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Major Money Managers Have A Grim Outlook For The US Stock Market

Transcript : monetization scheme for the unilateral 0:52 initiative that was planned features a 0:55 small group of insiders tied in with the 0:58 upper excellence of India's government 1:00 the strategy was to instantly not a 1:03 slide or 500 and 1000 rupees banknotes 1:06 the most common currency denominations 1:09 in the country and then eventually 1:10 replaced them with newly designed more 1:13 secure 502 thousands rupee notes should 1:17 forfeit a two-time that's not strictly 1:19 true that last we've seen similar moves 1:23 in places like Sweden and even county 1:26 cork or somebody home place my home 1:29 state Ireland has talked about and has 1:32 initiated scheme 3 move cash completely 1:34 from the city this is not a joke 1:37 let's welcome our first guest to the 1:39 program then he's got plenty to say 1:40 there's this is a financial journalist 1:43 an economist and heroes a critically 1:45 acclaimed book called the abolition of 1:47 cash and the consequences 1:50 he's live in Frankfort right now and I'm 1:53 going to treat his blog by the way and 1:56 because then his blogs and even some of 1:58 the tweets on it while were chatting 1:59 with him 2:00 let's welcome to the prophet of the 2:02 program normal hiring Norbert welcome to 2:05 the program good evening how are you 2:06 good evening and fine thanks 2:09 and thanks so much for coming on them 2:11 delighted to be chatting with you 2:12 normal just before you and I talked 2:15 about this issue i did mention to you 2:18 earlier on that former spokesman from 2:21 the greek Finance Ministry Demetrius 2:24 analysis on the program last night and 2:26 he said a couple of things that probably 2:28 won't surprise you 2:30 he said Greece is a concentration camp 2:32 these days and he said the European 2:35 Union is basically the fourth right now 2:38 and they did according to me when he 2:41 said that German men and women might be 2:44 sensitive to such terminology and they 2:47 might find the wording very strong you 2:49 want to give me a quick comment on what 2:51 he said 2:52 you agree with him what's your take on 2:54 what's happening degrees right now I'm 2:57 afraid and not a charity turban opinion 3:00 on this issue 3:01 I do sympathize very much for the Greek 3:04 a test of statistics from the IMF which 3:08 show that it's worse than the great 3:10 depression in Greece and that's just 3:12 that's just for you could even call its 3:16 bite before some principles because they 3:19 could have easily been helped but 3:21 they're very Search Search just some 3:24 some principles and force because 3:28 they're weak and because we elected 3:30 wrong government so it's really close to 3:33 crime but has been done to the greek i 3:35 would say that to ya but we're also 3:38 being used as a guinea pig that but also 3:41 for mean this is not reverse problems 3:45 but all sorts of and anti cash measures 3:48 are being imposed by the troika the 3:51 government doesn't mind so much because 3:53 it plays in their hand but au commission 3:57 which is a big anti cash warrior entry 4:02 IMF and the ECB all against cash where 4:05 the Troy career that basically rules 4:07 against the about the government and 4:11 we're trying out all sorts of stuff 4:13 they're there they're doing a lot of 4:15 similar stuff to the Indians know you 4:18 and we're going to talk with your 4:19 excellent article shortly with you 4:21 someone that you wrote a month ago or 4:23 thereabouts and I cannot promise i'm 4:25 going to tweet this I want people to 4:26 follow you and we're all about finding 4:29 people like you in orbit because it's 4:32 not often that people like you tell the 4:34 truth and and this is the fact that it's 4:37 the reason we had to meet your place on 4:38 the program yesterday before we talk 4:40 about what happened in India you 4:43 mentioned their Greece being used as a 4:45 guinea pig is it punitive I mean you 4:47 said you said is punishing is it in some 4:49 way designed what's happening to Greece 4:52 to terrifying other countries who might 4:54 step out of line or who might challenge 4:57 the hegemony of the trike at the 4:59 European Central Bank and the European 5:02 Union isn't punitive to warn others most 5:05 certainly I mean it's happening in the 5:07 series being elected but some 5:10 conservative government they could have 5:13 expected a lot more leniency and you 5:16 could see it with Portugal to they they 5:20 had the screws pretty tight and this new 5:23 government's I think they say where they 5:27 are elected a leftist government with 5:30 their sort of lucky that at the time and 5:33 the screws are tightened on them 5:35 the Spanish at an election and we wanted 5:38 to help the Conservatives there been so 5:41 and