The Bitcoin's Bubble has Burst

Bitcoin plunges after nearing all-time high
Bitcoin feels like one of those pyramid scams where the first 20 people who were able to buy bitcoin when it was 50 to a dollar want everyone else to get on board so that they can be Bitcoin Rockefellers.Bitcoin is nothing - it is a self contained fad and fraud - you can't buy anything with bitcoin - try paying your rent or grocery bill bit bit-con and see what happens.

After an exciting rally, Bitcoin fell on Thursday and continued to drop following a surge in the yuan and a warning from the People’s Bank of China. You can thank the NSA. Got their stamp on the SHA-256 part of the cryptography. Never have they released cryptography to the wild without a weakness being found eventually. With each release any deliberate weakness takes longer and longer to find. Open source doesn't mean much when Intel agencies are working on it. They will win out through every design stage.

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