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Why Leftists are the real Fascists

Jay Fayza explores the question of how the leftist ideology rationalizes violent protest against speakers like Milo and Ben Shapiro.

a small business vandalized windows 0:02 broken items from nearby stores stolen 0:04 and so on an innocent persons car set to 0:08 blaze fights breaking out in the middle 0:10 of the street protesters riders alike 0:12 crowded around a burning car took over 0:15 street lamp or an unconscious person 0:17 ko'd by a rioter this is the work of 0:21 none other than the anti-fascist the 0:23 social justice warriors young people 0:25 stare into the best for so long to be a 0:28 bit said right back at them as we've 0:34 seen all across major college campuses 0:36 every time a conservative commentator 0:37 like my lower been invited to speak on 0:40 campus chaos ensues as protesters 0:43 violently demand that these speakers be 0:45 silent 0:45 you might ask yourself why do these 0:47 protests occur why is it in a place of 0:49 learning by intellectually challenging 0:51 each other there are loads of people who 0:53 want to physically silence others 0:55 the answer is simple really they 0:57 disagree with them as we've seen across 0:59 America those are our peaceful 1:01 anti-trump protests there's also a lot 1:04 of violent protests Trump supporters 1:06 having rocks thrown at them from 1:08 supporters being being up hospitalized 1:10 harassed and even kidnapped sometimes 1:12 you might ask yourself why do these 1:15 violent protests occur in a democratic 1:17 country 1:17 the answer is simple really they 1:19 disagree with them i disagree with Trump 1:22 Milo and been a lot of political issues 1:24 too i really do the difference between 1:26 me and then though the difference 1:28 between me and anti-fascist with social 1:30 justice warriors is that I fundamentally 1:32 had been possessed with the notion that 1:35 the world is out to get me like they 1:37 have been i haven't become possessed 1:39 with the notion that me or my groups 1:41 ideas are the solution to the world's 1:43 problem it's not no single person or 1:46 group is intelligent enough to solve the 1:48 world's problems and lastly 1:50 fundamentally speaking I am NOT 1:52 possessed with the notion that those who 1:54 disagree with me are my enemy sure we 1:57 disagree that doesn't make it right to 1:58 destroy my cities or communities that 2:01 doesn't make it right for me to silence 2:03 people and that sideways into the core 2:05 philosophical problem i have with these 2:08 violent idiotic protesters the reason 2:11 why all this violence occurs 2:12 stems from the less corruption of the 2:14 younger generations collective mind the 2:17 last through academia has convinced 2:19 millions of young people to value their 2:20 feelings over principles so for example 2:22 they value the right to be called 2:25 whatever they want to be called over the 2:26 principle of free speech and expression 2:28 they pass laws legally and trying that 2:30 their feelings don't get hurt when these 2:32 snowflakes don't get called the pronouns 2:34 they want to be called the left through 2:36 academia as convention millions of young 2:38 people that are economic system free 2:40 market capitalism the freedom to do what 2:42 you want with the money that you earn is 2:44 oppressive and we better off living 2:46 under communism or socialism state 2:49 control and theft when communism failed 2:51 in every single country was implemented 2:53 and millions of people died as a result 2:55 and finally the left academia 2:58 experiments millions of young people 2:59 that their victims of some over white 3:02 supremacist patriarchal system even 3:05 though there's no evidence for such 3:06 things existence so in the minds of all 3:08 these young violent protesters it's not 3:11 just that my loan been are people who 3:12 disagree with in their mind these are 3:15 people in the fight against violently 3:16 fight against because they think the 3:18 other is the enemy the left ought to be 3:21 ashamed of themselves for bringing so 3:22 much violence and hatred on their side 3:25 the left lost a totally good liberal a 3:27 perfectly good liberal me because of it 3:30 now I call myself a Canadian 3:31 conservative I'm jaisa from the rebel 3:34 dot media if you want to fight against 3:36 the leftist dogma that breeds hatred and 3:38 violence like and subscribe to the rebel 3:40 dot media

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