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RED ALERT -- Genetically Modified People by #Vaccines -- Jon Rappoport

Brothers and sisters, if you thought the heavy metals in vaccines weren't dangerous enough, the vaccines in 2016 are now known to have caused DNA changes. Essentially your not as God built us anymore. Guys this is to close to what the mark of the beast will more than likely do. Its an unchangeable thing. Do not get flu shots, vaccines, or any of it. look at the lines above your head and think about what your injecting into your arms and your kids' arms. If what this researcher says is true, in 2016, those who were vaccinated are now genetically altered humans. As in the days of Noah.

Genetic manipulation of humans: Jeff Rense and Jon Rappoport by Jon Rappoport February 22, 2017 (Update: Part-1 here , Part-2 here ) Listen to a brand new conversation between Jeff Rense and Jon Rappoport, on the subject of new vaccines that will permanently change the DNA of humans. This is vital information.

Dr. Harold Buttram discussed, in his book “Vaccinations and Immune Malfunction,” how foreign RNA and DNA from animals in the vaccines has been causing genetic alteration for quite some time. And I read that book at least 30 years ago.

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