it was kind of hard to distinguish 5:43 between Portugal and Spain it would have 5:46 been too obvious so they got a fairly 5:49 lightly and they're also not not picking 5:52 as much of a fight that syriza so but 5:56 you could observe that a lot that 5:58 whenever leftist government was elected 6:02 or in danger of being elected that that 6:06 would not have done all these harsh 6:08 austerity measures so likely they 6:11 tighten the screws pretty severely and 6:13 suddenly every every deficits Argus and 6:17 all that think these things are becoming 6:20 a lot more important suddenly by the way 6:23 normals blog is them is excellent 6:26 website can be found at normal hiring 6:29 that h.a.t.e or ing if I'm 6:31 mispronouncing your name Norbert don't 6:34 hesitate 6:34 tell me by the way how you're going 6:36 pretty good its hard protective in the 6:38 area and it looks like hearing or 6:40 hearing and normally targets heading is 6:43 perfect hearing it from its normal 6:45 hearing hae or ang dot de /e and between 6:51 that we've got to read this man nor 6:53 Virgil is brilliant 6:55 so certain vested interest in the united 6:59 states are behind india's push towards 7:02 the cautious society who are these 7:04 interest and people are telling me 7:07 george soros his name is popping up all 7:08 over the place 7:09 who are these interest and we're doing 7:12 well on on my stories more bill gates 7:16 the the building million decades 7:19 foundation is is one of the biggest bank 7:23 rollers if not the biggest bank roller 7:26 of a whole variety of initiatives that 7:28 go against cash 7:31 although first it was always sold as a 7:35 as financial inclusion which was 7:38 translated as digitalizing finance so 7:42 that it would be more easy to bring it 7:44 to the people but then it morphed into 7:47 really going against cash there's 7:50 actually a better than cash alliance 7:55 that was formed in 2012 most money 8:01 presumably is coming from a bill and 8:03 melinda gates foundation that Microsoft 8:06 basically so the take an IT companies in 8:12 the US the big ones are one big group 8:16 that's behind that we ever ones 8:19 obviously are the payment services 8:21 providers that's also globally dominated 8:24 by the US companies and these are in 8:27 that better than cash alliance that Visa 8:30 and MasterCard and then there's also big 8:33 bang's Citigroup this in there and some 8:38 foundations 8:41 like the Ford Foundation which well in 8:46 the past at least they have often been 8:49 involved then inserted certain dark 8:53 money had to be distributed that 8:55 shouldn't be traced back to certain 8:58 government sources or whatever and there 9:01 is US aid the development finance 9:05 company of the US government and so we 9:09 are forming the better than cash 9:11 Alliance which has the goal of pushing 9:14 back cash worldwide and it's also very 9:18 obvious why would have an interest in 9:20 that because the take an IT companies 9:24 they're going into payment services but 9:28 we're also providing the infrastructure 9:29 and these us come companies are globally 9:33 dominating where's the perp payment 9:36 services provider they want to make 9:38 money of every litre of milk let your 9:41 buying so if you don't do it in cash we 9:43 get their percentage one and where's the 9:48 American government which has the 9:51 interest of these American companies at 9:54 heart they they make a lot of money like 9:57 the the the current account gets a lot 10:01 of money from from all these exports of 10:05 payment services 10:06 there's a huge surplus in that and of 10:10 course it's also a big source of power 10:13 for the u.s. government is they can 10:15 control the international payment system 10:18 normal i said while there because you 10:22 just described the massive conflict of 10:24 interest with detect companies designing 10:25 the software and for this but at the 10:28 same time of benefiting from it but when 10:31 you mentioned Bill and Melinda Gates is 10:33 it fair to suggest that somebody like 10:37 gates and his wife sunday and under the 10:40 gates foundation would be chosen as a 10:44 vehicle with which to sell this to 10:46 people because their public image is 10:48 quite good 10:49 now I have a lot of problems with Bill 10:51 Gates a multivariate made a lot of sense 10:53 certainly 10:54 to choose them if they let themselves be 10:56 chosen my goodness how interesting 10:59 now we have what we learned since this 11:04 happened in india in december what do we 11:07 know what it meant for people in that 11:10 country i'll just give you a quick tweet 11:12 before you answer that Comanche is that 11:15 living in India and just looks like 11:17 delhi in fact that she's tweeting this 11:20 to say she's listening intently networks 11:21 in the small errors on thursday morning 11:24 there and