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ANONYMOUS - how the 1%, steals the wealth of the 99%

we live under an economical system 0:21 that transfer the wells from the people 0:23 to the pockets of the elites sadly most 0:26 of the population are still unaware of 0:29 how the one percent are looting the rest 0:32 of us 0:33 it's for this reason that in this video 0:35 I will reveal few of the many ways in 0:38 which the New World Order elites are 0:41 discreetly extracting our wealth and the 0:44 fact of the matter is that every 0:46 Thursday refusal on both the Democratic 0:48 and the Republican side of the aisle to 0:50 acknowledge the mathematical problems 0:52 which is that of the United States of 0:54 America is being extracted it's being 0:57 extracted through banking it's being 0:58 extracted through trade and it's being 1:00 extracted through taxation and there's 1:02 not a single politician that a step for 1:04 Susan to be with that we could live in a 1:07 world where the country's could issue 1:09 their own money three of interests but 1:12 instead a private banking cartel through 1:16 Wars threats bribes and murders have 1:20 taken over the issuance of currency 1:22 turning money into debt and demanding it 1:25 to be paid back with interest that means 1:28 an important part of the taxes you pay 1:30 we wouldn't need to be paid if your 1:33 government could issue its own money 1:35 free of interest 1:36 it's expected that in the next 10 years 1:39 united states will have to pay more than 1:41 for trillions and interests 1:43 can you imagine all the things that us 1:46 could build with all this money the 1:48 interests are the weapons of bankers 1:50 used to steal our wells and bank with 1:52 our nation's in the test two US 1:55 President Kennedy and lincoln gave the 1:58 power to issue money to the Congress but 2:01 they both got killed in their reform 2:03 avoided at all this stuff defense just 2:05 shouldn't exist you believe the same 2:07 thing with the first reason is it's not 2:14 authorized in the Constitution so it's 2:16 not illegal institution the second 2:18 reason is an immoral institution because 2:20 we have delivered to a secret body the 2:23 privilege of creating money out of thin 2:25 air if you are i did it would be called 2:27 counterfeiters why we legalize 2:29 counterfeiting central banks are private 2:32 corrupt and non-transparent institutions 2:35 will use their power to issue money to 2:38 enrich themselves and their close 2:41 friends 2:42 why should society give the power to 2:44 create something as important as 2:45 currency to a private institution which 2:48 is accountable to anyone 2:50 isn't that stupid let's see what kind of 2:53 things occur when you let this happen to 2:56 have a copy of the inspector general act 2:58 here in front of me and says among other 3:00 things that it's your responsibility to 3:01 conduct a supervisor or investigations 3:04 relates the programs and operations of 3:06 your agency that's correct 3:07 so I'm asking you if your agency has in 3:09 fact according to bloomberg extended 3:11 nine trillion dollars in credit which by 3:13 the way works out of thirty thousand 3:15 dollars every single man woman and child 3:17 in this country 3:18 I'd like to know if you're not 3:20 responsible for investigating that 3:22 who is we actually we have 3:27 responsibility for the Federal Reserve's 3:30 programs and operations audits to 3:32 conduct audits and investigations in 3:34 that area 3:36 in terms of who's responsible for 3:39 investigating repeating the question 3:42 what have you done to investigate the 3:47 off-balance sheet transactions conducted 3:49 by the Federal Reserve which according 3:51 to bloomberg now total nine trillion 3:53 dollars in the last eight months i'll 3:57 have to look specifically at bloomberg 3:59 article is i'm not i don't know if i 4:03 have actually seen that particular one 4:05 that's not the point 4:06 the question is have you done any 4:08 investigation auditing of off-balance 4:10 sheet transactions conducted but the 4:12 reserve at this point where it's a very 4:15 we're conducting our living facility 4:16 project at a fairly high level have not 4:18 gotten to a specific level of the Celtic 4:21 really in a position to respond to your 4:23 questions have you conducted any 4:25 investigation or ordering of the losses 4:28 that the experience on its wondering 4:31 since December we're still in the 4:35 process of conducting that review until 4:36 we actually go out and gather the 4:40 information I'm not in a position to 4:41 respond specifically question are you 4:45 telling you that nobody suppose there 4:46 was keeping track on a regular basis of 4:49 the losses that encourage what is now a 4:52 two trillion dollar portfolio 4:54 I don't know if you're telling me that 4:58 they're you're mentioning that there's 4:59 losses under we're not until we actually 5:03 look at the program and have the 5:06 information you're not in a position to 5:08 say whether they're often for responding 5:10 to the other way 5:12 mr. chairman my time is up but i have to 5:15 tell you