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Gerald Celente - Israel Keeps Stealing Land. Blame Iran!

Trends research analysis expert, futurist, keynote speaker, and Institute Director, Gerald Celente is trusted by many large corporations as the foremost authority on trend forecasting, research, and analysis. He is the author of Trends 2000 and publisher of the Trends Journal®. Published and documented evidence proves that his institute has produced the most accurate, timely and comprehensive forecasts. Gerald Celente's extensive range of knowledge and expertise makes him a favorite of major media. They call on him for unique perspectives on the current events forming future trends. He is the world's only analyst who covers 300 diversified trends fields. As the world leader in trend forecasting, Celente, with the combined resources of his trends institute, will analyze ALL the trends affecting you. His presentations and research put your marketplace into perspective and puts you on a proactive path to profit. Each presentation zeroes in on hidden opportunities. Celente delivers strategies to CREATE and accurately TARGET products and services to meet the changing needs of the marketplace. Gerald Celente confers with you and your colleagues to identify your interests and concerns. He analyzes this information and assesses the impact of emerging trends that will affect your industry or profession and give proactive recommendations on how to profit change.

Transcript : over there in 0:28 Europe it's mixed here in the states up 0:32 a little bit oil down fold down the cad 0:36 so what's going on the Dow Jones 0:40 Industrials briefly rose more than a 0:43 hundred points hitting new record highs 0:45 before closing about 40 points higher 0:48 quote we have a pretty good earning 0:51 season so this is a reversal what 0:53 they've been saying calendar 0:55 fourth-quarter earnings have mostly 0:58 surprised analysts with more than 0:59 sixty-five percent of the firm's 1:01 reporting better-than-expected earnings 1:04 according to data from earnings Scout so 1:10 we have positive earnings and about 1:15 another fifty percent of that market is 1:17 about what truck is going to do with 1:20 deregulation and cutting taxes so we 1:24 still have that positive energy flowing 1:26 but you know if he plays that junk car 1:29 that wild God it could bring them down 1:31 and the markets have set up as many 1:34 people are saying for a correction in 1:39 economic news US trade deficit last year 1:43 reached its highest level since 2012 1:48 now let's go back and tie together with 1:50 bringing jobs back to America and 1:54 bringing down our trade deficit so again 1:58 that's positive support and why the 2:02 markets are stay pro Trump let's move on 2:08 to gold and show you the way things are 2:10 shifting this is today's headline from 2:14 The Wall Street Journal meaning its 2:16 reporting on yesterday's news anxious 2:20 investors seek refuge in gold big story 2:25 and that's what we've been saying from 2:27 the very beginning since Trump got 2:29 elected 2:30 yes gold prices have a downside risk but 2:34 they're going to stay as we believe a 2:37 safe-haven asset so we're also seeing 2:42 gold demand down for example 2:44 particularly in india and china 2:47 according to a recent report Chinese net 2:52 gold imports in december we down sixty 2:55 percent from 2015 2:59 meanwhile gold demand in India felt 21.2 3:04 percent in 2016 from a previous year as 3:12 new rules such as those forcing 3:15 customers to disclose their tax codes 3:19 for purchases above 2967 dollars or 3:24 200,000 rupees dampened demand so that's 3:30 what you have going on now keep putting 3:33 it together keep putting the pieces 3:34 together and what do you have a little 3:38 bit more news here at china Bitcoin hits 3:42 one-month high F to drop in China's 3:46 forex reserves Bitcoin jump more than 2% 3:51 Tuesday two day to the highest is 3:54 january fourth amid a surge and 3:56 speculative activity in Chinese 3:59 exchanges after drop in China's foreign 4:03 exchange reserves and foreign exchange 4:06 reserves is now gone under three 4:09 trillion dollars around 200 2.9 trillion 4:14 they're expecting it to go down to about 4:16 2.7 trillion this year it's a very 4:21 important story because Trump keep 4:24 saying China is manipulating its 4:27 currency shine is doing everything that 4:29 they can to prop it up so again we're 4:34 seeing gold slipping a little bit 4:36 the biggest story is bigger than the 4:38 United States because we're looking at 4:41 these chinese 4x numbers and remember 4:44 what happens when the dollar gets 4:46 stronger 4:48 not only does the yuan get weaker all 4:51 those emerging market currencies get 4:54 weaker with it so again going back to 4:57 gold we still maintain it as the 5:00 ultimate safe-haven asset and we're also 5:03 hearing now from fed presidents that 5:05 watch out for March there may be an 5:08 interest rate hike the other important 5:11 elements about interest rate hike 5:13 that's not being talked about on the 5:16 larger scale hate when interest rates go 5:19 up and you gotta pay back that chil 20 5:22 trillion dollar national debt be paying 5:27 it back with higher interest rates and 5:31 not only for the government but all 5:34 those corporations that borrowed that 5:37 cheap money and have deals with those 5:41 interest rates go up they pay