busy butchering each other. Reason three - Iran is no Iraq. Iran has 2.5 times the population of Iraq. If USA could not win a war with Iraq with how does Trump plan to win a war with Iran? If USA can bomb Iran, the Iranians have the capability to serous hobble every major economy in the world by simply mining the Straits of Hormuz. Reason four - The Iranians have opened their economy and with massive demand for just about anything any industrialized nation would want to sell, there will be no appetite for war or any more sanctions. The Germans, French, the Chinese, Indians, and Russians are in no mood to say NO to Iranian business coming their way. One does not hatch plots to bomb one's best customer's backyard. Conclusion - Donald can say whatever he wants at his election rallies. Running America and bombing or even sanctioning Iran will be a totally different ball game, as Donald will realize if he occupies the Oval Office.

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