honestly I'm shocked to find 5:16 out that nobody's the Federal Reserve 5:18 including inspector general is keeping 5:20 track of us another way in which the 5:23 central bank's extract the wealth of the 5:25 people is too controlling the monetary 5:28 policies through regulating the ease of 5:31 credit the money supply the interest 5:34 rates the banks can create period of 5:36 expansion and recession and it's during 5:39 this economic downturns when most of 5:41 debtors cannot pay back their debts and 5:44 have their assets confiscated by the 5:46 banks 5:47 that's one of the reasons why during 5:49 recessions the rich get richer and the 5:52 poor get poorer people thought that 5:55 maybe this class might be an opportunity 5:58 to sort of redress problem then and that 6:01 things will get more fair and then the 6:02 rich will get less rich and thought but 6:04 in fact usually when financial collapse 6:07 with the depressions happened 6:08 historically the banks that come out on 6:12 top 6:13 wind up getting a lot stronger than they 6:15 ever were 6:16 the rich who are not interested actually 6:18 hold dec-end can squeeze because they 6:22 have the means to be able to exclude and 6:24 I think it's much much richer in there 6:26 now you know I think about all the 6:28 footboard of proposals out there there's 6:31 the public maybe another 4 million home 6:33 waiting to go into foreclosure 6:36 that's gonna be somebody's property it's 6:38 not going to be four million 6:39 one of the biggest problems we have 6:41 nowadays it's that our government who 6:44 are controlled by the financial Elliot 6:46 created multi-system quality that allow 6:50 the big banks and corporations to evade 6:52 paying taxes and stash their money 6:54 offshore the amount of money hidden his 6:57 mind blowing a 2012 report from text 7:01 Justice Network estimated that there was 7:03 between 20 and 30 to trillions of 7:06 dollars stashed intex havens it's 7:09 appalling this government allow this to 7:11 happen 7:12 can you imagine all the things that 7:13 could be built if this wealth was 7:16 invested in the real economy in fact a 7:19 foreign governments are becoming so poor 7:21 and the source to cut down on social 7:23 expenses and privatize public services 7:26 it's in part because the world of our 7:29 nation's is being extracted by the 7:30 super-rich we have become cattle we are 7:34 exploited and the wealth we produce is 7:36 appropriated by our farmers the new 7:39 world order le and recent studies have 7:42 indicated in Africa at least that we 7:45 private after the assets held by 7:48 Africans far actually the depths of 7:51 African countries the differences of the 7:52 assets held in private hands the active 7:55 social in in bank's policy they could be 7:58 futile to death of the income on 8:00 diversity Taillefer you know all the 8:02 debt repayment but we have that mismatch 8:04 and Atherton is that the debts are borne 8:08 by the African people performed either 8:10 higher taxes themselves or degraded 8:12 public services and impunity an elite 8:14 that the benefit from complete impunity 8:16 for doing the money for sure that 8:18 there's nothing that anybody can do 8:20 about it and this leads to the 8:22 corruption of countries and wholesale 8:24 solution of democracy 8:26 it's absolutely developing country not 8:29 only we are being looted by the banks 8:31 but we also bailed them out when they're 8:34 bad practices less under bankruptcy how 8:37 it is that to go bankrupt this part of 8:39 the risk of running a business 8:41 why we should bail them out during the 8:44 2008 prices are governments have given 8:47 trillions to the banks can you imagine 8:50 that we have invested this money and 8:52 building infrastructure for our society 8:54 now our governments have become so 8:56 indebted to save the banks that they do 8:59 not even have money to look after the 9:01 citizens we're talking about a thousand 9:04 dollars for every single American 9:06 imagine if if you're going to do about 9:09 that money people directly instead of 9:12 going to banks we just heard it involved 9:15 competitors it had no instead of 9:16 refinance mortgages or refinance loans 9:19 of any kind they just kept the money 9:21 gave himself furnaces lot of competitors 9:23 are sitting pretty and they're not 9:25 learning money people are still broke 9:27 economy still in recession and will be 9:29 and on top of that inflated a dollar the 9:32 government putting up money to practice 9:35 and gave it a bank went back to US 9:37 interests besides according to a new law 9:41 passed recently in the next crisis the 9:44 banks will have the right to see the 9:46 money of the depositors to prevent 9:48 bankruptcy so you have been warned 9:50 make sure you don't have tens of 9:52 thousands of dollars deposited in bank 9:54 accounts for you run the risk to lose 9:56 most of it when the next derivatives 9:59 bubble will burst another way galoot the 10:06 resources of the country is through 10:09 implanting structural adjustment reforms 10:11 when the country have a crisis of debt 10:14 the International Monetary Fund and 