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President Donald Trump Speaks at the MCCA Winter Conference

AMAZING SPEECH: President Donald Trump Speaks at the MCCA Winter Conference Delivers Remarks
President Donald Trump Speaks at the MCCA Winter Conference Delivers Remarks Major Cities Chiefs Association Law Enforcement I dont KID! The Wall is beeing designed right now! Belive me...

Transcript : thank you very much this is the great to 0:22 be with people i truly feel comfortable 0:25 with police it then they'll say I didn't 0:29 get a standing ovation because they 0:32 never sat down and I say I got one 0:35 standing ovation because they never said 0:38 down but i want to thank you all have 0:40 great great love for what you do and the 0:43 way you do it and when I'm with the 0:45 police chiefs and I'm with the Sheriff's 0:47 of our country and these are the big 0:49 ones these are the really big ones i 0:51 just want to thank you very much and I 0:54 thought before I spoke about what we're 0:56 really here to speak about i would eat 0:59 something to you because you could be a 1:02 lawyer 1:03 well you don't have to be a lawyer if 1:06 you were a good student in high school 1:08 or bad student in high school you can 1:10 understand this and it's really 1:13 incredible to me that we have a court 1:17 case that's going on so long as you know 1:20 in Boston we wanted with a highly 1:22 respected judge and a very strong 1:24 opinion but now we're in an area that 1:27 let's just say they are interpreting 1:32 things differently than probably a 1:35 hundred percent of the people in this 1:37 room and I'd like to almost notice 1:40 anybody disagree when I when I read this 1:42 but I'm going to read watching what's in 1:44 dispute What's in question and you'll 1:47 see this it's I n 8 to 12 f 8 USC 1182 f 1:55 suspension of entry or imposition of 1:59 restrictions by the president 2:02 ok now this isn't just me this is for 2:06 obama for Ronald Reagan for the 2:10 President and this was done very 2:12 importantly for security something you 2:14 people know more about them all of us 2:17 was done for the security of our nation 2:20 to security of our citizens so that 2:24 people come in who aren't going to do us 2:27 harm and that's why it was done 2:30 and it couldn't have been written any 2:34 more precisely it's not like oh ji wish 2:36 it were written better was written 2:39 beautifully so just listen here's what 2:42 it says this is what they're arguing 2:43 when other the president finds that the 2:47 entry of any aliens 2:49 ok the entry the entry of any aliens or 2:56 of any class of aliens so any aliens any 3:01 class of aliens into the United States 3:04 so the entry of people into the United 3:08 States let's say just to be possessive 3:10 aliens into the United States so anytime 3:16 whenever the president finds that the 3:18 entry of any alien worthy class event 3:21 into the United States would be 3:24 detrimental to the interests of the 3:27 United States right so if i find as 3:31 president that a person or group of 3:35 people will be detrimental to the 3:38 interests of the United States and 3:42 certainly there's lots of examples that 3:46 we have but you shouldn't even have them 3:48 necessarily he may be and he made by 3:53 Proclamation and for such period as he 3:58 shall deem necessary now the only 4:01 mistake is they should have said he or 4:03 she 4:04 but hopefully it won't be a sheet for at 4:06 least another seven years after that 4:08 mold 4:10 today i just noticed that actually just 4:16 noticed that I'm saying well this is not 4:18 politically correct 4:19 it's correct but it's not politically 4:21 correct in the old days he made by 4:25 Proclamation and for such period as he 4:28 shall deem necessary so here it is 4:30 people coming in suspend the entry of 4:38 all aliens right success 4:41 it's not like again a bad high school 4:44 student would understand this 4:46 anybody would understand this suspend 4:49 the entry of all aliens or any class of 4:52 aliens as immigrants or non-immigrants 4:54 or impose on the entry of aliens 4:59 ok so you can suspend the aliens but can 5:02 suspend the aliens from coming first 5:05 wrong or impose on the entry of aliens 5:09 any restrictions he may deem to be 5:14 appropriate 5:15 ok so you can suspend you can put 5:19 restrictions you can do whatever you 5:21 want emphasis for the security of the 5:23 country which again you're the chips are 5:26 the sheriff's you understand this and I 5:30 listened to lawyers on both sides last 5:32 night and they were talking about things 5:34 that had just nothing to do with it 5:36 I listened to a panel of judges and i'll 5:39 comment on that but i will not comment 5:41 on the statements made by certainly one 5:44 judge but I have to be honest that if 5:47 these judges wanted to in my opinion 5:52 help the court in terms of respect for 5:58 the court they do what they should be 6:01 doing 6:02 i mean it's it's so said they should be 6:04 you know when you read something so 6:06 simple and so beautifully written so 6:09 perfectly written other than the one 6:11 statement of course having to do with 6:14 hiyoshi but when you