she said 'i transactions are 11:26 now used more and more 11:29 what do we know about what impact it had 11:31 on indian people there 11:34 well yeah I mean first of all it was not 11:38 known it wasn't botched or anything that 11:41 it would be a terrible hardship of the 11:43 people the people was known like there 11:45 was a that's what I was writing about 11:48 was a partnership of us ate involving 11:51 the better than cash foundation and the 11:54 Indian finance ministry to push back 11:56 cash that's been going on since 2015 12:01 there have been ever close links even 12:04 things 2013 so the various us groups 12:08 they're very very much involved so i 12:11 would take issue that it was a closed 12:13 circle around around the finder of a 12:17 prime minister and the finance minister 12:20 that I think these stories are to 12:23 deflect attention from these known us 12:27 links because they vary in the open 12:29 which they're just they just had to be 12:31 deflected from you may not have normal 12:34 you mentioned usa's there this is 1-2 12:36 dimensioning george soros because he's 12:40 connected obviously with with the USA to 12:42 the usual suspects 12:44 so this is the app you know so so you're 12:47 there asking a y-yeah I was saying it's 12:53 it was known so doing it during this 12:56 partnership there were studies made and 12:58 in these studies you can read that only 13:01 half of the Indians have a bank account 13:04 and even of that our half a very large 13:07 proportion wasn't used probably a lot of 13:10 them are phony or something just for 13:12 fraud or something 13:14 so a very big part of the the majority 13:18 of the Indians don't have a bank account 13:20 and more than ninety percent of 13:23 transactions have been done in cash so 13:26 it was totally clear and known that it 13:30 would be a disaster for the people that 13:32 they couldn't just to additionally or 13:34 something that they were just not have 13:36 cash and that's what happened like all 13:38 these people in the shadow economy not 13:41 like not being able to buy stuff they 13:44 couldn't earn their living they depend 13:46 from day today to make enough money to 13:48 buy food for the children and stuff by 13:50 by doing small services driving a richer 13:54 or whatever and they couldn't find 13:56 anybody anymore for weeks or even months 13:58 to who had the cash to pay them and they 14:02 just didn't have any means to to do that 14:05 it's chilly so people are starving and 14:08 didn't have enough to eat because of 14:10 that and that plus no one and it was 14:12 intended to inflict hardship off on all 14:15 these traders so that they would really 14:18 a at the first opportunity and if they 14:22 could afford it all get something to do 14:24 digital payment and i'm pretty sure it 14:27 was also intended we would be bad 14:29 international uproar and everything 14:31 because now everybody in every country 14:33 knows that it's dangerous not to be able 14:36 to do do digital payment if your 14:38 government can do these things to you so 14:41 very effective in this in terms of 14:44 getting digital payments up and running 14:47 better incredible so it sounds like what 14:50 happened in India is a massive 14:52 scientific experiment and they're 14:54 watching for the reaction and how would 14:56 I was perceived around the the rest of 15:00 the world have the Indians at the indian 15:03 and women how they react to us i have 15:05 the cold but it's just a big experiment 15:06 right there we're talking like that like 15:10 if you what i've been doing after that 15:12 happened was just reading up on things 15:15 that have been happening before Christ 15:17 statement 15:18 around this partnership and all that and 15:20 they were talking about it being an 15:24 example of what we were trying to do a 15:26 scalable model that could be transferred 15:29 to some barrels we weren't letting out 15:33 what they're planning they were just 15:34 talking about experiments in the single 15:37 city so it is guys did pretty well so 15:40 that it just looked like we're looking 15:42 for a right city to make these 15:44 experiments and nobody knew it would 15:46 people of India but they were talking 15:49 about it being being an example for the 15:51 rest of the world in other countries and 15:54 this better than cash Association and 15:56 other similar group which are very 15:59 well-connected and tied up this with 16:02 some UN organization the World Bank is 16:05 heavily involved governments are part 16:08 and they're active in all sorts of 16:10 places like Nigeria Kenya and they're 16:14 very pc so it's not like we're just 16:16 doing that in India so so nigeria and 16:19 places like this this is what's coming 16:21 next 16:21 we had a tweet from mark who tweets and 16:24 cashless society if the banks make bad 16:28 bets and