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US Doctors Astonishing Claim That Patients Are Being Murdered In Hospitals For Their Organs!

 The underlying problem is that the realization of the global anti-human agenda is too painful for the average human to bear. Thank you Richie and guests for revealing your stories and research efforts to wake people up. The concept that our medical profession could be not only corrupted by profit and power, but fundamentally at the core of these many Eugenics-based industries is psychologically destabilizing, but we must connect the dots and see the bigger picture....abortion and baby parts trafficking....organ donor trafficking..... human medical experimentation..... government-run military mind control as in MK-ULTRA....."Pizzagate" which is just the tip of this iceberg PROLIFERATING unobstructed across the globe because normal people don't want to believe it. But the biggest game of all us happening inside your personal body right now, and the input channel is the pharmaceutical industrial complex with its death drug schemes, soon-to-be mandatory vaccine campaigns using the most dangerous PATHOGENS and gene-altering chemicals on the planet. Medical Science has been completely overrun by an evil intent which is hell-bent on destroying the human race. To all you Medical Professionals out there, who take exception to my assessment that the entire medical industry is corrupted, we must remind ourselves that the Persistence of unchecked evil, in its many forms and clues, corrupts and dehumanizes everyone, even the "uninvolved." This shit is going on everywhere and none of us has anywhere to hide. We must each of us take personal responsibility for what we allow to happen, and therefore, no one is non-complicit if they continue as usual, and do nothing.

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