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The REAL Illuminati Explained (Satanic, NOT Atheist) 2017

The Illuminati world domination is about to come to a final thrust very soon. If you don't or won't see it then you are nothing but a willing pawn in this Satanic end game. Rest assured that Satan's plans through the Illuminati will ultimately fail upon the Second Coming of Christ. We are living in the End Times now.

Some extremely ignorant people believe the "angels and demons" version of the Illuminati, which is a 100% work of fiction and has nothing to do with documented history, this is the real, non sugar coated version and everything in this audio is zero claims but 100% facts. Some ignorant sheeple claim the Illuminati is atheistic, when they could hardly make it more obvious that they are satanic, not because they want to destroy christianity, but because demons are at the top, thus Lucifer's Eye at the top of the pyramid overseeing the conspiracy (unfinished pyramid). The video seems to buffer slowly, so let it buffer before watching. Refer this to anyone who is ignorant of the Illuminati or that wants evidence or documentation because this video tells you where to find it. Even the most ignorant sheep cannot refute this information.

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