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Why Trump’s Economic Justice Warriors Will Crash The US Dollar

for the last eight years we've seen the 0:08 rise of the social justice warriors sjw 0:11 as they had lobbied there man Obama to 0:14 the political power required to direct 0:16 the force of government in the name of 0:18 their own relativist brand of social 0:20 justice while they are still busy 0:22 demonstrating the violence soul of what 0:24 is inherent in all brands of statism by 0:27 breaking storefront windows under the 0:29 Trump epoch a new type of status warrior 0:31 has emerged let's call them the economic 0:34 justice warriors ejw like the SJW the 0:39 ejw ultimately also want to direct the 0:42 force of government in the name of 0:44 justice i'll be at slightly different 0:46 and much like the SJW this new form of 0:49 economic justice isn't just at all in 0:52 fact it is antithetical to the goals of 0:55 the ejw one of the big rallying cries of 0:58 the e JW has been to build a wall across 1:01 an entire continent 1:03 this is silly for a few reasons one is 1:06 that there already is a wall across most 1:09 of it but all it takes to defeat a wall 1:11 is a ladder or a shovel or a book but 1:15 even that is silly because there have 1:17 been more mexicans leaving the u.s. been 1:19 migrating there for the last five years 1:21 most say they leave due to how unfree 1:24 the land of the free is nowadays in fact 1:27 Americans maybe building a wall that 1:29 eventually will keep them in the IRS has 1:33 just announced that it will be notifying 1:35 the State Department of anyone with 1:36 overdue extortion tax payments anyone 1:40 with overdue tax payments will not be 1:42 given a passport to defect from the 1:44 country adding insult to injury on 1:47 building this useless wall is Trump's 1:49 idea on how to make Mexico pay for it 1:51 his way of making Mexico pay for it is 1:54 to charge Americans twenty percent more 1:56 on anything important for mexico mexico 1:59 is one of the biggest importers into the 2:01 u.s. and two of its biggest imports are 2:03 petroleum and food so get ready for food 2:07 and gas to rise twenty percent in price 2:09 in order to build a wall that is already 2:11 mostly there and is useless but imposing 2:14 tariffs on foreign imports and building 2:16 walls isn't just useless 2:18 increasing the cost of things for 2:20 American it actually threatens to 2:22 destroy the entire American economy the 2:25 dollar vigilant a senior analysts wrote 2:27 this in our latest issue to subscribers 2:29 like most Americans Trump is unaware of 2:32 the role that international trade is 2:34 played in developing wealth not only for 2:36 American corporations but also American 2:38 consumers and the many countries engaged 2:40 in it and blew those points out that 2:43 Trump doesn't make the proper 2:44 distinction between trade and global ism 2:46 besides failing to grasp the mutually 2:49 beneficial nature of trade he doesn't 2:52 understand the complexities involved in 2:53 the balance of payments theory which has 2:55 long been discredited as an old 2:57 mercantilist doctrine he uses it to 3:00 attempt to define who the winners and 3:02 losers are in trade but at boogaloos 3:04 points out the accounts are always in 3:06 balance the other side of a trade 3:08 deficit is a capital surplus what enough 3:12 money is put into American goods and 3:13 services and when people who trade with 3:15 Americans also store their money in the 3:17 US the u.s. can develop a capital 3:20 surplus as that explains a country can a 3:23 trade deficit because its capital 3:25 markets are attractive 3:27 it is after all trading Financial claims 3:29 for goods and services a country may 3:32 also have a trade deficit it print more 3:34 currency than its trading partner with 3:36 this kind of cheating tend to 3:37 self-correct the exchange rates 3:39 eventually 3:40 on the contrary the US how to trade 3:43 deficit for as long as the US dollars 3:45 floats freely and probably longer 3:47 sometimes this is the result of its 3:50 inflation is policy but mostly it's 3:52 because the US has always offered a 3:54 relatively more attractive more diverse 3:57 and more liquid and more politically 3:59 stable capital market environment store 4:01 wealth that's one of the ways the US 4:03 dollar became a reserve currency by 4:06 offering a home for all those miraculous 4:07 governments around the world who would 4:09 debase their own currencies in order to 4:12 get their exporter's an edge into the 4:13 American market 4:14 how many times have you heard the 4:16 argument about the japanese or chinese 4:18 banks funding us deficits and consumers 4:20 yet this is precisely the kind of thing 4:23 Trump thinks of as exploitation but the 4:26 u.s. gain from it too because people all 4:28 around the world wanted to trade with 4:30 people in the US 4:31 its currency circulated broadly in fact 4:34 combined with the beneficial aspects of 4:36 trade on productivity and help the Fed 4:38 manage the fallout of its policies on 4:40 local prices but Trump thinks having a 4:43 trade deficit is a bad thing and wants 4:45 to wipe it out he will try to and in the 4:47 process he will do a lot of damage the 4:49 US economy as Abu those points out for 4:52 by eliminating the trade deficit 4:55 he will also eliminate the capital 4:56 surplus and reverse all the benefits 4:58 that have accumulated not only to the 5:00 economy but also the dollar over the 5:03 decades jump is wrong to target the 5:05 trade deficit trade is not a win-lose 5:08 concept nations are not necessarily 5:10 better off because they export more 5:12 physical good and Financial claims if 5:15 there is competitive advantage on each 5:17 side discovered voluntarily in the 5:19 market by entrepreneurs the policy will 5:22 radically shrink America's fear of 5:24 trades it will lower labor productivity 5:26 as a result and real wages in the 5:29 process it may even more radically 5:31 accelerate the dollars global d 5:33 monetization as those who have traded 5:35 with America over the years finally 5:37 repatriate