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Michael Savage - The Leftist Destruction Of America

Michael Savage gives an epic, full-blooded rant about how the disease of Leftism is destroying America

Transcript : I can't say anymore now the rest of 0:43 course is commentary upon next statement 0:45 I just made i'll repeat in case you 0:47 missed it we are all confused by Trump's 0:50 plans and our plans still being stalled 0:52 by suicidal left this fanatics who if 0:55 not stopped will get many of us killed 0:57 whatever else i'm going to say today and 0:59 the rest of the week is commentary upon 1:00 that one statement the American Cultural 1:02 Revolution that we are living through is 1:04 what i'm going to talk about a little 1:05 bit leading right up to the superbowl 1:07 ads which was disgustingly political I 1:10 ask you again what happened to our 1:12 beloved America we want to put a man on 1:14 the moon now left-wing fanatical 1:15 protesters give us their full moon in 1:17 broad daylight in san francisco in other 1:19 cities we in America with no help from 1:21 Al Gore invented the information 1:22 superhighway into that entrepreneurs 1:25 create a great companies like eBay and 1:26 Amazon accelerating global commerce how 1:30 did we declined so rapidly that we're 1:31 doing nothing but watching Atticus and 1:32 the streets being supported by 1:34 congresswoman who say it was beautiful 1:36 the only thing certain is that America's 1:38 wounds are internal radical Islamists 1:40 are determined to kill us and white 1:41 Great Satan America and little satan 1:43 Israel off the map Isis iran al Qaeda 1:46 boqueron Hamas Hezbollah and Saudi 1:48 Arabia not having that cases all want to 1:50 destroy us the world war two generations 1:53 face threats head-on now by inactivity 1:55 other liberal self-loading we have those 1:57 were trying to kill us 1:58 the Iran nuclear deal by obama gave over 2:00 a hundred fifty billion dollars to a 2:02 nation sharing every day for our 2:03 destruction how insane that we become 2:05 Iranians yell death to America we 2:08 respond by giving them the tools to 2:09 carry out their wishes the greatest 2:11 generation defeated the Nazis and 2:12 communism now radical Muslims are 2:14 threatening us and Millennials are too 2:16 busy to fight 2:17 Islamist watch training videos on how to 2:19 carry out against the infidels while our 2:21 kids will be texting at taking selfies 2:23 everything is a selfie our enemies are 2:25 preparing our funerals are young people 2:27 worry that pictures of the funeral will 2:29 not show up on their Instagram accounts 2:30 Iran is trying to set up a global 2:32 Caliphate what we strive to become the 2:34 next mozambique one of the poorest 2:36 nations on the planet 2:37 how did how did the Islamist go from 2:39 being a regional power to a global 2:41 fighting force how the Americans end up 2:43 actually supporting our enemies with 2:45 crackpot judges from Seattle supporting 2:47 them 2:48 it starts with a culture that shares a 2:51 common bond with our enemies they don't 2:53 want us to existing is do we get good 2:55 breeding we don't do any breathing 2:57 Islamist have 14 children apiece so 2:59 losing seven children homicide bombings 3:01 is a drop in the bucket 3:02 we went from having 2.3 children to an 3:04 abortion culture and all the price 3:06 Manhattan loft a three-bedroom family 3:08 houses a waste when there is no family 3:09 Islamists van birth control and then 3:12 turn their women into baby she had 3:14 factories we have feminists demanding 3:16 life of free sex with unlimited trips to 3:18 the abortion clinic most people would 3:20 never connect abortions radical Islam 3:22 but you're smarter than most people 3:24 don't just take my word for it look at 3:26 the numbers there 1.2 billion Muslims in 3:29 the world America has at last count 3:31 three and twenty some odd people with so 3:33 many illegals flooring and it's tough to 3:35 get an accurate count there are roughly 3:37 four times as many Muslims as Americans 3:39 they keep adding to their ranks and we 3:41 keep importing illegal because our own 3:42 people eliminate their babies at this 3:44 rate we'll go the way of your you're up 3:46 to stem italy had a declining birth rate 3:48 in recent years 3:49 Europe is finished they refuse to 3:51 reproduce while Islamic women keep 3:53 churning out the next generation of 3:54 Islamists the Center for Disease Control 3:56 reported in 2011 / 730,000 abortions 3:59 will form the united states that is 4:01 100,000 more people in the entire state 4:03 of Vermont imagine if you woke up one 4:05 day and start all over mark was reported 4:06 as tempting it is as it is not to bring 4:09 the next Bernie Sanders into the world 4:10 think of an entire state just empty that 4:12 was in one year since roe v wade in 1973 4:15 54 million abortions have taken place we 4:18 voluntarily killed off between fifteen 4:19 and twenty percent of population and by 4:21 the way the next time you're left to say 4:23 that illegal do the jobs Americans 4:25 refused to do just remember how many 4:26 Americans we killed off those baby has 4:28 been born there would be no labor 4:29 shortage today 4:30 their children in rare cases 4:31 grandchildren could have joined united 4:33 states military instead Islamist 4:35 breeding Americans are bleeding 4:37 I'll say it again in case you missed it 4:38 it's got nice iambic pentameter mostly 4:41 to pay attention you psychotic moron you 4:42 Jake Tapper you stupid drug addict moron 4:45 you're a drug addict you're addicted to 4:46 liberalism you sick man you idiots more 4:49 on CNN Islamist of reading and Americans 4:52 are bleeding 4:53 it's easy for Islamist the champ to 4:55 America we eliminated one-fifth of