become insolvent they can 16:31 legally Constance Kate the deposits of 16:34 their customers to balance their books 16:37 now we saw this in Cyprus is this the 16:40 big worry 16:40 normal start with the reason my dms that 16:43 to Detroit the European Central Bank the 16:45 World Bank the Bretton Woods 16:47 institutions but i think their tires 16:50 these are criminals 16:51 this is the job this is what it's all 16:53 about here is this is about the coming 16:55 of the billion right 16:56 yes we have the daily legislation so 17:01 it's the law now in Europe that that 17:06 creditors have to be shaved first and 17:10 who is that it's not like a big finance 17:14 who was stupid enough to give some Bank 17:16 a big loan it's you and me and everybody 17:19 who has money at the bank and so it's 17:23 clear that they have their money taking 17:26 surveys the blankets in trouble so if 17:28 they have that rule they can't do 17:30 anything over there 17:31 when taking of a cash and making it hard 17:35 to to get your money 17:37 actually i did an experiment for my book 17:39 i went to my bank and by rights and 17:43 rules i can take my money out any day 17:46 without giving notice or something and I 17:49 just wanted 15,000 oils and we wouldn't 17:52 give it to me you wouldn't get or even 17:54 for because i stayed there and just 17:57 refused to go away and they couldn't 18:00 refuse it legally 18:02 after letting me sit there half an hour 18:04 and calling the police here they wanted 18:06 to check for all that they gave it to me 18:09 eventually just because I insisted but 18:11 we would have sent anybody else away who 18:14 would have believed them but they just 18:16 didn't have it where 18:17 normal normal excuse me for interrupting 18:19 they called the police to do in the 18:23 beach that day 14 I mean all this money 18:25 laundering stuff is is also a way to to 18:30 make you feel like a criminal if you if 18:33 you deal this cash if you have any kind 18:36 of Mount like more than 5,000 or 18:40 something that you want to take from a 18:42 bank they make you sit there and wait 18:44 they call the police so that they can 18:46 come if they think it's iffy now I was 18:49 in a suit and everything and everyone is 18:50 fine and we didn't come but if I have 18:53 some Eastern accent and speak bad German 18:57 isaiah 17 thousand rows of my own money 19:01 it's not unlikely that police comes and 19:04 I've from my lawyer I've heard never 19:08 case there's somebody had their account 19:12 canceled just because he's using cash a 19:15 lot and repeatedly a took took out cash 19:20 from the money machine of more than a 19:22 thousand or rose and they just cancelled 19:25 physical his account this no warning or 19:28 anything it's just said now account is 19:31 cancelled so they they make it they say 19:34 it's against money laundering but it 19:36 also works perfectly that if they have 19:40 these baleen rules and everybody knows 19:43 and knows about side products 19:45 and then there's rumors that a bank is 19:47 in trouble and you can get your cash out 19:50 everybody would run of command these 19:52 rules would would just cause fires 19:55 everywhere but if you can't get your 19:58 cash out because there isn't any more 19:59 cash or they only give you a hundred or 20:01 rows then your money is locked in and 20:05 they can very calmly decided wherever 20:07 they take away ten or twenty or thirty 20:09 percent to make the bank over again I 20:11 want to just remind our listeners we've 20:13 got Norbert hearing on the line 20:16 normal hearing dot de /a en noir bespoke 20:21 by the way is the operation of cash 20:23 I'm the consequences it's time to have 20:25 them on the program i think the 20:27 government by the way too so that nobody 20:29 is disappointed googling it well you 20:31 gotta seriously no but you gotta get 20:33 that translated into English 20:35 yeah I'm thinking about writing the 20:39 follow-up which covers that stuff that i 20:42 was talking about on how how this is 20:45 important for the US and the u.s. 20:47 control of the financial system and all 20:50 that so I'm concerned I'm not sure yet 20:53 we're reminded in english or turn get 20:56 honest i want to mention by the way and 20:58 again I'm you know I it's a huge thrill 21:00 for us 21:01 I'm not being subservient empty were not 21:04 procrastinating in front of you but it's 21:06 a massive thrilled to us when people 21:08 have seen the inside of the system have 21:11 the courage to come out and talk all 21:13 things the way they are you and I both 21:15 know and some of furnaces won't know 21:17 what we won idol not tech firms in the 21:20 United States DARPA and other firms like 21:23 that we've patented already scanning 21:26 equipment in order you know for payment 21:29 seem to be made using always kind of 21:31 been patented this