more so we 5:45 still see gold for what it is and we 5:48 don't see going much lower again our our 5:52 forecast is 1150 near the bottom so oil 5:57 prices slid after AP hide reports 14.2 6:03 million barrel us crude stockpile 6:06 increase gasoline stocks also rose 6:11 gasoline stockpiles rose by almost 21 6:16 million barrels in the first 27 days of 6:20 2017 compared with average increases of 6:25 less than 12 million barrels same time 6:29 last year and same time last year during 6:35 the previous decade so we're seeing 6:41 what's going on the higher prices go 6:44 we've been talking about this now 6:45 forever 6:46 Morse is going to be produced and it's 6:49 going to offset the decline in output 6:52 coming from OPEC member countries so 6:57 moving on to some other news hey how 7:02 about when he top 10 trends 2017 Silicon 7:07 Valley rustbelt two point oh that's 7:11 right little story is the financial 7:15 times today 7:17 Europe's chance to dominate deep tech 7:21 kept going on and on and on and there 7:27 was a study done by this company called 7:30 atomico report highlights Europe most 7:36 five of the world's top 10 computer 7:39 science institutions there's some 4.7 7:43 million professional developers in 7:45 Europe compared to 4.1 million in the US 7:50 that's only in Europe then is the rest 7:55 of the world place called Asia countries 7:59 like China and South Korea and Japan 8:03 again the mind has no boundaries but the 8:08 mind in the Silicon Valley as we 8:11 reported is caught in a bind very small 8:15 thinking we sort how they lost the 8:18 election to Donald Trump the greatest 8:22 mind the greatest algorithms the 8:25 greatest of the best of the best of the 8:27 silicon valley were pro-clinton and they 8:29 all lost so again here we are atomico 8:36 argued that Europe had a quiet real 8:39 traction in what it termed deep tech 8:42 artificial intelligence robotics virtual 8:45 reality augmented reality and the 8:49 Internet of Things so again it's 8:53 licensed guide to change journal history 8:55 before it happens 8:57 and moving on ensures I untapped can be 9:02 a customer base very important story 9:06 again coming out of the Financial Times 9:07 remember what they did when they called 9:10 in eighty-six percent of the rupee's and 9:13 they're trying to turn it into a 9:14 cashless society now people have bank 9:17 accounts now they're using that Bank 9:20 accounting information to know who the 9:22 people are and to see what they can sell 9:24 them 9:25 it goes back to our working with a core 9:27 of financial we talk about blockchain we 9:31 talk about cashless societies and though 9:35 we do is we forecast the trends and they 9:37 tell you what companies to invest in and 9:40 why and here's an example of the why 9:43 India's radical experiment Andy 9:47 monetizing is providing an opportunity 9:49 for insurance companies to reach a 9:53 customer base that has long proved 9:56 elusive AXA has used the push to get 10:00 more Indians using banks to sign up more 10:03 than 1 million new customers to its 10:06 accident insurance over the past three 10:09 months according to the French ensure 10:12 the plans come as Prime Minister Modi 10:16 announced late last year that he would 10:20 scrap eighty-six percent of India's cash 10:22 supply as part of a plan to nudge people 10:26 towards banks AXA hopes this will allow 10:31 it to get previously unbanked Indians 10:35 used to the concept of insurance 10:37 allowing the group eventually to sell a 10:42 large range of products such as life 10:44 motorbike and health insurance again 10:50 there's more to it than just the outward 10:54 trends are the implications so moving on 10:58 to some global news remember going back 11:01 to the dollar going back to gold going 11:04 back to destabilization going back to 11:07 the Trump victory 11:09 it's that populist movement sweeping 11:11 throughout france and the netherlands 11:14 and germany and italy and other 11:17 countries so now in France as we know 11:20 that guy's full on the fraud was caught 11:23 putting his wife and his children on a 11:26 payroll of almost a million dollars they 11:29 made for doing nothing and that's not 11:31 unique to him in France they do it you 11:34 know it's a rigged system like so many 11:36 others but here's what he has to say it 11:42 was unacceptable in the past no longer 11:44 is mr. Ilan said during a press 11:46 conference at his campaign headquarters 11:48 yesterday quote it was a mistake i 11:53 deeply regret it and apologize to the 11:55 French people you know if that I'm sick 12:04 and tired of these clowns that get 12:07 caught and always say oh it was a 12:10 mistake 12:11 I apologize it it's all a mistake in 12:15 your apologize when you get caught your 12:18 little slime balls and they all do it 12:21 except of course the socio pads that 12:24 declare war and it's never our most 12:27 steak like your Obama your bush in your 12:30 Clinton's it's never a mistake when 12:34 you're sociopaths like Hillary Clinton 12:37 we Came we saw he died he as she says 12:41 when they tell her how did she feel when 12:46 she found out 12:47 Moammar Qaddafi was murdered brutalized 12:51 sodomized with nine 12:52 yeah so anyway the clouds that want to 12:56 keep running 12:57 they apologized for it we have a big 13:01 story developing here and i want to put 13:03 it into context i'm going to read again 13:07 what I've