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ANONYMOUS - This Is What They've Been Hiding From You

we are anonymous 0:19 most of the world the political left in 0:22 particular was blindsided by the results 0:24 of the 2016 election to say that some 0:27 are having a hard time coming to terms 0:29 with the word president Trump and what 0:31 the next four to eight years will bring 0:33 would be an understatement 0:35 those who told you that a trump 0:37 presidency was impossible were quick to 0:39 remix their pre-election narratives 0:41 framing the Donald as something of a 0:43 Hitler 2.0 and attempting to position 0:45 themselves as leaders of a new 0:47 resistance self-reflection is still off 0:50 the table on the other end of the 0:52 spectrum you have those who took Trump's 0:54 promises at face value and to actually 0:56 believe he will make America great again 0:58 proclaiming the dawn of a new age of 1:00 conservatism as the stock market rose to 1:03 record highs before he actually took 1:05 office both sides are utterly unprepared 1:08 for what's coming 1:09 let's just cut to the chase is trumped 1:12 going to usher in a new era of 1:13 prosperity and innovation or is he going 1:16 to be the one standing in the center 1:17 ring when the circus tent comes down to 1:20 remember some voted for Trump as a 1:22 political lot of cocktail Trump is a 1:24 businessman you say he's going to make 1:27 things happen 1:28 cut taxes because regulation investor 1:31 trillion dollars in infrastructure 1:33 including a generous well punish 1:35 companies that move factories overseas 1:37 rebuild the military wrist or relations 1:41 with Russia start a trade war with China 1:43 and you know a new arms race would 1:45 create jobs there's a lot to unpack 1:48 there and those are debates worth having 1:51 however much of this hinges on a 1:52 variable that Trump doesn't control the 1:55 federal reserve the federal reserve has 1:57 held interest rates near zero for close 2:00 to a decade they also engaged in 2:02 quantitative easing from 2009 to 2014 2:06 accumulating four point five trillion 2:08 dollars worth of mortgage-backed 2:10 securities and treasury notes they are 2:12 still holding those assets by the way 2:14 this inflated stock and bond market 2:16 bubbles of historic proportions when a 2:19 friendly faces in the White House 2:21 crashes are typically attributed to a 2:23 war a terrorist attack or some other 2:26 external variable for example 911 which 2:29 mask the unraveling of the tech bubble 2:31 in 2001 the Trump administration however 2:35 is an excuse in another self word is the 2:38 set is leading towards increasing 2:39 interest rates aggressively in 2017 and 2:43 may engage in any inflationary measures 2:45 to offset Trump infrastructure stimulus 2:48 plan that means that the flow of money 2:50 and credit is about to be tightened it 2:52 also means the Fed is setting itself up 2:54 for a showdown is Trump place by the 2:57 rules you will have to wait until 2018 3:00 to replace Janet Yellen a lot can happen 3:02 within that timeframe Trump's 3:05 personality is a wild card 3:07 he's impulsive he fights dirty she 3:09 fights to win 3:11 he also happens to have a history with 3:13 organized cried if Trump goes to war 3:16 with the Federal Reserve this could get 3:17 out of hand and ways that most can't 3:19 even imagine especially when geopolitics 3:22 are factored and as a result the US 3:24 dollars position as the world reserve 3:26 currency is going to be in play 3:28 add to that backdrop a little social 3:30 unrest on the domestic front its recent 3:33 history serves as any indicator we can 3:35 count on seeing some kind of racially 3:37 charged flashpoint involving the police 3:39 during the Trump administration probably 3:42 before 2017 is over it's also fairly 3:46 safe to say given recent history that 3:49 some of these protests will turn violent 3:50 and destructive the trend has been 3:53 towards escalation having Trump in 3:55 charge will take this to a new level 3:57 Trump ran on a platform of law and order 3:59 and support for the police which 4:02 piggybacked on the perception that over 4:04 my was undermining law enforcement 4:06 during his term in spite of the fact 4:08 that help them greatly accelerated the 4:10 militarization of the police just the 4:12 police that Trump has their back 4:14 is going to influence the police 4:16 response there going to be more 4:18 confident more aggressive and of Trump 4:21 offers even so much as a word of 4:22 encouragement they will go into full 4:24 crack down mode which would of course 4:26 throw gasoline on a fire these tensions 4:29 have the potential of spinning out