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Get Ready WW3 on The Horizon !!


now China in Russia 0:10 now plotting an offensive a currency 0:13 offensive against the United States it's 0:15 going to take place in april at the IMF 0:17 all this on the heels of new tensions 0:19 are rising in asia as you know general 0:22 mad dog madness has responded to the 0:25 Chinese and the Japanese stating that 0:27 they will the United States will stand 0:29 by Japan if there is any attack on Japan 0:33 of course with the the Senkaku Islands 0:36 now being buzzed by the Chinese of 0:39 course this is all global saber-rattling 0:41 and here to talk to us now is Charles 0:44 thorn grand he is a financial he's been 0:47 financed for 25 years he's with noble 0:49 gold investments and he's here to help 0:51 us understand exactly what this all 0:53 means for your wallet because at the end 0:55 of the day at the end of the day all 0:57 these global saber-rattling actions 0:59 affect us in some capacity so Charles 1:03 welcome to the next news network 1:05 thank you glad to be here and scary so 1:08 we just did a report on this general Mad 1:10 Dog Madison said yes we will stand by 1:12 Japan will we will we will hold by our 1:14 article 5 treaty if trying to decide to 1:18 do anything now personally I don't think 1:20 China is but they are planning something 1:22 with Russia's we just stated tell us 1:25 more about what's going to happen at the 1:27 IMF in April and I'd love to you know 1:30 you see the these maneuvers and a lot of 1:32 times with China it's very hard to 1:35 understand what they're doing they're 1:37 not as transparent as most nations are 1:39 armed and so you see these offensive 1:42 movements these that the buzzing of the 1:44 islands and things it's all a way to 1:46 distract you from what they're planning 1:47 on doing and what we have happening in 1:50 April is is an IMF meeting 1:52 ok it's going to discuss the reserve 1:55 currency as you know or may not know the 1:58 United States dollar has been the 1:59 reserve currency for the world with 2:02 everything that's going on that standing 2:06 it is is not as secure anymore 2:09 we're seeing pressure applied by by 2:12 China 2:13 as well as Russia and we're seeing that 2:16 in a way that really begins to minimize 2:21 our effectiveness around the world 2:23 because besides power the next thing 2:25 people care about his money and this is 2:28 what we're talking about reserve money 2:29 for the world so they want to go ahead 2:31 and change the reserve currency from the 2:35 United States into it into what 2:38 well that's the discussion they know 2:41 that they can't do it on just that you 2:42 want itself or the rule itself so what 2:46 they want to impose is a basket of 2:48 currencies and what that will do for 2:50 them is give them much more clout in the 2:52 financial world they want to have the 2:55 ruble and as the one included in that 2:58 basket with the dollar that will do a 3:01 couple things it will strengthen them we 3:03 already know that that China has control 3:06 of a manufacturer no question about that 3:08 but we'll do then is give them the 3:11 ability to use their currency to 3:14 generate their own forms of debt to 3:16 expand 3:17 ok that's key because it's going to 3:21 cause the world to need less US dollars 3:24 and what will happen that scenario 3:26 there's a couple different scenarios 3:28 that could happen when it becomes much 3:30 more difficult for us to be able to to 3:32 sell our depth to the rest of the world 3:34 ok and to the worst-case scenario is 3:37 people decide they don't want to hold 3:39 that that anymore because now they have 3:41 options and China doesn't have the 3:44 deficit that the United States has 20 3:47 trillion dollars that's a lot of debt 3:50 it's much more than we can we actually 3:52 produce its larger than our gdp so 3:54 ineffective terms if we were a company 3:58 we would be a bankrupt company and 4:01 seizing this moment is is seizing right 4:05 at the right time where we have some 4:07 weakness it's a good thing that Donald 4:10 Trump knows how to handle love bankrupt 4:11 companies sister simple so let's talk 4:15 about China for a minute because we know 4:17 that China and Russia they are just 4:19 vacuuming up gold we know that's one of 4:21 your one of your strong points to 4:23 actually convert people's IRA is into 4:25 gold 