their 4:57 obstacles and made a judgment percent 4:59 easier to take at least some Americans 5:00 are still having children unfortunately 5:02 many of those children spend their 5:04 formative years being taught how to 5:05 surrender 5:06 Thank You berkeley the emasculation of 5:08 American Voices one step short of 5:09 suicide Muslims are living in 5:11 patriarchal societies while American 5:13 boys are being emasculated by feminism 5:15 schoolyards used to be filled with kids 5:17 at recess playing games like kill the 5:18 guy with the ball 5:19 nobody died if we played smear the queer 5:22 nobody stood anybody boys play with GI 5:25 Joes and girls play with dolls kids play 5:27 freeze tag without a single incident of 5:28 sexual harassment 5:30 cartoons were filled with violence Bugs 5:32 Bunny tied together not now funds gun 5:33 kaboom covering his own a black suit 5:35 while etot chase the Roadrunners fell 5:38 off his debt go off the cliff to his 5:39 debt we have children do not to try and 5:41 jump off the roof th boys watch rocky 5:44 and rambo we came home without trying to 5:47 kill anybody 5:48 we did not need liberals to tell us the 5:49 difference between pretend and real-life 5:51 common sense of parents handle that now 5:54 schools across the country cancel gym 5:55 class even rock-paper-scissors is too 5:58 violent 5:59 Roxas can be used by children on each 6:01 other take requires murdering trees it's 6:03 no wonder Islamist produce strapping 6:05 young men all-american produces center 6:07 of crybabies Muslim children are taught 6:09 to hate the madrasas they're taught how 6:11 to kill the infidels and blasphemers 6:12 American Voices suspended from school 6:14 for arranging the school lunch 6:16 vegetables in the shape of a gun Rapids 6:18 perhaps it's good they get suspended 6:21 Michelle Obama's to start my children 6:22 anyway piece of burgers and fries a 6:24 replace with gluten-free calories lee 6:26 three flavor free garbage the kids throw 6:28 away then they race and grab a hamburger 6:30 on the way because growing boys want 6:31 more than apple slices the fiber protein 6:33 bar during world war two young boys 6:35 volunteer to go overseas to save the 6:36 world 6:37 the korean war colonel david heck we're 6:39 teaching our young military that's to 6:40 kill accounting for money now American 6:43 kids on college camp 6:44 mrs. retreated a safe spaces to escape 6:47 for potential microaggressions Islamist 6:49 cut off heads and limbs and are young 6:51 boy shriek at the drop of a 6:53 microaggression marching with Islamists 6:55 and hating Trump this is michael savage 6:58 i'm reading to you is a continuation of 7:02 what i wrote for you in my last books 7:03 government 0 a scorched-earth but 7:05 everything to you can be found on this 7:07 radio show and Trump's war we are in 7:10 this war we are all fighting this war 7:11 truck is losing the war 7:13 he's writing these laws and not going 7:15 anywhere because of wackadoodle suicidal 7:17 left us in the media and in the courts 7:19 during world war two young boys as i 7:23 said to you volunteer to go overseas to 7:24 save the world and i said to the korean 7:27 war colonel david Hackworth teaching our 7:29 young military best to kill accounting 7:31 for money and now your children on 7:33 college campuses 7:34 Retreat retreat to their faces to escape 7:37 from so-called microaggressions Islamist 7:40 cut off heads and limbs and a young boy 7:41 shriek at the drop of a microaggression 7:42 do after remind you what happened in 7:45 berkeley you know what happened over the 7:47 weekend after the Berkeley riots a 7:50 congresswoman so-called from Florida 7:52 said it was beautiful to watch the quote 7:54 young people destroying University 7:56 College University of California at 7:57 Berkeley you know what i watch movies 7:59 and TV shows in the fifties I see an 8:01 America that was bold daring macho 8:03 unafraid and proud of itself when I look 8:05 in America today I see something else 8:06 that is because a very small band of 8:09 radical fanatical leftists in the media 8:11 in the schools and in the courts have 8:15 seized every aspect of the media and 8:17 every avenue of government imaginable 8:19 they're ashamed of the very idea of 8:20 America they're not the majority they 8:22 don't speak for the people they are a 8:24 group of political deviance they are 8:26 political deviance in a statistical 8:27 sense in a political sense and in a 8:30 social sense this small band of deviant 8:33 judges and devious media types have 8:36 wrecked the united states of america and 8:38 turn this into a nation of almost slaves 8:39 these Craven apologists of terms of the 8:43 grandchildren of the greatest generation 8:44 into jellyfish less brave than the 8:47 average freshman it is easy to blame the 8:49 nineteen sixties flower power and the 8:51 radicals that spawned them nihilistic 8:53 forces like the Black Panthers and the 8:55 weather underground 8:56 it takes a village of people to destroy 8:58 a child and need to be called up by name 9:00 Hillary Clinton Barack Obama was just 9:02 symptoms of a much bigger disease you 9:04 see my friends of the savage nation what 9:06 we're living through right now is part 9:08 of the disease of the cultural 9:09 revolution started right around the time 9:11 very sottero was born and i'm going to 9:14 go shortly to the super bowl and play 9:16 the ads and you'll see why I'm talking 9:18 about you will see how even our sports 9:20 events have been infected by the radical 9:23 leftists this is a savage nation 9:25 you just got more than you're gonna get 9:26 for the rest of the week from everything 9:28 else in the media 9:29 stay tuned because more is coming

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