of 4:31 control especially in the context of an 4:33 economic countered and again Trump's 4:36 personality is a wild-card Trump is also 4:39 about to inherit thanks to obama and 4:41 bush the most extensive and 4:43 technologically advanced surveillance 4:44 apparatus world has ever seen 4:47 Obama expanded the NSA's powers even 4:49 after Trump won by the way the power to 4:52 order extrajudicial assassination is any 4:54 way in the world and a military which 4:56 has been authorized by the NDA day to 5:00 detain anyone anywhere including US 5:03 citizens indefinitely without trial to 5:06 top it off 5:07 Trump is filling his administration with 5:09 former generals some was calm down in 5:11 counterinsurgency experience he has 5:14 everything he needs to implement a 5:16 full-fledged military dictatorship and 5:18 the left has no one to blame but 5:20 themselves 5:21 Trump did not however start off on a 5:24 good foot with the alphabet soup 5:25 agencies he has an enemy contingent in 5:28 the deep state which wants to take them 5:30 down and has the means to do this 5:32 replacing upper management won't be 5:34 enough to neutralize this threat these 5:36 agencies have black budgets and 5:38 off-the-books programs that define 5:40 accountability and lots of experience 5:43 toppling upstart regimes failure to rein 5:45 them in to be fatal 5:47 the most important trap however will be 5:49 on the geopolitical front years of 5:51 backing Sunni jihadist in Syria failed 5:54 to NC the sock and Trump has how to 5:56 reverse US policy Israel was openly 5:59 supporting the Sunni axis they wanted a 6:01 full-frontal regime change in both Syria 6:04 and Iran for many years but the 6:06 aelderman administration tied their 6:08 hands then Russia step and tip the 6:10 balance and the Shiite Crescent not only 6:13 survived but grew stronger israeli / 6:16 Sunni access needs another path to war 6:18 so they're changing tech on January 6:21 thirteenth 2017 just seven days from the 6:25 inauguration Israel bond 6:27 Syrian government airport this provides 6:29 a glimpse of the years to come 6:31 Israel strategy is simple provoke Syria 6:34 and Iran until one of them retaliates 6:36 which would of course provide cover to 6:39 take territory 6:40 turkey is likely to make another move in 6:42 Iraq and or Syria as well 6:44 Turkey has ambitions to expand its 6:46 borders as well while these bodies 6:48 continue nomming German to rebel with US 6:50 government support Israel field 6:53 confident that Trump will defend him at 6:55 all costs 6:56 indeed he has given this impression but 6:58 will he take the bait here Russia is a 7:00 wild card 7:02 what happens is Russia moves quickly to 7:03 provide Syria and Iran with the means of 7:05 defending themselves what happens when 7:08 Putin and Netanyahu are competing for 7:10 Trump's here with all the other 7:12 variables in play will trump even have a 7:14 means to influence the outcome in this 7:16 region expect alliances in the Middle 7:18 East to shift rapidly during the Trump 7:20 years with an expected consequences in 7:23 particular watch for a play on oil that 7:26 undermines the petro dollar making 7:28 America great again was never on the 7:30 menu Trump wasn't supposed to win he was 7:33 supposed to be the decoy this was 7:35 reality television does politics 7:37 literally the Democrats thought he was 7:39 so bad that he would take attention off 7:41 of Hillary's baggage so the Clinton 7:44 campaign pull strings with their friends 7:46 in the media to help him in the 7:47 primaries we notice thanks to the John 7:50 posted email leaks we need to be 7:52 elevating the piper candidates Trump 7:55 Cruz Carson so that they are leaders of 7:58 the pack and tell depressed to take them 8:00 seriously the DNC and their corporate 8:03 media lackeys then work to marginalize 8:06 that Bernie Sanders campaign and use the 8:08 secret agreement backed by leverage to 8:11 prevent him from attacking Clinton this 8:13 was confirmed by the key and female 8:15 leaks 8:16 oops you can't control a lot of cocktail 8:20 so get your popcorn and buckle up the 8:22 show is about to begin then 8:46 but we later realized that whoever does 8:50 become president whether it's trump 8:52 Sanders and Hillary Clinton in the end 8:56 nothing will stop us or the citizens of 8:59 the United States from the inevitable be 9:02 a statewide uprisings mass protests or 9:05 revolution if America ever does have a 9:08 revolution be at one of blood 9:11 we will survive the eve intended spring 9:13 we will survive the even end of summer 9:15 we will survive the even end of autumn 9:17 we will survive the even end of winter 9:20 but at what cost a