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Russia and China Further Dump The Dollar - Buy Gold; Economic Collapse Coming?

Russia and China Are Continuing to Buy gold and dump dollars

Transcript : this is by the Russia insider goodbye 0:09 petro dollar Russia and China dumped us 0:12 treasuries and buy gold on this is 0:14 posted on thursday februari 9017 gold is 0:18 appealing to Russia and China because 0:20 its shields them from the US 0:21 government's ability to control the 0:23 value of their holdings 0:24 it's no secret that Russia and China 0:26 both share a growing appetite for gold 0:29 but how excited are they about us 0:32 treasuries the most boring but safe 0:35 investment which basically translates 0:37 into we believe that everything will 0:39 basically stay the same 0:41 from the looks of it Moscow and Beijing 0:43 no longer think t-bonds or a safe bet or 0:47 the flower international interests as 0:49 bloomberg zoo zhang explains Russia and 0:52 China are selling and treasuries and 0:54 buying up all the gold they can get 0:56 their hands on as they sharply increase 0:58 their gold reserves China and Russia are 1:01 selling off their US Treasuries with 1:03 their hunger for the metal coming amid a 1:05 strict diet including excluding dollars 1:07 goal is appealing to these countries 1:09 because its shields them from the US 1:11 government's ability to control the 1:12 value of their holdings goals a country 1:14 list currency a continuing trend of 1:17 reserve buildup in treasury sales might 1:19 weaken the dollar and pressure gold 1:21 prices higher China and Russia have 1:23 officially added almost 50 million 1:26 ounces of gold to their central banks 1:28 while selling off more than 260 seven 1:31 billion dollars and treasurer of 1:32 treasuries yes for those who missed it 1:35 Gold is appealing to these countries 1:37 because its shields them from the US 1:39 government's ability to control the 1:40 value of their holdings gold is a 1:43 country less currency a continuing trend 1:46 of reserve build-up and Treasury sales 1:48 might weaken the dollar and pressure 1:50 gold prices higher we imagine this is 1:52 also part of an effort to increase 1:53 confidence in their own currencies which 1:55 are increasingly being used for 1:57 bilateral trade a year ago Moscow became 2:00 China's top crude exporter after degree 2:02 to accept chinese jaan for its oil 2:05 Moscow realizes that despite the risks a 2:07 policy of gradual d dollarization is 2:09 crucial in order to shield itself from 2:12 Western economic 2:13 warfare China of course is in the same 2:15 boat 2:16 these countries aren't just dumping the 2:18 dollar they're also positioning their 2:19 own currencies for trade throughout 2:21 Eurasia and the fact that growing demand 2:25 for gold could lead to a weekend dollar 2:27 is definitely of course an extra a few 2:31 to Washington we see what's going on 2:34 around the world and something massive 2:35 is coming with the markets with the 2:37 economy a massive shift is about to take 2:39 place i showed you just a couple days 2:41 ago in one of the the wires post that I 2:43 did we did we're looking at by the year 2:48 i think it was 20 30 or 20 50 the u.s. 2:51 is going to be ranked third below india 2:54 as the most powerful economies in the 2:57 world China really was China India and 3:00 in the u.s. currently we're number two I 3:02 believe because China is one this is a 3:06 very dangerous trend given that the u.s. 3:08 is the reserve currency of the world so 3:10 I wonder what is going to to happen once 3:12 it all shakes up maybe one of those 3:17 scenarios that of course a lot of people 3:19 have been warning about four years we'll 3:22 see what happens that's all I've got for 3:23 you god bless and carry on

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