4:26 people can learn more about that the 4:27 link in the description to or the phone 4:28 number below up but the point is what is 4:32 how does that tie into this IMF vote the 4:36 gold that I mean they're literally 4:37 buying up so much gold you can actually 4:39 buy gold and other banks even to write 4:41 correct 4:44 so how does the color the goal play into 4:45 the IMF Oh what does what does it 4:48 actually it does what it does it plays 4:51 into the vote because regardless of what 4:52 happens with that vote you know that you 4:55 have yourself protected take your IRA 4:58 get some form of protection against 5:01 currency itself because you now have an 5:04 asset that moves counterproductive to 5:07 the dollar so if we see weakness in the 5:09 dollar gold goes up your values go up so 5:15 China is buying up gold and people can I 5:19 mean if a nation does it in their own 5:21 right individuals can do that to through 5:23 their IRA but let's talk about Japan 5:27 now there's a Reuters report that was 5:29 recently out and it's actually really 5:32 good news you know we're seeing the 5:35 Japanese put together a package I think 5:37 it's 160 billion dollar high tech 5:40 infrastructure investment they're 5:43 touting through the package seven 5:44 hundred thousand new jobs in the United 5:48 States how do you think that is going to 5:52 affect it is it gonna affect the economy 5:54 how because we're seeing all these new 5:56 jobs popping up personalized companies 5:58 like hey we want to reinvest in America 6:01 we want to put these companies back in 6:02 america are we going to see a ripple 6:05 effect of prosperity that Trump said is 6:08 going to make America great again 6:10 yes that that's the short answer the 6:14 long answer is we will but it's not 6:15 going to be as quick as we'd all like 6:17 macroeconomics is not something that 6:20 happens quickly so you have your initial 6:23 investment plans have to be built people 6:25 have to be higher 6:26 we will get to the point where all the 6:28 people who lost their jobs you know in 6:31 2007-2008 are beginning to get work back 6:34 that is meaningful they'll be able to 6:37 start planning for the return 6:39 once again be able to start doing things 6:40 again but that takes time 6:43 there's a lot of recovery that has to 6:44 happen before we see the effects of that 6:46 um the money being put in is going to be 6:50 a fantastic thing for us workers there's 6:52 a benefit for japan for doing it 6:54 obviously you know I'm sure they've 6:56 negotiated some some form of means we're 6:59 not having to pay tariffs or anything on 7:01 that goods that are produced here arm 7:03 getting the great American worker 7:05 involved is also a huge benefit and that 7:07 will all pay off but it's not right away 7:10 we have some scenarios where there's an 7:13 immediate threat to your retirement if 7:16 you've seen me when you have the 7:17 download an all-time high and that is 7:20 with tremendous step being out there it 7:23 doesn't really make sense for it to be 7:26 at the levels that it is so expect to 7:28 see some some correction there which is 7:30 very normal for the market you have 7:33 cycles arm will it be as bad as 2008 7:36 nobody knows but it could be 7:40 it's gone much higher than it wasn't 7:41 2008 so there's a lot of risk their get 7:44 yourself protected get yourself a 7:47 portion of that of that retirement 7:48 account and put it in something that 7:49 offers protection against that kind of a 7:52 collapse and that's what precious metals 7:54 does and i think you know with these 7:57 jobs coming back in it's gonna be great 7:59 for America but it's not gonna happen 8:01 for a couple years you're not going to 8:02 see the benefit for that three four 8:05 possibly five years from now and that's 8:07 just the economics works so the process 8:10 of actually converting your your 8:12 retirement account into gold I mean that 8:16 we're talking about tangible gold now 8:17 like real physical tangible world 8:20 absolutely and you can do like many of 8:22 my clients do when it comes time to 8:24 retire you can have them actually 8:25 deliver the gold to you if you decide 8:27 you wanted as well as dollars 8:29 absolutely it's oh so you can take a big 8:33 shit with a gold bars huh 8:35 absolutely wow that's where security is 8:38 it's a tangible asset it's not something 8:40 that's backed by