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Welcome to Trump's New World Order

Sure looks like meet the new boss, same as the old boss. The agenda isn't just continuing, if anything, it has been expedited...

We're going to war? when did we ever stop? since 1871 America has been at war here and all over the world, Read Gen. Smedley Butlers book, War is a Racket. Almost all wars are sectarian conflicts intentionally fomented by international bankers with the intent of lending to both sides of the conflict. After the conflict, the winner generally agrees to cover the loser’s losses. However, during the conflict, both sides will borrow without restraint in order to win. And it’s not even a money game, so much as a power game—the borrower is beholden to the lender, and therefore, must honor the lender’s duress for the future course of his nation. In 1930’s Europe, there is no “benefit” for America picking sides in a sectarian conflict. We didn’t get anything from WWII. The only beneficiaries were the international bankers—out of the results of that conflict they were then able to secure all of Europe under their thumb through the “European Union”. America lost 416,000 soldiers. Nobody paid us back for our destroyed tanks, planes and ships. And we got something even worse: the creation of the US military-industrial complex. Normally, in any conflict since the War of Independence, America would switch its peacetime industries to weapons manufacturing, then switch back after the war was over. Only this time we didn’t. Most US corporations that switched-over to making weapons during WWII never switched back, as they discovered weapons are more profitable than peacetime goods. The only thing required is a war — and if your corporation has employees and investments in foreign countries, it’s relatively easy to support any one side of a sectarian conflict. So we now had an industry in America which specializes in “manufacturing wars”— literally. And it worked hand-in-hand with the banking industry. You’ll never hear a banker complain about a weapons manufacturer, nor visa-versa. “Debt” and “death” would now be our number one exports. How the hell Americans could allow their country to be exploited in this fashion — exploited in perpetuity — is beyond me. And something else to understand about corporations in general. Over the past half-century or so — out of a desire for greater and greater profits — our corporations have entwined themselves ever more deeply in the finance industry, so much that now any given US industry is about 1/3 financial in its nature. Meaning, regardless of whatever products that given US industry builds or ships, regardless of whatever services it provides the American public, it must now operate through the finance industry in order to do so. In order to do business effectively, the individual persons on its “board of directors” must simultaneously sit on other boards — these, being in the finance sector. This is why our corporate media has nothing but good things to say about the international banks pushing us into new wars. Our corporate media heads are not on “our side”, but rather, the side of the bankers. Finally, all our politicians owe their campaigns and favorable media coverage to comities with and donations from the international banks. The lobbies which politically pressure congress and the president are no different. As a result, our elected officials are not on “our side” either. This is a level of fascism neither Mussolini’s Italy or Hitler’s Germany enjoyed. It is literally the total negation of democracy altogether; a government of the oligarchs, by the oligarchs and for the oligarchs. In fact, it’s a lot more like Marxist communism, in the sense you have a small group of centralized all-powerful persons deciding things for everyone else in the nation. However, unlike Marxist communism, nothing is “for free” in America. You pay and pay for every bit of food you eat, every watt of energy you consume, every household repair, every least municipal fee, every iota of healthcare (most of which goes to ultra-wealthy insurers, and not into “bettering” your healthcare) — you can never stop working and scrapping-together whatever dollars you can, as you are never allowed to stop paying-out dollars. Add to that the NSA wiretapping industry (along with indefinite detention) and you have something which is arguably worse than a “Stasi state”. So, “communism without the perks of communism” — that’s where America’s now at. One rung below communism — to call us “communists” insults communists.

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