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Son of Hamas Leader, Reveals the Shocking Truth About Islam

 Ban Islam ( Not Muslims) & Educate Muslims !!

Mosab Yousef, is the eldest son of Hamas co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef, spoke at a Jerusalem Post conference last May and explained to the West that Islam is comparable to Nazism and needs an international coalition to defeat it.

Bill Still is a former newspaper editor and publisher. He has written for USA Today, The Saturday Evening Post, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, OMNI magazine, and has also produced the syndicated radio program, Health News. He has written 22 books and two documentary videos and is the host of his wildly popular daily YouTube Channel the “Still Report”, the quintessential report on the economy and Washington.

Transcript : good morning i'm still reporting on the 0:12 invasion 0:13 masab Yousef is the eldest son of hamas 0:17 co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef Hamas is 0:21 the Palestinian version of the Muslim 0:23 Brotherhood dedicated to wiping Israel 0:25 off the map pushing the world's only 0:28 Jewish state back into the sea he was 0:31 first arrested by the Israelis when he 0:34 was ten for throwing rocks at israeli 0:36 settlers he was subsequently arrested 0:39 and jailed by Israel numerous times and 0:42 was seen as the heir apparent of Hamas 0:45 however masab was secretly converted to 0:48 Christianity in 1999 at the age of 21 by 0:52 a British missionary subsequently he 0:55 worked as a spy for the Israelis helping 0:57 port many suicide bombing attacks he now 1:01 lives with his wife and children in san 1:03 diego california he wrote a book 1:06 entitled son of hamas which resulted in 1:08 the 2014 documentary the green prints 1:12 which was his code name in Israeli 1:15 intelligence circles the green prince is 1:18 being remade into a feature film when 1:21 masab first came to the US the Obama 1:24 administration threatened to deport him 1:26 because he had provided material support 1:28 to us designated terrorist organization 1:32 massage attorneys argued that he would 1:35 likely be executed by the Palestinian 1:37 Authority if deported 1:39 no matter the only thing that saved him 1:42 was his Israeli intelligence handler had 1:45 to reveal his identity in jun 2010 when 1:48 he came to the u.s. to testify in his 1:51 behalf saying he risked his life every 1:54 day in order to prevent violence last 1:57 may 2016 masab spoke at a conference in 2:01 New York put on by the jerusalem post he 2:04 told his audience that Islam as a whole 2:07 is comparable to Nazism and must be 2:10 defeated by a worldwide coalition it's 2:15 point I thought the Jewish people were 2:18 the enemies of humanity 2:21 I thought they were the enemies of our 2:23 people the Palestinian people until I 2:26 came to experience what the Jewish 2:30 nation really is through intelligence 2:35 service witnessing the truth Democratic 2:38 model in an ocean of darkness the only 2:43 life in the middle east in the Muslim 2:47 society i witnessed a woman who sent 2:50 five of her children to die in suicide 2:53 bombing attacks one after another 2:56 she would put the explosive built on 2:59 them and bless them and say go kill the 3:02 juice to gain respect in her society 3:08 this is hypocricy my father disowned me 3:14 because he's a hypocrite on a personal 3:19 level is the loving father but when he 3:23 puts the Hamas mask that he cannot exist 3:25 without he's a monster is something else 3:28 we cannot fall ourself there is an 3:31 Islamic problem al-qaeda Hamas Hezbollah 3:38 and somebody had Isis Boko Haram all of 3:42 them are killing by the name of Allah 3:45 they're not getting by the name of Jesus 3:50 they're not kidding by the name of 3:51 Jehovah they're not getting by the name 3:53 of Mahavira or the Buddha or allowed to 3:57 their kidding by the name of Allah there 4:01 is an Islamic problem and I think 4:03 humanity needs to stand against this 4:06 danger because this danger is not only 4:08 against a set of Israel 4:10 this danger thank you thank you 4:15 this danger is against the involvement 4:20 of mankind the Muslim people have a 4:24 problem and their problem is in their 4:27 belief system they have to face it and 4:31 we need to encourage them to fight the 4:33 good fight as I did if I was able you 4:41 know I had privileges at the front of 4:44 Optimus later I had something to lose 4:46 but the average Muslim and don't have 4:50 lots of things to lose they already 4:53 living in darkness and misery if they 4:55 leave it it's better for them humanity 4:57 and the free world needs to unify as 5:00 eventually even though it was too late 5:03 the world unified against NASA's them 5:06 today three people need to unify against 5:10 Islam not against the Muslim people 5:11 against Islam itself as a belief system 5:14 when the president of the free world 5:19 stand and say when the president of the 5:22 free world stand and say that Islam is a 5:24 religion of peace he creates the climb 5:29 is he provides the climate's the perfect 5:32 climate to create more terrorism bunch 5:36 of hypocrites called BDS come and 5:39 compare Israel to the racist regime of 5:44 south africa africa 5:45 how can you compare if it's the capital 5:48 of the Jewish people and the Israeli 5:51 government and not allowing the Jewish 5:53 people to worship freely in their 5:56 capital on their holiest site for 6:00 political correctness not to offend the 6:04 Muslims and give them that kind of 6:06 freedom 6:07 how can we compare this to that I love 6:11 Israel and over to trade stands for its 6:14 ethics its values its democracy its love 6:20 a nation that was able to overcome the 6:24 Holocaust and instead of playing the 6:27 victim mentality and blame everyone for 6:32 their suffering they were able to build 6:34 the state democratic state make it from 6:37 a newborn safe to an advanced and 6:47 completely developed state in less than 6:50 25 years 6:52 this is a great example i'm still 6:55 reporting from Washington today

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