someone to promise it's 8:42 the real thing 8:43 so where do you source their goal from I 8:45 mean this 8:46 probably always the world all over the 8:48 world we deal with all the major ments 8:50 arm world minutes governmental minutes 8:53 we have an extension of our clients as 8:55 well we're here to buy back metals from 8:57 our clients so we get from a variety of 8:59 sources and that's what really keeps it 9:01 cost effective for our customers as well 9:03 what's the difference between say 9:05 bullion bars and the coin coin in 9:09 government coinage government coinage is 9:11 going to cost you a little bit more for 9:13 the coinage it does take a little bit a 9:16 lot more manufacturing process and 9:19 central buying it from the government we 9:20 all know government is anything cheap 9:22 it's going to cost you a little bit more 9:23 arm but it also has that recognize value 9:27 so you can get bullion coins there are 9:31 many options available on bars and 9:33 bullion coins or are the best bet for 9:35 customers 9:36 you can have the least cost there are 9:39 some some other assets out there they 9:41 talk about specially coins and things 9:43 like that and if you were an art 9:44 collector 9:45 yeah we could do something there but for 9:47 your retirement you go where the value 9:49 is bullion bars million coins or a 9:52 combination of both of them and that's 9:54 what my team here will help do for you 9:56 to help establish what is the best 9:58 scenario for each individual customer we 10:00 can take you know your your scenario and 10:04 what your personal portfolio looks like 10:07 and Taylor so that we can get the best 10:08 benefit for you now you mention the 10:11 stock market before recently breaking 10:14 20,000 you mentioned that you you 10:18 anticipate a correction in the market 10:20 soon 10:21 how do you plan how do you think that's 10:24 really going to go well is tough to say 10:27 it's really tough to say arm right now 10:30 there is so much uncertainty not just 10:33 within the world within the United 10:35 States we see the country fighting 10:37 amongst itself but what we don't see is 10:42 a plan to keep the stock market propped 10:45 up we got here by all that quantitative 10:48 easing it wasn't based on yours and my 10:51 investment in the stock market it was 10:53 based on your your your stock firms 10:57 the boys the bank's they all had that 11:00 extra money that was given to them as 11:01 part of what was necessary by the 11:03 so-called say what they said we need 11:06 this to help save the economy and they 11:08 put it someplace they put into the stock 11:09 market now Bernie Sanders just came out 11:12 really was he was on the Clinton news 11:14 network and he said he called flat-out 11:17 called Donald Trump a fraud for hiring 11:20 goldman sachs executives and for working 11:24 to create an executive order that would 11:26 repeal some key provisions of the 11:28 dodd-frank bill now Trump's excuses that 11:32 hey there's the banks need to be able to 11:35 lend money so that these companies can 11:37 take the money 11:39 expand and hire more people now Bernie 11:43 Sanders in the critics of that say hey 11:45 you're removing key provisions that 11:48 protect consumers from fraud against of 11:52 bad investors but what it was your take 11:56 on this whole executive order to repeal 11:59 dodd-frank is it is it a positive for 12:01 who 12:02 it's it's actually a positive for the 12:05 government is it's a positive for people 12:07 who want to control the way money flows 12:09 how does it affect individual you know 12:14 for the individual it's not so fantastic 12:16 and let me tell you why 12:17 if you try to do any business and tried 12:20 to get loan recently it's very difficult 12:23 they say it was standards we have 12:26 certain criteria that has to be met 12:28 really what it was about was it wasn't 12:30 worse the bank's risk because what they 12:32 would get in return on that interest was 12:35 insufficient that's why you saw all that 12:37 money flowing in the stock market it was 12:39 it was a game that they could control 12:41 they knew where it was going 12:43 they had all these financial firms that 12:45 deal in the market they were there and 12:47 remember the bank's all bought a 12:50 financial firm when we had that issue 12:53 with with the stock market and everyone 12:56 needs to be bailed out the government 