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WikiLeaks' Julian Assange Denies Russian Role in DNC Hack

Assange Reiterates No Russian Connection
I've been really thinking about how Trump is like David up against Goliath (mainly the MSM). All the conservative sites and talk show hosts like Alex, Rush, Savage, etc. are great at pointing out all the problems and bias against Trump; but I haven't heard them suggest any real way for Trump to combat the onslaught against him. I believe the only way to defeat the current MSM is for several new, right-leaning news broadcasts to be started to balance the coverage. Fox is not really reliably, consistently conservative anymore.

Hillary has taken millions from Saudi Arabia and Qatar to push the pro-muslim agenda. The latest revelation is that the clinton foundation recieved 12 million from Morocco. Like Trump says she is bought and paid for. The russia business is just a smokescreen; HRC is trying to implement a war against Assad as that is desired by Turkey, Saudi Arabia and their allies. It is not something the american people should want as it could cause a nuclear war with Russia. Russia should be our best friend in the mideast, not our worst enemy. Instead we are allying with our enemies to attack Russia. its nuts.

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