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BOMBSHELL: Report on Why Flynn REALLY Resigned …Iran Involved… We’re in Trouble.

Transcript : bombshell report on why Michael Flynn 0:11 really designed Iran was involved which 0:15 means that we're really in trouble much 0:18 of the political world is shocked by the 0:21 sudden resignation of data Trump's 0:23 national security adviser michael Flynn 0:26 from the administration ostensibly the 0:29 result of having been exposed for having 0:32 live to vice president Mike Pence about 0:35 content of a phone call 0:38 Flynn had with a restaurant ambassador 0:40 before term singulation exposed bikes 0:44 from anonymous sources in the executive 0:46 branch according to pete by a lake of 0:50 Bloomberg that explanation for general 0:54 mikaelsons unexpected departure only 0:57 three weeks into Trump's new 0:58 administration is used rather skeptical 1:01 by some instead of simple 1:04 miscommunications and alleged lies to 1:06 cover such a stick 1:08 it's been surmise it is some circles 1:11 assume just didn't just fell victim to a 1:13 political information for unquote is a 1:17 political assassination effort launched 1:19 by holdovers and loyalists of the 1:21 administration of former president 1:24 brocco bala there's a lot of like weeks 1:27 like this been going on lately and of 1:29 course president from set that he had to 1:31 fire the Obama staff from the White 1:34 House we don't know why he's taking so 1:36 long 1:37 so this is what has been quoted 1:40 explained California representative 1:43 David news 1:44 he says there's a there does appear to 1:46 be a well orchestrated effort to attack 1:48 Lynn and others in the administration 1:50 from the leaking of phone calls between 1:54 the president and four meters to what 1:56 appears to be high level 1:58 SI ça court information to the leaking 2:01 of American citizens being denied 2:03 security clearances 2:04 it looks like a pattern and quote no one 2:08 said that while Flynn maybe the prime 2:11 target for those intent of sabotaging 2:13 the tub administration after all that's 2:16 what Loeb list 2:17 George Soros is out to do as well as 2:20 president barack obama noon says that he 2:26 is he's not the only one being targeted 2:28 that is clearly is not the only one 2:31 being targeted White House counselor 2:33 Kelly antalya said the previous post 2:35 could also lead someone in danger or 2:39 white house strategist even-steven baton 2:41 or chief of staff rice Priebus first its 2:45 lid next it'll be Kellyanne Conway then 2:48 it will be seen that and there will be 2:49 prorated Ryan's previous this is what 2:52 lunes explains indeed such as a message 2:55 guarded by the alternative three beacons 2:58 by interviews with multiple and on the 3:01 sources inside and outside of the 3:03 lighthouse regarding former Obama 3:06 administration officials and when i was 3:08 working quietly from within the White 3:10 House to sabotage and handicap from 3:13 agenda 3:15 well what is taking so long these people 3:17 should never been allowed to be there 3:19 obviously this is really getting really 3:22 bad because of their least sabotaging 3:25 Trump every single day it was believed 3:27 that the effort to take down 3:29 michael Flynn was led by former Obama 3:32 adviser Ben Rhodes largely due to flip 3:35 open opposition to the Iran nuclear deal 3:38 and plans to expose the hidden detailed 3:41 a deal that Rose was instrumental in 3:44 arranging and security back in 2015 the 3:49 study daily trip of leaks over the past 3:52 weeks and months regarding Flint Lynch 3:55 ties to Russia are believed to have 3:58 emanated from a veritable task force on 4:01 quote set up in the shadows of 4:04 administration so this could be part of 4:06 the shadow government taking down truck 4:09 so this shadow administration in the 4:12 White House is shorted executive branch 4:15 agencies 4:16 by roads and others one veteran of the 4:19 National Security Advisor eating told 4:21 the freebie committee was undeniable 4:23 that there have been a campaign to 4:26 discredit slim that began even before 4:29 concentration of ways to campaign that 4:32 seemed similar to the company to sell 4:34 the Arab deal which probably features 4:36 the same cast of characters it cook the 4:41 drumbeat of weeks of sensitive material 4:44 related to General Lee has been building 4:46 since he was named his position last 4:49 night was not the result of a series of 4:52 random events the president has lost a 4:54 valuable advisor and we need to make 4:56 sure this sort of thing does not happen 4:58 again and coat 5:00 well maybe we should just get rid of all 5:03 those former down the stock employees 5:05 the White House that's one way to get 5:07 rid of the week's the biggest trouble in 5:10 the American public's trust is the 5:12 administration around the White House 5:14 sources totally beacon quote the larger 5:18 issue that should trouble the American 5:19 people is the far-reaching power of 5:22 unknown unelected operatic in the 5:25 intelligence community deciding for 5:27 themselves both who serves in government 5:30 and what is an acceptable policy they 5:32 will allow the elected representatives 5:34 of people to pursue and quote this is 5:37 what a national security council 5:39 officials stated he also added to decide 5:43 the issue of fling himself that nameless 5:46 faceless bureaucrats were able to take 5:49 out a president's national security 5:50 advisor they started a campaign of 5:53 innuendos without evidence should worry 5:55 every American Flair has been the target 5:59 of leftover since he was forced out 6:01 about administration and began to 6:03 criticize the former president's 6:05 policies its well-known and onion siders 6:08 that exposing the rank deal was at the 6:11 top of linkage end up and the new 6:13 administration 6:15 quote the Obama administration you that 6:18 in was going to release the secret 6:20 documents around here and deal which 6:23 would blow up there mix that it was a 6:24 good deal that rolls back here and this 6:27 is what a congressional aide with into 6:30 acknowledges fight over the random deal 6:32 told deccan and he added so in December 6:35 the Obama NFC started we're going to 6:39 work with their favorite reporter 6:40 selectively leaking damaged and 6:43 incomplete information about general 6:45 michael Flynn after Trump was 6:48 inaugurated some of those people stated 6:50 and some began working from the outside 6:52 and they cooperated to keep undermining 6:55 President Donald Trump last night 6:59 resignation was their first major win 7:01 but i will let the trunkpeople get 7:03 serious about cleaning house it will not 7:05 be last and quote well of course they've 7:10 got a clean house 7:11 indeed it is well past time for trumpet 7:14 previous 216 house throughout the 7:16 executive branch to summarily dismissed 7:19 any obama holds over in the White House 7:21 staff or part of Europe press that are 7:24 seeking to sabotage takedown president 7:27 Trump and his team won by one if need be 7:31 and that seems to be what they're doing 7:34 so this is not conservative to review 7:36 how he feels

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