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Fed says Americans in for a "Nasty Surprise". Massive Silver Price Rise 2017

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hi guys welcome to the silver report 0:09 today is Wednesday februari first 2017 0:13 goal is currently trading at 1207 0:17 dollars in ten cents Silver's trading at 0:20 seventeen dollars and fifty-two sense we 0:23 have some moves going on and let's get 0:25 into some of the economic news we have 0:27 the head of Washington's new national 0:30 Trade Council announced yesterday that 0:33 is Peter Navarro he called the single 0:35 euro currency this is Trump cinemax he 0:38 called the single euro currency and 0:41 implicit deutsche mark that is grossly 0:44 undervalued unquote he said it enables 0:49 the German structural imbalances and 0:51 trade with the rest of the EU and the 0:54 u.s. they do see that there is an 0:56 imbalance and trade between the rest of 0:58 the EU and germany germany is their 1:01 economic powerhouse it is there creditor 1:04 but it's interesting when you have 1:07 Washington officials coming out and 1:09 saying the central in good news he's 1:12 addressing the fact that the single euro 1:15 currency that there is a disparity 1:17 between countries and they cannot be 1:19 united by one single currency in the EU 1:22 the euro is a problem of the currency 1:27 if I were you suffering some problems 1:30 and woes with all the turmoil that's 1:34 going on in the european union between 1:37 the nation states in other news a dollar 1:41 since yesterday on this news so it is 1:45 also causing the dollar struck a big 1:49 reason for the rise in the price of 1:51 silver the spike in the price we saw 1:53 London wholesale markets all the metal 1:54 shoot up and outperform gold to the tune 1:57 of seventeen dollars fifty cents 1:59 yesterday after this news 2:03 so this is what we're talking about 2:04 these black swans that is a number of 2:07 things that can be said everything that 2:09 our president twitter account just the 2:13 volatility of it while agree it's nice 2:19 to have a president directly with his 2:20 public because the major spelling but 2:24 just the way the news reinterpreted and 2:27 their spin doctors spin doctors and they 2:31 get people all in a friendly but is this 2:33 thomas to the tunes that is good silver 2:35 has now gained nine percent in the 2:37 beginning of the New Year's 2074 up nine 2:42 percent or having a great year so far 2:44 all adding almost another two dollars an 2:47 ounce the volume traded of silver and 2:51 the London bullion market by the 2:53 clearing members has only been larger 2:56 twice in the last 18 years the sharp 3:00 spike april 2006 been in may 2011 3:06 silver trading volume jumped by 3:08 thirty-eight percent compared to only 3:10 nine percent rise and gold large gold 3:13 refined into small kilo bars from 3:16 Switzerland directly to the largest gold 3:18 market China jumped the largest levels 3:21 since 2014 fundamentally growth and 3:28 industrial demand for silver should 3:30 outpace global gdp growth industry next 3:35 year so we are looking at some sharp 3:40 rises coming up for 2017 just said we 3:46 see is backing off now from there 3:48 raising interest rates because they know 3:51 it's impossible to know now that the 3:53 Obama boom propaganda cycle is winding 3:56 down to whisper they know what they're 3:59 doing and and more importantly it will 4:03 be able to get going to crash the 4:04 economy they already solved with their 4:06 announcements percent we don't have 4:08 money to pay back this is that the real 4:10 numbers don't support them 4:12 I gdp with one-point-six percent growth 4:15 is installed America we have slipped 4:18 into a continuous recession we have 4:20 never recovered 4:23 fast amounts of wealth or lost during 4:26 the crash early and we have been in a 4:29 continuous recession we've not rebounded 4:31 they're not making money badly borrowed 4:33 and oceans of money into existence 4:36 someone really not created more so we 4:40 see the set is warning coming out making 4:45 announcements Janet Yellen saying we're 4:47 in for a nasty surprise and quote on 4:51 inflation if the Fed does not raise 4:53 interest rates so they're warning us 4:56 were heading into inflation as you speak 5:00 this is everything to do with these 5:02 countries bleeding out the reserve 5:05 currencies most of US dollars we see 5:09 Iran is dropping the US dollar and this 5:12 is from official state releases and 5:18 they're dropping US dollars for a new 5:19 common foreign currency and this is what 5:22 we've been discussing the