12:57 decided it was a great idea to have 12:59 banks by these stock firms and this is 13:02 where you see that combination now 13:04 bank of america / Maryland 13:07 JPMorgan / chase now that was all 13:10 originally not supposed to happen they 13:12 were supposed to be separation there but 13:14 it was done to save us as they said okay 13:16 what you have now is with interest rates 13:20 being what they are it doesn't make 13:24 sense for a bank to loan money they 13:26 cannot cover their costs to run an 13:27 operation for that alone 13:30 this is why you're seeing you know 13:33 president Trump saying we need to remove 13:34 some of these stipulations so that we 13:36 can get money not just flowing flowing 13:38 to the correct people do you think it's 13:43 going to create more jobs as Trump's us 13:44 it couldn't hurt 13:48 we we have a scenario now where jobs 13:54 need to be created but they need to be 13:55 funded to be done for that to be done so 13:58 if you're a larger corporation and now 14:01 you're worried about how do I you know 14:04 open up this new plant the United States 14:06 forward as an example how do I spend 14:09 seven hundred million dollars to open 14:12 this plant it takes financing we're 14:15 talking with Charles thorgrin with noble 14:18 gold investments the telephone number is 14:21 down below if you want to convert your 14:22 IRA that is the number to call and we're 14:27 watching china as we began this 14:29 interview we were watching China make 14:31 some pretty bold moves okay we've seen 14:32 the South China Sea tensions rising 14:34 we're seeing a transition team that 14:37 everyone's just like watching from afar 14:40 waiting for some something crazy to 14:42 happen and of course matters making his 14:45 moves with Japan so going back to the 14:49 initial target of topic here this IMF 14:53 vote is coming up soon 14:55 what's in a room in April what do you 14:57 anticipate to be the outcome before we 15:00 go you know it's it's tough to say the 15:03 IMF moves and very mysterious ways 15:06 they're not be open to anyone but it's 15:10 not a line to see some form of split 15:13 reserve currency it's been talked about 15:15 in the past 15:18 and based on the numbers split reserve 15:21 Carson's I mean a currency that has gold 15:23 backing up that has been talked in the 15:25 past but it's been removed because when 15:28 you look at the amount of debt there is 15:31 in the world gold doesn't make enough of 15:33 a difference to be included in that 15:35 currency basket and this is why you see 15:37 China saying hey we're great choice 15:39 because we have so much gold so not only 15:42 could you make us part of that basket of 15:44 currencies are currency has value there 15:48 there's a tangible asset behind it 15:50 what do you want to make when people say 15:52 the gold is going to get 5000 gold is 15:54 undervalued gold is undervalued no doubt 15:58 about that isn't being isn't they 16:00 artificially suppressed it is it is 16:03 armed 16:04 some of it's done purposefully and some 16:07 of its arm unintended consequence with a 16:11 dau at 20,000 it's very hard for people 16:15 to remove the emotion of trying to jump 16:17 on board with that with with that new 16:20 high on and get themselves protected to 16:22 get diversified so unfortunately with 16:26 metals you don't have the giant firms 16:29 like you do with the stock market you 16:31 don't have a merrill lynch of the gold 16:33 world you don't have a JPMorgan of the 16:36 gold world 16:37 ok so you see is an area where obviously 16:41 benefits them to recommend their clients 16:44 to keep investing in the stock market 16:46 that's where they make their money 16:48 so when you look and say can go over 16:52 5,000 it could it could afford to take 16:56 forward to take for the for the rain so 16:58 just be the wheels you know the rains 16:59 come training wheels come right off the 17:01 gold and then just goes it just goes to 17:03 it corrects to work should be worshipped 17:05 gold really be you know a fair value for 17:08 gold right now you'd be looking at 2,700 17:11 dollars an ounce would be a pretty fair 17:14 value 17:15 wow wow 17:18 and while we saying that we talked a lot 17:20 about gold but silver is included in 17:22 that conversation as well do you 17:25 encourage people to put up do you do 17:27 silver on the IRA 17:29 absolutely we 17:30 we we