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The Future Of America: Epic Speech By Alex Jones

the United States has no future. it will devolve into what we used to call that hideous, destitute police state known as the Soviet Union. a joke of an experiment that, after approximately 74 years of butchery, imploded into itself. the idiots who have been lobotomized by the government schools will enjoy that future and, while I should pity them, I don't.

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1 comment:

  1. Washington is A cesspool of disease and it cannot be cure unless the fed is pull to pieces the IMF collapses and the dollar ends its reign as global reserve currency, looks this is unavoidable as the laws of thermodynamics explains. the disintegration of America is automatic. no hand from above it takes place automatically. Washington cannot be trusted by anyone no matter who is in charge Washington is barred as a civilized nation.