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The Holocaust EXPOSED

This is a good introduction to the subject of questioning the "holocaust" story. It is an easy read, and is reasonably well written. While the book does not present much in the way of new information, it does present a fine, and consistent, account of information previously presented in other more detailed books (to an extent - as indicated below regard "Part Two"). There is enough detail here to cause anyone with intellectual curiosity to delve further into the subject in order to question the validity of the holocaust story. While I still consider Peter Winter's "The Six Million - Fact or Fiction?" to be the definitive source on the subject, this book is still worth reading. For the most part the author (Victor Thorn) does not resort to hyperbole, histrionics, or lame attempts at tie-ins to contemporary events to make his point. He pretty much just sticks to providing information, and lets the reader draw his/her own conclusions, or perform additional research (at least regarding "Part One", pages 1-125, that deal with problematic details regarding the "holocaust" story). As with most revisionist histories that broach sacrosanct topics, the book does suffer from the following deficiencies: (i) a certain amount of repetition (although the author does try to cover this by acknowledging that some items were stated previously within the text); and (ii) not enough citations. The author does prove some citations, but could have included more. All-in-all, Thorn has done a much better job than have some other "revisionists" in providing citations, and given that the book is basically a survey of the subject, the lack of detailed citations is perhaps excusable. Where the book falls-apart (and thus loses overall credibility) is in "Part Two - How Elite Zionists Engineered the Holocaust ...." In "Part Two" Thorn attempts to describe a grand Zionist conspiracy to foment WWII (as well as WWI), with Germany being their pawn (all with the objective of driving European Jews, and German Jews in particular, to Palestine). The problem here is that Thorn attempts to set out a grand conspiracy theory in a mere 47 pages. Such a topic probably requires more like 470 pages, along with citations. Further, Thorn's theory is inconsistent with other theories which are perhaps more credible (as for example, the theory proposed by Benton Bradberry in "The Myth of German Villainy"). Thorn's theory also does not address how Zionist support for Nazi Germany would encourage other non-German European Jews (perhaps as many as 10 million Jews beyond Germany's 600,000, according to the dubious "Wannsee Conference" list of Jan. 1942) to migrate to Palestine. (I say "dubious" since this document, Nuremberg Trial Document No. NG-2586 (G), "Memorandum of Conference on the Final Solution of the Jewish Problem, Berlin, January 20, 1942" was ostensibly originally in the hands of the Russians (who had possession of Berlin at the end of WWII). Given that the Russians were notorious for document forgery, and that such a document would be in their favor, it is not unreasonable that the Russians forged this document (and I can find no other internet resource to verify the progeny of this document as actually being prepared by Adolph Eichmann for the Jan. 1942 "Wannsee Conference" ). After all, the copy provided for the Nuremberg Trials was allegedly the only remaining copy in existence (i.e., "copy 16 of 30"). How convenient - only one of the original 30 copies of this document were found - and (ostensibly) by the Russians, no less! I find it inconsistent (if not hypocritical) that Jews are willing to accept a German conspiracy to exterminate Jews (without any direct evidence), but are unwilling to accept the possibility of Jews conspiring to manipulate events in order to advance a Zionist "homeland" in Palestine. They are both conspiracy theories, and let each be proven (or disproven) by the facts. I abhor unproven conspiracy theory, but I revel in facts. Let the facts be known, and the truth will be known. Alas, even now in 2016, some of the "facts" (i.e., documents regarding WWII and under control of the Russians and Americans) are not available for public review. (See, for example, (...) Why are these documents still being withheld from public view 70 years after the end of the war? As a remark of note, there is an Amazon book-review troll out there who goes by "I. White" (perhaps "Weiss"?) who searches Amazon for my book reviews (regarding the "holocaust" and WWII revisionism) so he can disparage me. So expect a "comment" from him about me being anti-Semitic. To Mr. "White" I say, rather than sniping at my reviews: (i) please provide a cite to a "holocaust history" (only one book, please) that is credible and addresses the issues raised in "The Holocaust Hoax Exposed" and "The Six Million - Fact or Fiction?"; and/or (ii) if you are so adamant about the truth of the myth, and such a scholar on the subject, perhaps you should write a rebuttal book of your own. I can empathize with the revisionist author David Irving - i.e., being persecuted for expressing an opinion that goes against the myth. Fortunately (at least for now) the U.S. does not prosecute those who write opinions contrary to the "holocaust myth" - but the day may come when expressing contrary opinions is considered as a "hate crime". Like those who seek to obtain a handgun before they are banned in the U.S., I encourage the curious to investigate, and speak out on, the "holocaust" story before doing so becomes banned in the U.S. (as it currently is in most European countries). Such a U.S. ban is only one step away from being implemented by the DOJ under Obama, Hillary, or another G. Bush. I do plan on reading "Night" (by Elie Wiesel), and "The Destruction of the European Jews" (by Raul Hilberg) just to get a perspective on the other side of the story. (So, Mr., "White", please shut up for now, and wait for my reviews on these supposedly seminal accounts of the so-called "holocaust".)

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