is being developed 21:33 evolved patented Joshua's payment risk 21:36 times I mean normally it's not an 21:39 exaggeration to say this is straight 21:42 from the pages of george orwell this is 21:44 the best surrounded and control run mean 21:46 coach / currently have dreamed of it but 21:49 it's it's amazing how close he came to 21:52 what we have now actually mastercard has 21:56 recently 21:57 a patent in something or put the 21:59 application in on how to how to 22:04 calculate people's weight and size from 22:07 their purchases so it's a ver padding 22:11 abuse of our data they would use our 22:15 purchases that we know about from their 22:18 cards estimated our weight and size from 22:22 our shoes we buy and the clothing and 22:26 sell that to the to the airline's so 22:31 that they can tell us the right seat or 22:34 something 22:35 I mean it's absolutely tremendous that 22:37 way but we want to have abused of data 22:40 patterns into that certain way of 22:43 abusing it it's really amazing and of 22:47 course I mean there's so much 22:49 information if a a pole and MasterCard 22:54 know everything we buy and that includes 22:58 like a journal be by it i mean if you 23:03 don't dare to subscribe to a colonel 23:05 that's kinda off off-the-beaten-track 23:08 you buy it at the kiosk for cash 23:11 you can't do that anymore so any journal 23:15 that's kinda off the government line you 23:20 you might be on a list and and all this 23:25 information is consolidated it's not 23:28 like MasterCard has some and people had 23:30 some there are companies that 23:33 consolidated all this information they 23:36 may collected themselves or they buy it 23:39 from all these all the website of the 23:43 payment providers put it together in the 23:45 file and anybody who asks for money can 23:47 buy it so it's all there and it's au 23:50 trial this with all information about 23:54 you and if if you can't even if you're 23:57 trying to preserve some some privacy by 24:01 doing a lot in cash so that it's not 24:04 registered you can't do that anymore so 24:07 it's the which makes it a lot more 24:09 valuable because 24:11 you know that everything is in there so 24:13 the information becomes a lot better and 24:17 that is really terrible and the other 24:21 thing is you saw it then this wiki leaks 24:25 all they took list or the US government 24:28 no Parliament no court or anything just 24:32 the President or somebody calling 24:34 mastercard visa papal american express 24:38 and that asking them please don't do 24:42 business with WikiLeaks and that was 24:45 enough that WikiLeaks couldn't get any 24:48 any money anymore couldn't collect money 24:51 and had severe financial problems you 24:56 can do that to anybody and it's done 24:58 already like the US government if they 25:02 improved some sanctions on iran or 25:05 something for financial deals with them 25:08 our countries don't have them like 25:11 Germany's and wears a company making 25:14 totally legal financial deals with them 25:17 the Americans just put them on a terror 25:19 list which we can do unilaterally and 25:22 then no finance provider finance company 25:26 will make any deals with you anymore and 25:29 you're basically broke you're finished 25:31 you can't even stop by an iphone anymore 25:33 until underwater and i'm not talking 25:35 about me personally even though we have 25:37 a massive audience but how long before 25:40 independent media like those who have 25:43 guests like you on the program how long 25:46 before they make it impossible for our 25:47 listeners to make financial donations 25:50 for us to pay our bills 25:52 this is most common generally spreading 25:53 sake lose anyway that's not surprising 25:56 but that's nice that the fake news 25:59 business that was very influenced that 26:01 certainly that's money they can do it a 26:03 lot better yes I can't believe we're 26:05 talking I'm delighted you're on the 26:07 program we've only got about five or six 26:08 minutes last normal hearing is on the 26:12 line folks normal here in RTE /c n and 26:16 this is going to let you understand this 26:17 information isn't it 26:20 it obvious then that what people need to 26:23 do is just are talking to one another 26:25 and to understand help finance works how 26:29 banks lend money or the same here how to 26:31 create money out of nothing and more 26:33 importantly it's not countries have to 26:35 become sovereign again and we have to 26:37 get out of the criminal European unity 26:39 answer 26:40 normal isn't it people have to 26:42 understand us that don't make me say 26:44 it's a criminal your opinion you're not 26:47 really tough but the first part as 26:49 certainly subscribe I just come from 26:52 from a place where i was giving a talk 26:57 on how the money system works in front 26:59 of teachers who are trying to learn 27:02 