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The Trump #Inauguration by Sargon of Akkad

The God Emperor cometh

President Trump's speech; not a philosophical soliloquy, nor a piece of poetry, but a letter to the people. Donald Trump's inauguration speech has been lambasted by various media outlets for its lack of philosophical depth, and the absence of intricate articulation and flowery language. It has been called, by Larry King, a speech not long remembered. But this speech, in my humble opinion, is actually exceedingly historical. For perhaps the first time in America's history, barring the speeches by George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, the presidential inauguration speech was a speech specifically targeted at the American people. It was devoid of the language seen in the courts and the senate, devoid of the lampoonings of the media, but instead it was short and simple: People of America, this is the state of our country, and this is where I, alongside you, will take it. President Trump's speech was both in content and language, a message to the people. A message to once again reassure them, that the government was once more in their hands, and under their control. I find this speech to be of immeasurable historical importance, as a speech that for once, spoke directly to the people who voted, rather than the politicians, the corporate interests, or the media and social elite. I would rather a simple, direct speech that speaks directly to the people, than a piece of flowery drivel with no value for those to whom it is most important.

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