their dollars just this week 5:41 Iran announced it will stop using the US 5:43 dollar in response to trump spans 5:45 economic justice warriors think they're 5:48 going to improve things in the US by 5:50 limiting trade and forcing tariffs and 5:52 Vance what they'll get is the exact 5:55 opposite Trump anomic is a US dollar 5:58 crisis in the making 6:00 given the precariousness associated with 6:02 the US economy and Donald Trump you'll 6:05 certainly want to keep your assets safe 6:07 and well positioned to profit during the 6:09 incoming turmoil join us every 24th for 6:12 the dollar vigilantes 6:13 internationalisation investment summit 6:15 in gorgeous a cocoa Mexico where a 6:18 number of intelligence speakers in the 6:19 financial and cryptocurrency worlds will 6:21 be offering their insights on what to 6:23 invest in and we're following the 6:26 conference many will be attending our 6:27 cocoa the world's largest gathering of 6:30 voluntariness you might want to come 6:32 visit the freest country in North 6:34 America Mexico while you still can 6:37 and subscribe to the dollar vigilante 6:39 newsletter at dollar vigilante calm / 6:41 subscribe 6:42 to keep one step ahead of the game the 6:45 ejw may turn out to be more dangerous 6:47 than the SJW especially for your 6:50 pocketbook unless you are prepared 6:56 [Music] 7:02 the world is going to be dramatically 7:04 different in just a few short years the 7:07 European Union its fracturing beginning 7:09 with breakfast 7:10 Donald Trump is ushering in a new era of 7:12 populism and protectionism government 7:15 debt is wildly out-of-control numerous 7:18 central banks have gone to negative 7:20 interest rates in order to keep the 7:21 system going just a little while longer 7:23 capital controls are increasing while 7:27 the war on cash has been pursued with 7:29 further in places like India and 7:30 Venezuela the world bank i am at bankers 7:34 canada George Laura jacob rothschild and 7:37 many more warned that we are in 7:39 uncharted waters on the edge of collapse 7:41 putting your money in a mutual fund and 7:44 holding it for 30 years will not work 7:46 anymore 7:47 jeffco it has been warning at this since 7:49 founding the dollar vigilante with a 7:51 Google in 2010 7:53 it is called have been epic he was the 7:55 first permanent financial commentator to 7:57 tell his subscribers and the public to 8:00 get into bitcoin when it was three 8:01 dollars in 2011 it is currently eight 8:04 hundred dollars 8:05 what's your connection to record the 8:08 main connection is an incredibly excited 8:10 about it bitcoin is the revolution and 8:12 money and banking the same way that the 8:14 internet was a revolution and really 8:16 what Google's has been one of the few to 8:18 one of the two thousand one in 2008 8:19 crashes and has been bullish on gold 8:22 since its bottom in the year 2000 and 8:24 together they are holding their annual 8:26 TV investment and internationalisation 8:29 summit this temporary in Acapulco Mexico 8:31 help you prepare the crisis ahead 8:35 last year the tdb summit be warned what 8:38 was coming and gave advice of meat 8:39 attendees fortunes this is why we're at 8:43 were right central banking give a man a 8:44 gun and you can rub your back 8:46 give a man a bank and he can rob 8:48 everyone and you know we are well grew 8:51 up watching old westerns and people rob 8:53 banks that was the good old days now 8:56 banks review hedge boobs mention three 8:59 stocks to buy agnico-eagle agriculture 9:02 goal is one by one of the most 9:04 experienced learns between the industry 9:06 and it grows 76.3 one percent since 9:09 BTW built cold b2gold Corp is 9:14 responsible for discovering more than 30 9:15 million ounces of gold in their career 9:17 and it was 248 percent and Sabina golden 9:22 physical Sabina there's an emerging 9:25 producer each then rose 147 percent he's 9:30 a terrific calls and this year you can 9:33 expect more of them jeboa can add google 9:36 will be surrounded with an all-star 9:38 lineup of speakers including author of 9:40 the creature from jekyll island GA with 9:42 Griffin will discuss the state of 9:44 central banking today the world's most 9:46 respected silver analyst david morgan at 9:48 the Morgan report fix where of rotor 9:51 rooter com on discovery of the truth 9:53 behind are massively manipulated markets 9:55 and to help expose those who threaten 9:57 our free market system chairman of the 10:00 gold antitrust action committee data 10:02 bill Murphy continues to expose the 10:05 manipulation of the gold price of the 10:06 gold cartel returning speaker Rogers 10:09 there the Bitcoin Jesus recommended 10:12 buying Bitcoin at last year's conference 10:13 when it was below four hundred dollars 10:15 it is since risen to over 1,000 or other 10:19 speakers include Chris Casey of wind 10:21 rock wealth management and Colin tell 10:23 powersave global and many more 10:26 the tdb internationalisation and 10:29 investment summit will be an all day and 10:31 evening event on februari 24 held in a 10:33 five-star window Imperial resort and 10:36 convention center in acapulco mexico for 10:38 the price of 395 dollars you spend an 10:41 entire day with these experts including 10:43 an entire evening gala banquet with all 10:45 food and drinks included you can find 10:48 more TV Investment Summit dot-com and 10:50 register today because space is limited 10:53 and stay after the summit for the 10:55 four-day Anna poco conference with the 10:58 world's biggest anarcho-capitalist 10:59 speakers investors and entrepreneurs 11:01 including an entire day on blockchain 11:04 Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies called 11:06 Krypton poco on februari 28 and true 11:09 even more tone days will host the 11:11 two-day stockton crypto currency trading 11:13 workshop after a nap apoco called TV pro 11:16 trading techniques on much second 11:18 third it will be an entire week of 11:20 activities and it all starts with the TV 11:22 internationalisation and investment 11:24 stomach on februari 24 register now

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