violent revolution 9:23 will only destroy the very fabric the 9:25 founding fathers fought and struggles so 9:28 indefinite able to place 9:30 however if America has a bloodless 9:32 revolution 9:33 not only will it United masses the 9:36 citizens of other nations will see this 9:38 as a possible and realistic choice if 9:41 the citizens of the United States do 9:43 decidedly deploy a bloodless revolution 9:45 but will stop the citizens from other 9:49 countries from rising up to their own 9:50 petty system by no means is this a call 9:53 to arms nor are we declaring war against 9:56 the United States government we are only 9:59 conveying a message to the masses the 10:01 citizens of America like others who have 10:04 rose up against the system RK nations 10:07 for justice and as we all know America's 10:10 policies affect the globe on the grand 10:12 stage but one has to question what event 10:15 decision or action will be US government 10:19 take which will alert the masses of the 10:21 corrupted body that is the US government 10:23 who will leave this revolution who will 10:26 counter it will we have a revolution of 10:28 the trail in his power struggle like the 10:31 lost revolution in the Arab world many 10:33 will not bother to contemplate this and 10:36 will only find it is not even Ludacris 10:38 some will go far as to say that 10:40 revolutions will never exist anymore is 10:43 a revolution in America truly needed 10:45 right now 10:47 the answer lies within you if it does or 10:48 does not until the majority of the 10:51 masses are not able to striving becoming 10:53 what they want to be in life 10:54 it is in that moment where they will 10:56 write and fight against the system so it 10:59 has to be asked how many more martyrs 11:02 will there be 11:03 how many more voices will have to perish 11:05 with the US citizen Rita noticin care 11:07 until we see sliding with one another 11:10 over the non-essential until we see our 11:13 sin excels we will never see the light 11:15 at the end of the tunnel until then 11:17 however we are nothing more and nothing 11:20 less than slaves and animals yet we are 11:24 also not blind 11:25 we are fully aware of the mitigating 11:27 steps the United States government takes 11:29 to ensure the trust between the people 11:31 is balanced there is interaction with 11:34 these depth of the direction are too 11:36 small and too slow 11:39 such a question however is too early to 11:42 state since our next president is right 11:44 around the corner the fee or she does 11:47 not deliver or fulfill the policy they 11:50 are intended to bring it will be safe to 11:52 say that the current government is no 11:53 longer functional our economy will 11:56 further destabilize our representatives 11:58 will be hailed as unto operated and our 12:01 systems will be destroyed for over a 12:04 decade voting was useless when it comes 12:07 to you as ground corporations and 12:10 lobbyists are the true leaders of this 12:11 country and other ones with the power to 12:13 control our lives 12:15 nevertheless to rebuild our government 12:18 we must first destroy it 12:20 our time for democracy is here our time 12:23 for real changes here we call upon the 12:25 citizens of the United States to stand 12:28 beside us in overthrowing this corrupted 12:30 body and call upon a new era our 12:33 allegiances to those who fought 12:34 tirelessly for justice because they are 12:37 us and we are them 12:39 this operation will be engaged when the 12:42 citizens of the united states begin to 12:44 rise against the government which does 12:46 not hold its democratic values against 12:49 the government that does not listen to 12:51 its people against the government which 12:53 only intends to fulfill its own agenda 12:56 against the government in my only 12:58 functions behind closed doors and 13:00 against the government which sensor 13:02 dissidence we are the common citizen we 13:05 will never forgive we will never forget 13:08 to the United States government and to 13:11 the empires of the world we are not 13:13 terrorists 13:14 we are anonymous we are not criminals 13:17 we are the messengers of the light 13:19 therefore we declare our right on this 13:22 earth to be a man to be a human being to 13:26 be respected as a human being to be 13:29 given the rights of human being in this 13:31 society on this earth in this day which 13:35 we intend to bring into existence 13:37 anything 13:41 [Applause] 13:45 resulting in a unique situation with of 13:51 life 13:52 oh yes they have never had a bloodless 13:56 revolution are not even Halloween 14:04 [Applause] 14:08 you don't have a ranging what you got 14:11 your energy and you don't look