10:16 World Bank can act as lenders of last 10:19 resort but in exchange they will demand 10:22 the country to do some reforms which 10:25 entailed privatizations the evaluation 10:28 of currency cut subsidies to local 10:31 industries 10:32 removed Kharis banking restructure ation 10:35 which are reforms that will deliberately 10:37 and publish the country and allow 10:39 foreign private corporations to enter in 10:42 the markets and loot the country's 10:44 resources we economic hit man really has 10:56 been the one responsible for creating 10:57 this first truly global Empire and we 11:00 worked many different ways but perhaps 11:07 most common is that we will identify a 11:11 country that has resources our 11:12 corporations covet like oil and then 11:15 arrange huge long move to the country 11:17 from the World Bank or one of its 11:19 historic information but the money never 11:21 actually goes to the country instead of 11:23 ghosts are big corporations to do it 11:24 infrastructure projects in that country 11:26 power plants industrial park sports 11:28 things that benefit a few rich people in 11:31 that country in addition our 11:32 corporations but really don't have the 11:35 majority of people at all 11:36 however those people the whole country 11:38 is left holding a huge step and such a 11:41 big that the camera and that's the plan 11:44 if they can't repair and so at some 11:45 point we cannot get back to them and say 11:48 listen you're a lot of money can't pay 11:50 your debts so sell your oil real cheap 11:53 to our oil companies allow us to build a 11:55 military base near country some troops 11:58 and support about some place in the 12:00 world like Iraq or go with us on the 12:02 next to land 12:03 to have their electric utility company 12:06 precise in the water and sewage system 12:09 privatized and sold the US corporations 12:11 or other multinational corporations so 12:14 that the whole mushrooming saying that's 12:16 so typical of the way the IMF and the 12:17 world bank workers per country and death 12:20 it's such a big data can't tell you and 12:23 then you offer refinance that death and 12:25 it is even more insurance and you demand 12:29 as quid pro quo would you call the 12:32 conditionality or good governance which 12:34 means basically that they've got to sell 12:36 off their resources including many of 12:39 their social services their utility 12:41 companies the school system sometimes 12:43 that their their penal systems they're 12:46 short systems to foreign corporations 12:49 another tool used by corporations to 12:51 enslave humanity are the free trade 12:54 agreements this trade deals are really 12:57 damaging for our economies and for the 12:59 people for many reasons they from no to 13:01 race to the bottom in labor rights and 13:04 environmental regulations free-trade 13:07 destroy entire economies since factory 13:10 moved to countries with cheaper labor 13:12 only in the United States millions of 13:15 jobs have been lost 13:17 free trade removed terrorist barriers 13:19 which wipes out industry and 13:22 impoverished farmers from third world 13:24 countries think they cannot compete with 13:26 the United products from the West 13:29 free-trade allows transnational 13:32 corporations to evade taxes easily and 13:35 to make things worse 13:36 most of the trade deals come with a 13:38 clause 13:39 that allow foreign investors to sue the 13:42 country if they approve any regulation 13:44 that can undermine the earnings of 13:46 corporations let's see some examples 13:48 that showcases of governments being food 13:52 and forced to pay generous compensation 13:54 to the corporations are forced to repeal 13:57 their regulations among other things 14:00 corporations are suing to block a 14:02 raising of the minimum wage like health 14:05 protection overturned a ban on tested 14:08 waste dumping in a drinking water area 14:10 la compensation for victims of apartheid 14:14 block the repeal of water plantation is 14:18 locked the terms of the bailout as we 14:22 have seen dear sisters and brothers the 14:24 Elliots have created an economical order 14:27 that extract wealth of the ninety-nine 14:29 percent and give it to the one percent 14:31 we could live in a world where we all 14:34 could be rich but instead half of the 14:36 world population subsist for less than 14:38 two dollars a day while others are 14:41 millions a day i hope this video has 14:44 helped the viewer to realize that we are 14:46 being enslaved and unless we stand up 14:49 there are times will wait for us we are 14:52 anonymous we do not forgive and we do 14:55 not forget 14:57 Oh expect us well I'm not really do love 15:00 I one can get back onto the protest I 15:04 don't want you to ride I don't want you 15:06 to write your Congressman I wouldn't 15:07 want to tell you the right 15:09 I don't know what to do about the 15:10 depression of the inflation and the 15:11 Russians without crying the street 15:13 all i know is it but you've got to get 15:15 back to write satisfy human being not 15:18 damaging my like what

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