read something so 6:18 perfectly written and so clear to 6:19 anybody and then you have lawyers and 6:22 you watched i watched last night 6:24 in amazement and i heard things that I 6:27 couldn't believe things that really had 6:32 nothing to do with what i just read and 6:36 I don't ever want to call a court bias 6:38 so won't call it the highest and we 6:40 haven't had a decision yet but courts 6:44 seem to be so political and it would be 6:49 so great for justice system if they 6:54 would be able to read a statement and do 6:57 what's right and that has to do with the 6:59 security of our country which is so 7:01 important right now we are at risk 7:05 because of what happened 7:08 general Kelly is an extremely talented 7:11 man a very good man now secretary Kerry 7:14 Homeland Security we are doing our job 7:18 great man 7:20 we're doing that job and one of the 7:26 reasons you probably heard that we did 7:28 it so quickly we like what if I don't 7:30 like I said let's give a one month 7:32 notice and then law enforcement and 7:35 general Kelly was so great because he 7:36 said we totally knew about it would know 7:38 about everything we do things well we 7:40 took things right but the law 7:42 enforcement people said to me oh you 7:44 can't give a notice because if you give 7:46 a notice that you've got to be really 7:47 tough and one month from now or in one 7:49 week from now I suggest a month and I 7:51 said well what about a week they said no 7:53 you can't do that because then people 7:55 are going to pour in before the 7:57 toughness goes under you people agree i 7:59 mean you know more about law than 8:00 anybody law enforcement so I wanted to 8:06 give like a month then i said what about 8:07 a week 8:08 thank you well then you're gonna have a 8:09 whole pile of people perhaps perhaps 8:12 with very evil intentions coming in 8:14 before the restrictions so there it is 8:19 folks it's as plain as plain as you can 8:22 have it 8:23 I didn't and I was a good student i 8:27 understand things I comprehend very well 8:29 okay better than I think almost anybody 8:34 and i want to tell you i listen to a 8:36 bunch of stuff 8:37 last night on television that was 8:41 disgraceful it was disgraceful because 8:44 what i just read to you is what we have 8:46 and it just can't be written any plainer 8:50 or better and for us to be going through 8:53 this and by the way a highly highly 8:56 respected judge in Boston ruled very 9:00 strongly in our favor you heard that 9:01 like i said to my people why don't you 9:05 use the Boston case and there were 9:08 reasons why they couldn't use the Boston 9:10 case this one can later the various 9:12 reasons but use the plastic case and I 9:16 won't read that but there were 9:17 statements made by that judge who again 9:20 highly respected that were right off 9:22 that was perfect 9:24 they were perfect so I think it said I 9:28 think it's a sad day i think our 9:30 security is at risk today and it will be 9:33 at risk until such time as we are 9:36 entitled and get what we are entitled to 9:38 as citizens of this country as chiefs 9:42 and sheriffs of this country we want 9:46 security one of the reasons i was 9:48 elected was because of law and order and 9:51 security 9:52 that's one of the reasons i was elected 9:54 also jobs and lots of other things but i 9:59 think one of the strongest reasons is 10:01 security and they're taking away our 10:07 weapons one by one that's what they're 10:09 doing and you know it and I know it and 10:12 you people have been very unhappy for a 10:14 long period of time and I can read the 10:16 polls may be better than anybody because 10:18 it seems that I understood the polls a 10:20 lot better than many of the pollsters 10:22 understood the pulse assuming they were 10:25 honest poles which I you know I think 10:27 probably many of them weren't i really 10:29 believe that 10:31 but we need security in our country we 10:36 have to allow you folks to do your job 10:38 you're great people great people great 10:40 men and women and we have to allow you 10:43 to do your job and we have to give you 10:46 the weapons that you need and is the 10:49 weapon that you need and they're trying 10:51 to take it away from you 10:54 maybe because of politics or maybe 10:56 because of political views 10:57 we can't let that happen so with that 11:00 let's get on to business right 11:03 it's really something thank you i want 11:12 to thank sheriff Sandra Hutchins and 11:16 Chief Tom banger for your leadership and 11:19 frankly for the service you have had 11:22 great service everyone has told me about 11:24 you two legendary people all of us here 11:26 today are united by one shared mission 11:29 to serve and protect the public of the 11:35 United States during my campaign for 11:38 president I had the chance to spend time 11:40 with law enforcement officials all 11:43 across our country they're the most 11:45 incredible people you will ever meet and 11:49 I just wanted to say to all of them 11:52 right now from the bottom of my heart 11:54 thank you thank you thank you 11:57 [Applause] 12:05 there are many actions we in the federal 12:08 government can take to help improve 12:10 