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 Fueled by decades of rapid economic growth and a desire to secure its security interests, China has embarked on a large-scale modernization of its military. President Xi Jinping (who also heads China’s Central Military Commission) has instituted extensive military reforms aimed at streamlining command structures and improving Chinese military strength. China now boasts its first aircraft carrier, a credible fleet of both diesel and nuclear missile submarines, one of the largest air forces in the world, and over fifty intercontinental ballistic missiles.

A military superpower is a country that can project military power around the world to defeat or dominate another country…by this criteria my argument would be that China is not yet a military superpower and may not be one for quite some time
China is fast becoming a scientific force to be reckoned with, says a new report published by Nature.

The list, which ranks the world's institutions and countries according to their scientific output, puts China second only to the United States. The rankings are based on the number of high profile publications released last year.

Why gene-editing revolution excites and worries scientists
Canada ranked 7th, which, considering the difference in the sheer number of scientists compared with China or the U.S., is pretty impressive.

The top institution in terms of publications was the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a massive engine of scientific growth in the country. It consists of hundreds of regional institutes and includes two universities. To put it in perspective for something us Westerners understand — it beat out Harvard.

What is China investing in?

The Chinese government has indicated it wants to invest energy and funds in brain research, gene science, big data and medical robots.

But perhaps the most ambitious scientific project is the Chinese space program. The largest radio telescope in the world was recently built in southwestern China, and took only five years to complete.

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