about it which is hard to an important 27:05 because all the textbook or kinda 27:07 weirdly wrong on back there sort of 27:11 describe what was going on 300 years ago 27:13 and it's absolutely essential that 27:15 people understand i agree and it's a 27:18 central let me use cash so that it's not 27:22 possible to criminalize everybody with 27:25 just minor amount is it's customary to 27:28 to this girl 900 pounds and pay this it 27:33 then it's much less in unusual that's a 27:36 big thing that you can do against that 27:38 was not so much i'm also using the legal 27:43 way I'm I'm insisting on pain of our our 27:49 public broadcasting see in cash which we 27:54 won't let me do and I'm in court because 27:56 of that because by law its it's the not 28:03 legal tender and the government and 28:06 refuse to to accept the legal temple 28:09 tender and they do it anyway and i'm 28:11 doing that too to make our members of 28:15 parliament makeup because they're never 28:17 making money laws they just let the 28:20 thanks to that together with the central 28:22 banks and it's clear to whose benefit 28:25 will be is if they can do it so I want 28:29 to make bye-bye causing this legal 28:33 problem 28:33 them that of course cash is tedious and 28:36 they would have to make some sort of a 28:39 better 28:39 severn money that you can also use 28:42 digitally I want to force meant to do 28:44 that by just insisting on on on the law 28:50 normal travel that's another thing you 28:52 can do nothing other things are um 28:53 you're welcome back anytime you want to 28:55 come back 28:56 look we we don't hide here all you 28:59 believe personally and I I'm not thrown 29:01 too fanciful notions and I've heard so 29:05 many speeches made by people like Bill 29:06 Gates and others have read the UN 20-30 29:12 documents the elite i believe as always 29:16 with the money and the power they 29:17 ultimately want to reduce the population 29:19 of this planet and I think this is some 29:22 there are many reasons for the cashless 29:24 society but one of them i believe is the 29:26 star people i mean i really do believe 29:28 that i know you probably want to accept 29:30 that but that's something i believe is 29:32 part of the overlapping and because i 29:34 think it's vicious but i think that 29:36 would be a an introspective way to get 29:40 after that go royal you don't listen 29:43 you're right it's on its own it would be 29:45 but alongside other things that are 29:47 going on around the world it plays his 29:48 part 29:49 listen I want to thank you for coming on 29:50 the extraordinary thank you for having 29:52 me numbers great normal hearing 34 / 29:55 again and please come back anytime you 29:57 want to love to have you back Norbert 29:59 thank you at like to thank our cells are 30:02 in Frankfort tonight normal hearing 30:04 fantastic guests and of course in 30:07 frankford a there's so much i coulda 30:08 said about Frankfurt for him I didn't 30:12 want to do is ask assassinate what's 30:14 happening you know three years ago when 30:19 i was here in a half to one nearly three 30:21 years ago in fact when things were tins 30:24 when things are vastly different for me 30:28 and I was going to go back into 30:30 commercial broadcasting not today was 30:34 inundated with offers but I had a couple 30:35 of offers and David said look and this 30:39 is the way to go to a program like this 30:42 one of the things he did say and then 30:45 the case of the off sometimes if you 30:46 notice that you everybody knows when we 30:48 like to have a doctor I'm not saying 30:50 they're never wrong but don't have to 30:52 knock 30:53 he's wrong from time to time he's not 30:55 that often rocks he stayed the night 30:58 that i would only ever do it if we got 31:00 people from the system talking about 31:03 these issues and I don't think we ever 31:05 will so it's a waste of time and at that 31:09 time he said no it isn't they will talk 31:12 to a show like yours people like that 31:14 will come on and they won't mind that we 31:18 talked about satanic pedophilia and it 31:21 won't mind that we talk about other 31:22 things they will focus box them and they 31:26 will calm was like them he said it to 31:28 time and it's sam its extraordinary and 31:31 maybe it's because another thing that 31:35 we've talked about over the years as the 31:36 agenda as they speed off they can't 31:40 conceal it anymore and by not being able 31:43 to conceal it anymore 31:44 it gives courage to people like Demetria 31:48 see Annapolis it gives courage to people 31:50 like sound effect wonderful woman to 31:53 give courage to people like nor were 31:55 there to say well you know what an 31:57 awesome you know I want to speak out on 32:00 this i'm going to talk about it i can't 32:02 and denies any longer

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