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Populism and the END of the EU

The Globalists are funding radical Leftists into power all across The West to welcome these refugees, how do you think they are going to get their police state? They want terrorism, Germans didnt do shit and shouldn't be blamed they are drowning like the rest of us and you have no idea how the system works in Germany , They dont elect the chancellor, they elect the parties then the parties elect the chancellor their government operates like its under foreign occupation BECAUSE IT IS, It silences news, it jails people who speak out, It doesn't report the race of the person in the news who committed the crime. Cant you see whats happening in front of you with your very own eyes The powers that shouldn't be are slowly destroying Germany because it was such a strong ethno national state and they want the erosion of all white nations to be merged into a Global mixed race communist village. America will just take longer to capitulate but they plan for whites to be minorities by 2050. If Germany falls America falls, Have you not seen the Marxist cancer in American campuses ? This New World Order Feminists DIEversity Equality Cult is transforming every white country in to a communist Global Village of mixed raced Global Citizens. ALL white countries are being forced for open borders cuckolded into tolerance massive expansion of government socialist programs, They are bringing communism in the west under these radical feminists, BLM etc. Quotas and the lowering of standards to meet quotas IS communism.
European Nationalism awakens.
Hope Europeans save their countries, the best culture in the world!

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  1. The reality of now is America no longer has a president simply, the new world order has begun a new world government it has started with the larger nations in America Argentina brazil and they hope Mexico. The so-called populism and Brexit is the coordination to this new world government. It has not been accomplishing so far. The fake real news phenomenon is the subconscious psychological medium to divide and conquer both opposite sides psyche. Russia china have not totally agreed to the new world government. However, they inquire and looks they are open to the offer. America is a European union with a single language, based on gothic ancient arrangements, Europe is of gothic design but with different languages reason why the new Atlantis somehow did work in America.