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Soros Planning Coup Against President Trump?

A former Obama administration official, now linked to a Soros-funded foundation, has suggested Donald Trump be declared mentally unfit to hold office or overthrown in a military coup.

Obama administration now calling for the 0:11 overthrow President Donald Trump we have 0:14 an article itself on our website written 0:15 by clifford cunningham and it talks 0:17 about this lady to salute to pick Rosa 0:19 Brooks she served as counselor to be 0:21 under secretary defense for policy from 0:23 2009-2011 and now she's working at this 0:26 new america foundation she also worked 0:29 at the State Department she's outlined 0:31 for ways to remove Donald Trump from 0:32 office most notably for having declared 0:34 mentally and set Rosa Brooks you're 0:37 mentally and set a little crazed we're 0:39 so glad you're god what in the hell are 0:41 you talking about i mean come on you 0:44 know they go to these things there are 0:45 doing work and arranged to come up with 0:47 this craft I that's I trying to clear 0:50 the new leader of the free world because 0:52 she doesn't like him mentally instead 0:54 now she goes up with four wave that she 0:57 thinks that Donald Trump could be 0:58 removed forcefully for office go 1:00 hand-in-hand with the Linux we've been 1:02 think riding the streets beating up you 1:04 know ordinary people just for expressing 1:06 a political opinion we're going to have 1:08 somebody on the show later today Karen 1:09 Robles is going to be talking about how 1:11 she was wearing a trumpet was peppered 1:13 sprayed in the face by one of these 1:14 lunatics you know they're more hidden 1:16 when there is in the part of the 1:18 bureaucracy when they're bureaucrats 1:19 they get to say it more eloquently it's 1:22 so garbage in school but anyway taking 1:24 you back to what Brooks has to say she 1:27 says one possibility is that until 1:29 recently I would have said this was 1:30 unthinkable but a military coup or at 1:33 least refusal by military leaders to 1:34 obey certain order 1:35 she's calling for access addition these 1:38 people are freaking lunatics 1:40 it's amazing our government lasted this 1:42 long with them running the helm frankly 1:44 we're so glad that Simpson office and 1:46 quite frankly Rosa breakfast i hope you 1:48 write this garbage online because it 1:50 sounds because seditious act you're 1:52 calling for a government / you're the 1:54 one that belongs in a mental ward not 1:56 our current president shot at this 1:57 article itself on our website where 1:58 you're at it don't matter app and 2:00 forward come forward slash apps I marker 2:02 hell reporting 2:03 [Music] 2:05 you think our informations hardcore you 2:13 think our focus is brutal try our 2:15 nutraceuticals try our supplements we've 2:17 taken rainforest and made brain force 2:20 plush now a 20-percent more in the 2:21 bottle and even more hardcore formula 2:24 you owe it to yourself to get these 2:26 products they really have worked for 2:28 myself my family they have five star 2:30 reviews by the thousands 2:32 secure your brain force + today and it 2:35 bores now twenty percent 2:37 stronger against employers livestock up

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