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Why TRUMP Will Easily Bring NATO to Heel

DeGaulle pulled France out of NATO and he is considered a great man. Trump should pull USA out of NATO and become a great man. For this they more than once tried to assassinate DeGaulle. courageous man.

Who asked for NATO, IMF, Federal Reserve, DHS, TSA, NDAA, CIA turning on Americans, false flags, Iraq war, Syrian meddling, arming terrorists etc....

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  1. true also because de gaulle wanted israel to return to the 1967 borders he and kennedy were quite suspicious of the zionist. they killed kennedy and they created a color revolution also kennedy wanted the end of the fed and degaulle also; both got nowhere reason why de gaulle wanted return to the gold standard and kennedy agreed. he wanted the end of the FED control over the dollar $. to have a national central bank to print the money and not the fed. he failed because they killed him before he got the chance to do it.

  2. israel is also part of nato hidden from most but part of nato.