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The Death of Nations: Globalism, Immigration and Migrant Crisis

The Satanic Illuminati are inducing a clash of civilizations designed to take down the Liberty in western civilization via mass immigration of populations who's oppressive and slave like cultures will ensure that they do no assimilate into western society but instead take it over and turn it into a massive culture of slavery and servitude.

Question: “The UN Agenda 2030 and the UN World Population Prospects-Revision 2015 clearly state that legal migration from developing nations into Western nations is expected to be roughly 2.6 million people per year, every year for the next 34 years, and that population increases in Western nations over this period will be 80% due to immigration."

"And, of course, the Western nations will pay for the support of all these immigrants, many of whom are illiterate, have few if any employable skills, are ignorant of law and order, and bring with them totalitarian ideologies. Could you discuss this redistribution of the global population as it relates to our Western values of self-determination and individual liberties?”

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