danger of the 5:24 petrodollar status of the use of the 5:27 world's reserve currency the US dollar 5:28 this is the only place where it derives 5:31 its value and we saw what happened in 5:35 Syria that is the US the processes with 5:38 the border with Syria and they and they 5:40 lost and made the statement 5:43 Charlotte sighs the scope and he stands 5:47 Russia Cayman to back them up 5:51 he was not going to allow to see one 5:55 more conquered country we saw Olivia 5:58 felt the revolutions and Libya where 6:02 they killed their leader they wanted to 6:03 go back currency and not to use the 6:05 dollar and we saw here this move on 6:11 Syria and Russia Cayman and because the 6:16 operations work over the amount of 6:19 supplies that were necessary to combat a 6:21 full-on country's army well-armed army 6:25 failed and disclose another nail in the 6:32 coffin of the US dollars because this is 6:37 what gives the US dollar its strength 6:39 use military line because countries have 6:43 no choice but to using and so we see our 6:45 brand backing off now they're abandoning 6:48 the use of the US dollar for a new comic 6:51 foreign currency 6:54 it's effective March 21st 2017 the 7:00 agency announcing this have advised them 7:02 to use a currency with a high degree of 7:05 stability so what does that tell you 7:08 about this fiat currency you're holding 7:12 in your pocket portion that he said to 7:15 use either China's currency or the 7:17 country used by the United Arab Emirates 7:20 and now you've seen reports recently how 7:22 sri law has just allowed the use of gold 7:26 as currency of a large amount of wealth 7:29 in the world is derived from oil profits 7:31 in gold is a much more realistic use of 7:38 money for these countries compared to 7:40 the United States which is printing 7:42 money at will it's backed by nothing and 7:45 that's what a lot of people don't 7:46 understand if you look at the global 7:49 currency that's backed by nothing i'm 7:51 reading somebody thought it was backed 7:53 by gold dealers day but when you look at 7:56 Courage's for example the value of 7:59 Silver's derived by the amount of ounces 8:01 compared to the amount of demand it's 8:03 largely actually buy the paper markets 8:06 we hear about paper markets oppressions 8:08 x shares additive which make the actual 8:12 price lower than what the supply-demand 8:16 racial is 8:18 now in US currency there is the supply 8:22 there is the use if you increase the 8:26 supplies you can create paper shares 8:28 than for example if you have a pie 8:33 one-twentieth of a pie you have applied 8:37 that you're going to be one twentieth of 8:40 the total if you add in if you cut those 8:44 in half drops about fifty percent value 8:46 overnight and also you have 145 that you 8:50 still hold so it is just literally a 8:56 unit because you're born in America use 8:58 a dollar your whole life that's all 9:00 you've ever seen or known you work for 9:02 you spend it and really it's hard to 9:05 understand you take a step back and look 9:06 at the world currently the way the world 9:08 operates because they all use different 9:10 currencies and it's because it's fiat 9:13 it's literally a face system it's 9:16 literally just what people say it has 9:21 value and when you can somebody has 9:24 control of the ability to create more 9:26 the people holding their pieces of pie 9:30 begin to get hungry and to wonder why 9:33 their pieces getting smaller so it's not 9:35 a favorable situation and we see Iran 9:37 here who's a strong ally of Russia is 9:42 backing up and using the US dollars 9:44 we're going to see the waterfall from 9:46 this taking place i really get oil 9:48 revenues and US dollars 40 1 billion 9:51 dollars exchanging that volume for other 9:54 currencies a significant risk to the US 9:57 dollar's value and increasing the volume 9:59 of currency to hyperinflation so we have 10:02 Janet yellen's in the federal reserve 10:04 thing that we need to keep our eyes open 10:06 for inflation in fact he said word for a 10:08 nasty surprise 10:10 the woman said you are able for a nasty 10:13 surprise and now we have these 10:15 announcements by the Iranian government 10:17 that they are dropping the US dollars 10:20 and the oil revenues so the best way to 10:24 hedge against inflation is to prepare to 10:26 buy silver put it away to store your 10:29 money in something inflation when the 10:32 value of the dollar decreases inflation 10:35 sentence the fact that the value of 10:37 metals rises and comparative to the US 10:41 dollar so you'll be able to preserve 10:44 purchasing power when that pie gets 10:47 smaller the