like to set up a basket of metals 17:33 for our clients that makes sense and 17:35 they both have a place depending on your 17:38 investment parameters and the time 17:40 you're looking for towards retirement to 17:42 that's part of the factor we always look 17:44 at you know what's going to best serve 17:46 you but yes 17:47 gold and silver is typically included 17:49 into that basket for my retirement 17:51 account 17:52 Charles any any final thoughts for our 17:54 viewers and how they cannot take 17:56 advantage of your program 17:58 yeah i think the best thing to do is 18:00 call us you know talk with us find out 18:03 if this makes sense for you as an 18:05 organization we were not a pressure 18:07 company we're here to help people that's 18:09 what we focus on and you can see that in 18:11 the reviews of our company but give us a 18:13 call 18:14 that's the best way to find out get the 18:16 information and make an informed 18:18 decision 18:19 that's always the best way to go about 18:20 anything spend the time do a little 18:22 research and then make the decision 18:24 that's right for you 18:25 noise is there value to doing it 18:28 obviously it's important to put a 18:30 percentage of your savings in gold 18:32 ok but with the IMF vote coming up is it 18:36 doesn't put any more pressure on the 18:37 time frame of when people should convert 18:39 it can um there's there's nothing worse 18:44 than saying you know what I was thinking 18:45 about buying metals and now they've gone 18:48 up in price it's important to have them 18:50 so regardless of the price that you get 18:52 when you start you should really get 18:54 protected if you don't have any but no 18:56 one wants to pay more than they need to 18:58 so it really is important give us a call 19:00 now and find out that way you're 19:02 prepared 19:03 you don't want to have to go and you 19:06 know gold right now just a little over 19:07 twelve hundred dollars an ounce 19:09 no need to be paying fourteen fifteen 19:11 hundred dollars an ounce for it 19:12 yeah certainly wouldn't want to take a 19:15 pic but if you can get now so buy low 19:19 sell high that's the mantra of course 19:21 and you can always get the gold yourself 19:24 that's cool you can have it actually 19:25 sharing yourself and in keeping your in 19:27 your own so where do you keep the stuff 19:28 is kept in a safe for what you know for 19:31 the IRA it started a depository it's in 19:33 a segregated account so it's in its own 19:35 box inside the vault 19:37 no one can touch with you wonderful 19:39 alright Charles well thanks for your 19:41 insights especially with the IMF 19:43 vote coming up that is something we 19:46 should all be watching and how 19:48 especially hard on trucks going to play 19:49 you know he's been a wild card since he 19:52 started this election now he's the 19:53 President and we'll see how he responds 19:55 if the United States is dumped as the 19:58 world reserve currency and of course 20:00 Mad Dog Madison Japan and other and of 20:02 course the jobs coming back the United 20:04 States all these things are good but we 20:06 are still on one charted territory right 20:10 now and we're going to continue to watch 20:12 it all so better be safe than sorry 20:15 if you have savings and that worthless 20:19 paper you better act and capture stuff 20:22 converted into gold 20:24 Charles thank you for joining us on this 20:25 program I was my pleasure thank you for 20:28 having us 20:29 alright folks you heard it here the next 20:30 news network that was Charles thorgrin 20:33 with the noble gold investments company 20:35 the link to act is in the description as 20:38 well you can call the number on the 20:40 screen to protect yourself ahead of any 20:43 uncertain future especially the IMF vote 20:46 coming up in April leave your thoughts 20:48 and comments below subscribe for updates 20:51 if you want to find out what's going to 20:52 happen with that IMF vote and of course 20:54 we appreciate it to give us a thumbs up 20:56 if you got something out of this report 20:58 for the next news network and Gary 21:00 franchi you possess the power to impact 21:03 the global manotick please share this 21:06 report and to get more videos like this 21:09 become the next news subscribe by 21:10 clicking the link below thank you for 21:13 watching the next news network

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