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This is how Trump Abuses His Presidential Power: A Closer Look according to Fake News

 Seth takes a closer look at how Donald Trump uses his status as president to slam private companies and threaten lawmakers.

Some of America's forefathers were terrified of pure democracy. Some felt that with everyone having a voice, no one will be heard. They, in their incredible foresight could not have anticipated what has happened in this country. Fake news, stupid people, ineffectual leadership and the all media is really turning this country on it's head. So much noise. So much division. Out of all this noise what comes next? I am embarrassed to be a American. Not just because of Trump or Clinton, but that we can see a whole class room of small children get murdered and not be outraged. Not demand some kind of response. That all the killing country is perpetrated mostly by Americans, and then blame others (Muslims, Jews, Blacks whatever) for our failings as human beings, is delusional at the very least. How many Muslims have killed Americans in this country since 9/11 ? How many Americans have killed Americans in the same time frame? Did our response to 9/11 make us more or less free? For those who are students of political history, you will recognize the signs of a political and economic systems at odds with each other. Many civilizations in the past have come and gone because of many of the same issues we are forced to deal with now. With all our access to the lessons from history, are we just capable of fighting among ourselves? If so, we are doomed like all the rest.

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  1. how infowars contributes to chaos in Europe , by promoting le pens immigration hate views: how to promote hate subconsciously by doublespeak methods of Alex Jones molineux: The problem with Alex jones: indeed, cultivated programmed the same way you program a Manchurian candidate, a secret spy. to spark at the precisely instant. that moment became trump. To have a war fascism Nazism you need two sides, trump side is the angry red shirts, vs the resistance, lefty whom ever. Once they clash the war begins. War is like cooking a nice dish you need different elements you mix them up cook them at a certain temperature wait and the dish is done. Alex Jones Manchurian candidate job includes hate wars in Europe as well. Cook and mix with the same principle. The idea of democracy is that the citizens have a critical thinking the problem they do, not. And to obtain critical thinking demands time education and a clear mind, otherwise is war, then peace and them war again. Is called the circle of ignorance if you like? Trump is also part of the dish of war, he acts erratically and misses the critical facts, confuses reality to what are the consequences of reality. One example is trump during the elections and his behavior after the elections his decisions and presidential decrees but more important the selection of his decrees. Shows the conditioning, not only of himself but of the info-wars followers. More precisely the Muslim ban is done precisely to heat up the info-trump warrior’s and Alex is just the loudspeaker.