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Will Donald Trump bring peace on earth or did he lie to us?

 Anonymous Global Warning: You Are Distracted!

 Anonymous - Global Warning: You Are Distracted! This is one of the anonymous updates for the US citizens!
This is the latest anonymous message for 2017. Now Donald Trump is president of the United States, we have a message for the citizens of this country and not only.
While there is hope that the establishment will come to an end, the elites will not let this happen easily. You, the people, must continue to remain aware and not to be distracted by the false flag operations they are showing you on the tv.
Remember the mainstream media is fabricating stories and you must use multiple sources of information in order to get a glimpse of the truth.
Will Donald Trump bring peace on earth or did he lie to us?

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  1. ever since japan decided to buy us $ bonds god will send hardship for a long while so get ready any nation that buys dollars individual organization will suffer. so be prepared to enter the 21 century the proper way or else fukushima version 2 is coming. so drop your bonds and dollar to live happy ever after or face biblical disasters. god returns with a sword not an olive branch. trump got a taste on friday.