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Shocking Rise of Homeless in England

A report released by shelter, leading homelessness charity, shows a shocking rise in the number of homeless people in England: More than 250,000 people in the country are homeless.

Transcript : Christmas is gone but the bitter winter 0:26 cold has just begun to bite a report 0:30 released by deleting homelessness 0:32 charity shelter show the shocking rise 0:34 in the number of homeless people in 0:36 England more than 250,000 people in the 0:39 country are homeless or of no fixed 0:42 address living in hospitals and other 0:44 types of temporary accommodation or 0:46 sleeping rough on the streets 0:50 the figures do not include the hidden 0:52 homeless those who have nowhere to live 0:54 but did not qualify for or are refused 0:58 normal housing assistance I love my job 1:00 so whatever had no way so that's why you 1:05 know 1:07 between the planet every night except 1:09 tomorrow mostly 1:11 that's why end up in the moment 1:14 limited naughty pocket 1:16 how to give you acne or divide the week 1:19 metalworking looking to connect gives me 1:22 benefit veterans health shaft and the 1:26 showers everyday never speaking regular 1:31 things that we 1:33 new clothes 1:37 the handiest place of all officials of 1:42 these almost people almost half our 1:44 children at least 117,000 English 1:47 children phase this Christmas homeless 1:50 and in temporary accommodation I don't 1:52 understand how he could have people 1:54 right kids right homeless on the streets 1:56 and you want to complain about you know 1:58 order order madness that goes on the 2:00 street I mean we've got so many homeless 2:02 people where to store so many buildings 2:04 being read about you feel up for 2:06 redevelopment stuff but none of those 2:08 actually help these young people they do 2:11 not make it doesn't make no sense and i 2:13 think the geographical breakdown in 2:15 particular reveals homeless hotspots are 2:18 in the urban centers London is the worst 2:21 affected with a shocking two percent of 2:23 its residents facing housing insecurity 2:25 in cities around the country 2:27 homelessness has increased visibly with 2:31 many more people ending up on the 2:32 streets government figures suggest the 2:36 highest rate of rough sleeping are in 2:38 westminster bristol breaking and hold 2:41 sleeping rough has double the present 2:46 double have you seen I've noticed the 2:48 United that it's doubled analytics did I 2:51 not just say that homeless services have 2:53 been hard and yet homelessness is 2:55 doubled the fundings hard for the 2:58 problem stuff but it's almost like those 2:59 two statistics related somehow 3:03 it doesn't matter what your quality of 3:05 one person living on the street your 3:07 government failed every night around 3:11 3,600 people we found the streets in 3:15 England precise figures are not 3:17 available and the wheel number is likely 3:19 to be much higher 3:20 we don't have a clear idea of the 3:22 expensive problem because official 3:25 statistics don't count the magnitude 3:27 however research by sheltering crisis 3:29 and the destination church and the scale 3:33 of the problem is around a magnitude of 3:34 10 compared to the official statistics 3:36 and so that's potentially huge problem 3:39 in winter we've been rough can easily 3:42 mean death 3:43 the average age of death for a homeless 3:45 woman his 43 and for a homeless man 46 3:49 compared with a national average of 77 3:55 rough sleepers are 35 times more likely 3:58 to commit suicide 3:59 we are extremely prone to drug problems 4:02 and permanent psychological damage is 4:04 spilling their self esteem yourself 4:07 worse you making them feel as if they've 4:11 got part of society are not valued they 4:14 themselves then become disenchanted 4:17 research shows writing homelessness in 4:20 recent years is caused by high rents a 4:23 shortage of housing cuts the housing 4:25 benefits and insecure tenancy the 4:28 biggest immediate factor is addiction 4:30 from accommodation in the private rented 4:32 sector this cause two-fifths of homeless 4:35 cases in London between 2010 and 2015 4:41 financial issues are often compounded by 4:44 social problems mental health disorders 4:46 and relationship breakdown when people 4:49 are the advance of private they have 4:51 obviously cause for that Thun never in 4:54 being evicted and they're becoming 4:56 popular if it's affecting more people is 4:59 young people out any finals everyone 5:02 like every working across person has 5:04 been affected by the housing crisis 5:06 right now and it just get worse and 5:08 worse 1.9 million private renters rely 5:11 on some form of welfare benefits that's 5:13 