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#GeorgeSoros Plan to Destroy #Europeans Exposed

Soros is not only a Nazi and war criminal but he also commit crimes AGAINST HUMANITY!!!!

This man is delusional ! The migrant crises is causing more problems in Europe not less ! And of course not a single word about the terror attacks that has killed hundreds of people in Europe so far ! And having a European identity is now considered racist !
He is a Marxist-globalist billionaire intent on murdering millions of people while he profits over their corpses. Didn't this Nazis collaborator profit over the genocide of his own people as well as others and have no guilt or shame over his actions. This man is a dangerous rabid dog with a God complex! Why do the evil people live so long? Perhaps it is because of a kind and long-suffering God giving this atheist bastard every chance to reform--but it's not likely! Putin has put an arrest warrant out on him--maybe his agents will get lucky!

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