the amount of silver that 10:50 can be purchased is it just because it 10:53 comes more of those pieces so it's the 10:58 best way to be able to protect yourself 11:00 through this time we're going through 11:01 some very difficult times and we are 11:02 going to be seeing other countries in 11:05 the Middle East begin to move away from 11:07 these currencies mobile with the dollar 11:10 in particular is we see a weakening 11:12 American influence around the world and 11:15 it's going to cost war like I said most 11:19 of these wars just turned on by the 11:21 dollar and we don't even realize it 11:24 because making sure more investors are 11:27 holding dollars keeps the values what it 11:30 is 11:31 everybody want to go and press sell on 11:33 the US dollar all at once we would have 11:35 all of those shares or dollar bills come 11:38 flying back to this country 11:41 and you will see what you thought was 11:43 invaluable this is the reason you go in 11:45 the grocery store and what used to cost 11:46 you twenty dollars for a bag full of 11:48 groceries couple bags of groceries now 11:50 it cost you a hundred and fifty dollars 11:52 to leave the store with groceries for 11:53 the week so we're going to see this 11:56 paper slides back to the country and all 11:59 of a sudden this Fiat paper current CD 12:02 is called the US dollars today will drop 12:06 dramatically and its purchasing power to 12:09 preserve this is good to take something 12:10 sent away for your family now buy gold 12:14 by silver I storable foods get fresh 12:17 water you live in the city if you live 12:19 out in the country or near streams by 12:21 some water-purification where you can 12:23 filter high-volume I was going to have a 12:27 lifestraw nearby but thank you guys so 12:32 much for joining me if you like to 12:34 content be sure to subscribe to get more 12:35 videos just like this like the videos 12:38 share guys get the word out 12:40 I really appreciate all you guys 12:42 stopping by and watching the videos and 12:45 thank you so much for joining me Stace 12:48 hey guys thanks for joining me again I 12:50 told you a special coming up so what 12:53 we're going to do i just got a nice 12:54 package in the mail to branding 2017 12:59 they impose their love these coins what 13:03 a beautiful coin 13:05 oh I guess you're wondering about the 13:08 trial of the video that right this is 13:13 silly stuff everywhere guys and I think 13:16 your details beginning so good and so 13:18 many subscribers i thought it was time 13:21 to give a little tough to back to my 13:22 heart so for every person 13:26 subscribe all you have to do guys is 13:31 common on three different videos the 13:36 message free silver suddenly and for 13:40 everybody 13:41 hi Sebastian free silver februari in 13:44 three different videos you three videos 13:46 the sentence for a chance to win one of 13:50 the friending over the a.m tables 13:55 bringing never touched that he would 13:58 have probably since they've been 14:00 dragging spot the points 14:05 and then your guys aren't a shipment so 14:09 if you want to partake in the contest is 14:11 he would be subscribed I can free silver 14:14 februari hungary i'm going to be even 14:16 sweeter every three videos you post that 14:21 confidence your expectations so there's 14:23 no thats the only member of the amount 14:25 of videos because it's got to be on 14:26 three separate video 14:28 all right now because even sweeter since 14:31 the child is doing so well guys if 14:34 you're new to this channel we talked a 14:37 little bit about politics a little bit 14:39 about the current economic crisis were 14:42 facing that they're trying to ignore its 14:46 kind of one of those fake news is one of 14:50 you 14:51 so this one is being guys and so it's 14:54 been doing so that if we subtract 1000 14:56 subscribers which i'm assuming we love 14:58 the current rates will blow tax act 15:00 before the end dates february's 27 2015 15:04 i'm going to double it he hit two ounces 15:08 of silver and even more than that after 15:10 only five mercury dimes absolutely free 15:14 ok we're going to do the drawing live 15:18 God good old-fashioned pull things out 15:20 of a half you know what I mean 15:22 so here's your can decide if you want to 15:24 enter in 15:25 it's not that difficult for all my 15:27 audience on my face with subscribers 15:29 everyone who subscribed all your comment 15:32 is free number of regulars and your end 15:34 all right thank you guys for joining me 15:37 magic effective January talking started 15:40 2017 15:42 let the games begin

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