Divide and Conquer, Order out of chaos and the hegelian dialectic *problem, reaction and then solution* are the elites tried and true methods of obtaining more power and control. You can see them all being used on the masses with Trump and the excessive divisiveness he is causing. It may seem like Trump is really for the people and will stop the elite but sadly, he is just playing his role.

sexually assaulted women 0:47 I'm not helpful for the pound you have 0:49 the power why would you take a little 0:51 advantage 0:52 I don't care about reason we have heard 0:59 vulgar and divisive rhetoric you can put 1:03 half of Trump supporters into what I 1:05 call the basket deplorable brain-dead 1:08 homophobe a tennis ball the llama fall 1:19 [Music] 1:25 she was I wanted to look at the dynamite 1:31 in Washington DC and c1 rolls together 1:42 we will determine the course of American 1:45 and the world for many many years to 1:50 come we will face challenges we will 1:54 confront hardships but we will get the 1:57 job done it represents the fear of 2:01 change the fear of people look speaker 2:05 pray different and intolerance of the 2:07 message free pop in United the civilized 2:10 world against radical Islamic terrorism 2:13 which we will eradicate completely from 2:17 the fate of the earth protecting our way 2:20 of life not just the job of our military 2:24 [Music] 2:27 my perfect and buckles on it gives 2:31 interviews or just as weak as citizens 2:35 must remain vigilant against external 2:38 aggression we must guard against these 2:41 weakening of the values and make us who 2:43 we are and that's why for the past eight 2:47 years I've worked to put the fight 2:50 against terrorism on a former legal 2:53 footing 2:53 that's why we ended torture work to 2:56 close Gitmo reformed our laws governing 2:59 surveillance to protect privacy and 3:01 civil liberties that's why I reject 3:04 discrimination against Muslim America 3:06 Donald J Trump is calling for a total 3:12 and complete shutdown of Muslims 3:15 entering the United States until our 3:18 country's representatives can figure out 3:22 what the hell is going on 3:31 you have no choice we have no sword 3:36 it falls through each of us repeat those 3:40 anxious jealous guardians of our demise 3:44 celebrate the joy of path we've been 3:48 given I'm asking you to believe not in 3:54 my ability to bring about change but 3:59 remember none of it happens on its own 4:04 all of this depends on our participation 4:08 on each of us accepting the 4:12 responsibility of citizens regardless of 4:16 which way the pendulum of power happens 4:19 to be swinging the work of democracy 4:21 have always been hard it's always been 4:24 contentious sometimes been bloody 4:29 ready two steps forward and off the 4:32 field we take one step back all of this 4:39 depends on our participation regardless 4:44 of which way the pendulum of power 4:46 happened this week working hard we have 4:49 always been and always in concession 4:52 embody all of this the first 4:59 on our participation regardless of which 5:02 way the pendulum of power happen 5:05 congressman always always been 5:10 contentious 5:15 all of this depends on our participation 5:19 regardless of which way the pendulum of 5:23 our works democracy have always been 5:27 hard it's always been contentious 5:29 sometimes it's been bloody 5:36 we are transferring power from 5:45 Washington DC and giving it back to you 5:49 is up people we take off from son Rocky 5:55 and we give it to use 6:07 [Music] 6:52 [Music] 7:03 [Music] 7:20 [Music] 7:22 when I come home and dinners not ready i 7:25 go through the roof grabbed by the palm 7:28 when you're starting let's do it you can 7:30 do anything more accusers coming forward 7:33 to say they were sexually assaulted by 7:35 Donald Trump go backstage before show 7:38 yes and it was getting dressed down drop 7:40 walked into the dressing room 7:42 all contestants some as young as 15 or 7:45 changes did it was like she's incredible 7:48 looking women i looked it right in the 7:51 center of the face of hers p8 like a pig 7:53 a person should just it's very hard to 7:56 be a chance to treat women with respect 7:57 you can say that is trumping 8:06 administration we stopped his cabinet is 8:10 totally against the LGBTQ rights it's 8:14 against black rice is against Latinos 8:17 that we stop looking at a person 8:19 appearing stuff with me at you who they 8:22 might love how they made identify and 8:25 look at who they are as a person 8:27 we've gotta stand together when we can't 8:29 let our government we can't let our 8:32 rights our healthcare taken away 8:35 I'm angry yeah I am 8:41 I'll phrase 8:43 yeah I have thought and awful lot about 8:48 blowing up the White House it was chaos 8:51 and confusion airport today and 8:53 president Trump's integration clock down 8:55 for the facts from cancer updated 8:57 blessings and immigrant several mystical 8:59 majority country with the paint or 9:02 blocks of life 9:03 meanwhile the party had a busy day of 9:05 phone calls were leaders including 9:07 Vladimir Putin mr. Trump also signed a 9:09 new batch of executive action

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  1. from communism to fascism: the new realm. The establishment is a concept not a person, a system process in time & space. this is a swap of swamps.