safety in your communities but i believe 12:14 that community safety begins with moral 12:17 leadership our police officers sheriff's 12:21 deputies risk their lives every day and 12:25 they're entitled to an administration 12:27 that has their back the first step in 12:39 restoring public safety is affirming our 12:41 confidence in the men and women charged 12:44 with upholding our laws and i'm going to 12:48 add justices judges in that category and 12:53 I'm very proud to affect judge Gossage 12:57 who I think is going to be an 12:58 outstanding member of the Supreme Court 13:01 outstanding 13:06 so I'd like to begin my remarks with a 13:09 declaration issued to all of you and 13:11 delivered to every member of the law 13:14 enforcement community all across the 13:16 United States my message today is that 13:20 you have a true true friend in the White 13:25 House you have I stand with you I 13:33 support our police i support our 13:36 sheriff's and we support the men and 13:39 women of law enforcement right now many 13:49 communities in America facing and public 13:51 safety crisis murders in 2015 experience 13:56 their largest single year increase in 13:58 nearly half a century in 2016 murders 14:02 and large cities continue to climb by 14:05 double digits in many of our biggest 14:08 cities 2016 brought an increase in the 14:11 number of homicides rapes assaults and 14:14 shootings in Chicago more than 4,000 14:18 people were shot last year alone and the 14:21 rate so far this year has been even 14:24 higher 14:26 what is going on in Chicago we cannot 14:31 allow this to continue 14:33 we've allowed too many young lives to be 14:35 claimed and you see that you see that 14:37 all over claimed by gangs and too many 14:41 neighborhoods to be crippled by violence 14:44 and fear 60-percent of murder victims 14:48 under the age of 22 are african-american 14:52 this is a national tragedy and it 14:55 requires National Action this violence 14:59 must end and we must all work together 15:02 to end it whether a child lives in 15:05 Detroit Chicago Baltimore or anywhere in 15:09 our country he or she is the right to 15:11 grow up in safety and then peace no one 15:16 in America should be punished because of 15:18 the city 15:19 where he or she is born every child in 15:24 America should be able to play outside 15:26 without fear walk home without danger 15:30 and attended school without being 15:32 worried about drugs or gangs or violence 15:35 so many lives and so many people have 15:41 been cut short their potential their 15:43 life has been cut short so much 15:46 potential has been sidelined and so many 15:49 dreams have been shattered and broken 15:50 totally broken 15:53 it's time to stop the drugs from pouring 15:57 into our country and by the way we will 16:00 do that and I will say this general now 16:04 secretary Kelly will be the man to do it 16:07 and we will give him a wall and it will 16:10 be a real wall and a lot of things will 16:13 happen very positively for your cities 16:16 or states believe me 16:19 the wall is getting designed right now a 16:24 lot of people say o.o Trump was only 16:27 kidding with the one with the kid a 16:28 little kid I know kid I i watch this and 16:34 they say i was kidding 16:36 now I don't kid how to get about things 16:38 like that i can tell you know we will 16:39 have a wall it will be a great wall and 16:41 it will do a lot of will be a big help 16:44 just ask Israel that walls the walls 16:47 work just ask Israel they work if it's 16:51 properly done it's time to dismantle the 16:54 gangs terrorizing our citizens and it's 16:57 time to ensure that every young American 17:00 can be raised in an environment of 17:03 decency dignity love and support you 17:06 have asked for the resources tools and 17:09 support you need to get the job done 17:11 we will do whatever we can to help you 17:16 meet those demands that influence a 17:19 zero-tolerance policy for acts of 17:22 violence against law enforcement 17:25 we all see what happens 17:31 we all see what happens and what's been 17:35 happening to you 17:36 it's not fair we must protect those who 17:40 protect us the number of officers shot 17:43 and killed in the line of duty last year 17:46 increased by fifty-six percent from the 17:48 year before last year in Dallas police 17:51 officers were targeted for X execution 17:54 think of this 17:55 whoever heard of this they were targeted 17:57 for execution 12 were shot and five were 18:02 killed these heroic officers died as 18:06 they lived protecting the innocent 18:08 rushing into danger risking their lives 18:11 of people they did not even know but the 18:16 people that they were determined to save 18:20 hats off to you people 18:24 the slain offices are an eternal 18:27 monument to all of the men and women who 18:29 protect our streets and serve our public 18:32 we will not forget them and we will not 18:35 forget all of the others who made that 18:37 final sacrifice in the line of duty 18:41 God has blessed our nation to put these 18:45 heroes among us those who serve in law 18:49 enforcement work long hours you work 18:54 long hours i know so many sheriff's so 18:57 many chief so many police work