while the government's 25 billion pound 5:16 housing benefits budget has been cut by 5:18 seven billion pounds in recent years 5:20 affecting over 300,000 of the poorest 5:23 households the country has been a lack 5:26 of affordable housing developed over the 5:28 past few decades due to the anti working 5:31 class policies of both labor and 5:33 conservative government council housing 5:36 has been privatized and no do stock has 5:39 been constructed to replace could i 5:42 bring a prime minister back to reality 5:45 [Applause] 5:53 the last five years the last five years 5:56 have seen a low level of housebuilding 5:59 less than half the new buildings that 6:01 are actually needed it seems rapidly 6:04 rising rents rising homelessness 6:07 therefore also higher Housing Benefit 6:09 build and even the CBI his friends with 6:12 the CBI say we need to be building at 6:14 least 240 thousand homes for years it is 6:21 notoriously difficult to be accepted for 6:23 homelessness assistance in England local 6:26 authorities are only applies to assist 6:28 those who need a strict set of criteria 6:30 according to research by several 6:32 homelessness charity of the 275,000 6:36 people that applied for local authority 6:38 support last year only half were 6:41 accepted the problem has been reflected 6:45 in I Daniel blank directed by ken loach 6:48 which has been a big success that the UK 6:51 box office sparking hot debates in the 6:54 country a lot of data cable when you 6:56 lose your self-respect 6:58 it wasn't for not being told by my talk 7:00 I'm not supposed to go back to work I'm 7:02 going to want to continue to look for 7:04 work against the penis will be forward 7:07 and must be some mistake you've been 7:10 being fit for work 7:11 your only option is jobseekers allowance 7:13 I think it's to resume when she came 7:17 became prime minister spoke words of the 7:20 reconciliation but we know her actions 7:23 we know her government 7:24 I mean she she has been part of a 7:26 government that has been has consciously 7:29 imposed a cruel regime on people at 7:32 their most vulnerable with the 7:34 government of sanctions when when the 7:36 sanctum to put in place he was loved 7:39 defended the kale they become depends on 7:42 food bank they can't coast we know 7:47 they're in danger of suicide and 7:50 self-harm the stories end with and maybe 7:52 on the way into the enemy you saw some 7:54 examples of it the government know what 7:57 they're doing they do need to film the 7:59 calendar and I think we need to gain a 8:03 little weight gain 8:04 we need to remove them not really 8:07 in reality economic stagnation along 8:11 with government austerity measures are 8:13 driving hundreds of thousands out of 8:15 their jobs and into poverty alongside 8:18 years of cuts too well / entitlement the 8:21 Conservative government of Prime 8:23 Minister Theresa May has recently 8:25 imposed draconian welfare cat agreed by 8:28 her predecessor David Cameron this 8:30 vastly reduces the income of the most 8:33 vulnerable layers of society 8:35 I'm already working president this is 8:37 the country that are recognizing people 8:39 when I look around us in Mousehole 400 8:41 people are out and about to get a 8:44 goodbye to get food and it's not for 8:46 science food like ordinary working 8:49 people like every 10 people around 8:52 that's all we hit the Chancellor of the 8:58 Exchequer little attention has promised 9:00 an additional 1.4 billion pounds for 9:03 housing in England enough to construct 9:05 only forty thousand homes even if these 9:09 houses are built it is far below what is 9:12 required to meet the real scale of the 9:14 housing 9:17 yeah i live in a society where everyone 9:19 move part i live in a society where the 9:21 government does nothing about it apart 9:23 from cut funding why is the policeman or 9:25 an ambulance not stopping and taking him 9:27 somewhere safe and warm that society 9:29 doesn't work if one person living in my 9:31 commissary it morally bankrupt if it is 9:33 normal and on the increase and getting 9:35 work if it's getting worse 9:37 it's more visible and if it's more 9:38 visible I have to do more to try and 9:40 ignore it to be able to get on with my 9:42 day which means i become part of the 9:44 problem 9:44 every day I walk past people who are 9:47 told and hungry and ill and homeless and 9:50 I don't stop and give them everything I 9:52 have shame on you 9:55 for years England's homelessness crisis 9:59 has been an elephant in the room 10:01 politicians were left him to mention it 10:03 and much of the media willing to ignore 10:05 while thousands of English citizens 10:08 struggles to have a roof over their 10:10 heads

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