already done the going back 13:09 because tracking trends and 13:11 understanding where we are how we got 13:12 here where we're going to only have to 13:14 go back to Saturday us imposes sanctions 13:17 on iran signaling new approach to quote 13:20 bad behavior that's what 13:22 michael Flynn the president's new 13:24 national sector security adviser called 13:26 it and he said we will no longer 13:28 tolerate her Ron's provocations that 13:31 threaten our interest rate cut sony what 13:34 are our interests that Iran is 13:38 threatening to kill Assad maybe that one 13:41 huh 13:42 no no no I know it's supporting those 13:45 people over there in Lebanon that fight 13:47 against the invasion of Israel 13:50 oh that one oh no I know the one in 13:53 Yemen the United States engines we all 13:55 have it the folks in joplin missouri 13:57 they care about Yemen more than anything 14:00 and in flint michigan more than their 14:02 water so anyway I'm building this to 14:06 show you what's going on 14:07 remember odd yesterday i read defense 14:11 secretary John mad dog mattis said Iran 14:16 was the single biggest state sponsor of 14:18 terrorism in the world and you're hurt 14:20 all they have a little flunkies repeat 14:23 that cheap talking point that the Trump 14:27 administration's throwing out whether 14:29 it's little the poly Ryan all the rest 14:33 of them already monster whatever you 14:36 want to call them another little piece 14:38 of crap talking point Iran now tied 14:42 together Israel Knesset agrees to seize 14:45 Palestinian land they voted on a bill 14:49 that allows the Israeli government 14:50 unilaterally she's land privately owned 14:54 by Palestinians making it state property 14:57 and then transferring the settlers did 14:59 not settlers let's stop this settlement 15:01 crap for little boys and girls they're 15:04 real estate developers how about that 15:06 maybe condominium developers it's real 15:10 estate man I know God was a real estate 15:13 agent the Bible was a land deed let me 15:17 go on the construction of settlements in 15:19 the occupied territory immediate impact 15:22 of the law is directional actively 15:24 legalized some 4,000 israeli settler 15:27 units illegally built on privately owned 15:31 Palestinian land and it doesn't apply to 15:34 us she's 4,000 15:35 in units but to all land owned by 15:38 Palestinians anywhere in Palestine 15:41 original Palestine i forgot goal is 15:45 getting Ashkenazi over there it came 15:47 down to Israel 15:49 yes she said there's no such thing as 15:50 Palestine anyway setting the stage for a 15:53 wholesale dispossession of what land is 15:57 legally owned by the Palestinians and of 15:59 course these quotes settlements are 16:02 illegal illegal under international law 16:06 it's a land-grab and Al and feel so I 16:08 had his Netanyahu comment about this 16:10 he's over there in the UK quote Iran 16:14 seeks to annihilate Israel it says so 16:18 openly it seeks to conquer the Middle 16:20 East 16:21 oh yeah they invaded Olivia now they 16:23 invaded iraq i think it was Afghanistan 16:27 and know all the reports are in Yemen 16:31 they're not supporting the roofies there 16:34 are different sect different tribe no 16:37 evidence at all 16:39 it threatens the West oh yeah I know 16:45 yeah California is really on the threat 16:47 over there 16:48 it threatens the world will all the 16:51 whole world look at the propaganda 16:53 shooting out of this guy's mouth and 16:56 gets away with it and it offers 16:58 provocation after provocation this 17:02 monotony Netanyahu said okay let's try 17:06 the ante Iranian deal together Trump 17:12 Israel settlers get your mind off the 17:17 other issues as we still land and blame 17:21 it on the Iranians remember we're moving 17:25 toward war if they continue in this 17:26 direction but it's your choice you can 17:30 occupy piece will go to war 17:33 this is gerald Celente and had some of 17:34 today's trends in the news

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  1. The problem with Alex jones: indeed, cultivated programmed the same way you program a Manchurian candidate, a secret spy. to spark at the precisely instant. that moment became trump. To have a war fascism Nazism you need two sides, trump side is the angry red shirts, vs the resistance, lefty whom ever. Once they clash the war begins. War is like cooking a nice dish you need different elements you mix them up cook them at a certain temperature wait and the dish is done. Alex jones Manchurian candidate job includes hate wars in Europe as well. Cook and mix with the same principle. The idea of democracy is that the citizens have a critical thinking the problem they do, not. And to obtain critical thinking demands time education and a clear mind, otherwise is war, then peace and them war again. Is called the circle of ignorance if you like? Trump is also part of the dish of war, he acts erratically and misses the critical facts, confuses reality to what are the consequences of reality. One example is trump during the elections and his behavior after the elections his decisions and presidential decrees but more important the selection of his decrees. Shows the conditioning, not only of himself but of the info-wars followers. More precisely the Muslim ban is done precisely to heat up the info-trump warrior’s and Alex is just the loudspeaker.

  2. Celente's a turd that just won't flush!