long 19:00 hours and dangerous hours often done in 19:03 difficult conditions and for not that 19:07 much pay relative to what you're doing 19:10 they do it because they care we must 19:13 work with them not against them they're 19:18 working against you for many years 19:19 they've been working against you 19:21 we must support them not undermine them 19:24 and instead of division and disunity and 19:27 which is so much this unity we must 19:29 build the bridges of partnership and of 19:34 trust 19:35 those who demonize law enforcement or we 19:39 use the actions of a few to discredit 19:41 the service of many are hurting the very 19:44 people they say that they want to help 19:46 when policing is reduced crime is 19:53 increased and a poor citizens suffer the 19:56 most and I see it all the time when the 19:59 number of police goes down crime goes up 20:02 to build need to trust between law 20:04 enforcement and the communities they 20:06 serve it is not enough for us to merely 20:08 talk to each other we must listen to 20:12 each other all share the view that those 20:16 in uniform must be held to the highest 20:18 possible standard of contact so 20:22 important you are the role models to 20:24 young Americans all across this country 20:26 many of whom want to go into law 20:28 enforcement many of home want to be a 20:31 sheriff or a police chief many of home 20:34 the great respect for you 20:37 tremendous respect you don't even 20:39 realize it but i will tell you they have 20:42 great respect and admiration for the 20:45 people in this room and the people that 20:48 you represent and don't let anyone ever 20:51 tell you different 20:52 don't let the dishonest media try and 20:54 convince you that it's different than 20:56 that because it's not 21:02 that is why our commitment to law and 21:08 law enforcement also includes ensuring 21:11 that we're giving departments the 21:13 resources they need to train recruit and 21:16 retain talent as part of our commitment 21:20 to safe communities we will also work to 21:22 address the mental health crisis prison 21:26 should not be a substitute for treatment 21:29 we will fight to increase access to 21:32 life-saving treatment to battle the 21:34 addiction to drugs which is afflicting 21:37 our nation like never ever before 21:41 [Applause] 21:47 I've been in two weeks I've met a lot of 21:51 law enforcement officials yesterday 21:53 brought them into the Oval Office is the 21:56 group what impact do drugs have in terms 21:59 of a percentage on crime 675 to 22:03 80-percent preset we're going to stop 22:06 the drugs employer and we're gonna stop 22:08 those drugs from poisoning our youth 22:11 from poisoning our people 22:14 we're going to be ruthless in that site 22:17 we have no choice and we're going to 22:23 take that slight to the drug cartels and 22:27 work to liberate our communities from 22:30 the terrible grip of violence 22:33 you have the power and knowledge to tell 22:36 general Kelly now secretary kelly who 22:40 the illegal immigrant grant gang members 22:42 are now you have that power because you 22:46 know I'm you're there your local you 22:48 know the illegal you know them by their 22:50 first name you know them by their 22:53 nicknames you have that power the 22:59 federal government can never be that 23:00 precise but you're in the neighborhood 23:02 you know the bad ones you know the good 23:05 ones i want you to turn in the bad ones 23:08 called secretary Kelly's representatives 23:11 and we'll get them out of our country 23:13 and bring them back where they came from 23:15 and we'll do it fast have to call up the 23:20 federal government homeland security 23:22 because so much of the problems you look 23:25 at chicago and you look at other places 23:28 so many of the problems are caused by 23:30 gang members many of whom are not even 23:33 legally in our country and we will work 23:37 with you on the front lines to keep 23:40 America safe from terrorism which is 23:45 what I began this with terrorism a 23:49 tremendous threat far greater than 23:53 people in our country understand believe 23:57 me I've learned a lot and the last two 24:01 weeks and terrorism is a far greater 24:04 threat than the people of our country 24:07 understand but we're going to take care 24:10 of it 24:11 we're gonna win we're going to take care 24:13 of it folks let it may be the beginning 24:17 of a great national partnership let 24:20 today serve as a great call to action 24:24 and let this moment representing new 24:26 beginning in relations between law 24:29 enforcement and our communities 24:31 I want you to know the American public 24:35 totally stands with you I want you to 24:38 know the american people support you i 24:41 want you to know how proud we are truly 24:44 proud to know you 24:46 we applaud your efforts we thank you for 24:49 your service and we promise that you 24:52 will always find an open door at the 24:54 White House an open invitation to our 24:58 great cups and sheriff's nationwide 25:02 they're great people 25:04 you are great people thank you God bless 25:07 you and God bless america 25:09 thank you very much

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