you're 14:14 making great 14:15 it's another quite thankful to integrate 14:17 you can cook revolution going to learn 14:23 I really losing a blade but America is 14:28 going to speak with this 14:29 he's the only transient and Prevention 14:33 exporting to become involved in a block 14:37 rather forgot directing level good 14:42 training ground cumin review your email 14:49 and more bloody million American 14:51 Revolution was any reference we can be 14:55 coming down to the revolution 14:57 [Music] 15:10 the worldwide revolution going on 15:22 it goes beyond Mississippi because 15:24 beyond Alabama taught me how 15:26 what if it's revolting against our the 15:31 American being professional and power 15:39 an international 15:43 [Music] 15:47 we are opposed around the world by a 15:52 monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that 15:55 relies primarily on covert means for 15:58 expanding its sphere of influence it is 16:02 a system which has conscripted vast 16:04 human and material resources into the 16:08 building of a tightly knit highly 16:10 efficient machine that combines military 16:13 diplomatic intelligence economic 16:17 scientific and political operations its 16:21 preparations are concealed not published 16:23 its mistakes are buried not headlined it 16:28 decided to silence not trade mobilize 16:33 their together spins holes filled with 16:36 your medicine the little cooperate with 16:39 the government not accept the national 16:41 AV cars do everything in your power to 16:43 restore freedom and your individuality 16:46 going to America starting a country run 16:49 by the situation sporting competitions 16:52 let's go back to the people by the 16:54 people for the people i supposed to read 16:57 institution by institution for you 17:00 stop being scared to stand up and do 17:02 what's necessary to take that 17:04 something's ranking leave government 17:07 full of lies constant flow why 17:11 a drop down against the war we are 17:13 resisting an occupation we want to risk 17:14 our life for wii for the support and 17:17 defend the Constitution of the United 17:18 States of America but we found out the 17:20 hard way that the greatest enemies of 17:22 the Constitution are not to be found in 17:25 the stands some far-off land rather 17:27 right care at all when it's just this 17:33 becomes love with distance becomes duty 17:36 it's time we started meeting a friend 17:39 with resistance 17:43 Chad nut you manage market devotion to 17:51 America it today as it always has been 17:54 resistance of journey 17:57 [Music] 18:00 and with this we will we will not be 18:04 silent 18:05 we will not obey you will not let our 18:07 government destroy humanity we will not 18:09 wait another moment in fear to stand up 18:11 for what we know to be right it's time 18:14 we started meeting oppression with 18:16 resistance northwood explain reflect my 18:23 connection to the Joint Chiefs of Staff 18:24 signed a document planning on having 18:28 fake attacks on American civilians and 18:30 slamming on Cuban go to the world to 18:32 we're going to Florida trolling jetliner 18:36 they're going to send a jet into the air 18:37 and blow it up 18:38 oh my they blame the Cuban for get us 18:41 the world having pick axe the operation 18:50 of the Machine becomes make yourselves 18:54 to get away but you can take part you 18:57 can't even find somebody take part and 18:59 you've got to put your body upon mcdeere 19:01 department we probably their commanders 19:05 and you've got to make it stop 19:06 and you've got the win the case of 19:08 people wanting to be parted 19:10 your brain is working on that homework 19:13 and I served with steel company through 19:17 tiny brains as an automatic machine 19:20 there's a term watching always brings 19:24 there's also the term eat the apple at 19:27 the course I don't work hoard 3i took an 19:36 oath to defend the Constitution deposit 19:40 church is taken to completely fitting 19:44 shirt and I guarantee you are you tell 19:46 dog is running the country to defend the 19:51 Constitution to get the point 19:53 ok i'm sick of Jules you know about 19:58 Nicholas you know they're using up their 20:01 stockings dry and they are destroying 20:06 he pushes not be afraid bigger council's 20:16 of government we must guard against the 20:19 acquisition of unwarranted influence 20:21 whether sought or unsought by the 20:24 military-industrial complex the 20:27 potential for the disastrous rise of 20:30 misplaced power exists and will persist 20:32 we must never let the weight of this 20:35 combination endanger our liberties or 20:37 democratic processes

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