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Syrian Army Finds More US Made Weapons In Aleppo

This should not come as a surprise, the USA, EU, Turkey and Saudi-Arabia have been sending weapons to ISIS and its affiliates, this is open secrete. What is surprise to me is that the USA and EU think Asad can be toppled by ISIS, rule over Syria whatout sending terrorists to EU and USA. The USA and EU should learn from the mistakes of Iraq and Libya. The politician in the USA and EU and only interested in Saudi dollars which they get by selling arms to Saudi which ends up in the hands of terrorist. Corrupt politicians!

Syrian Arab Army still discovering massive depots of weapons and ammunition worth billions of US dollars and enough for a war that would long for years left behind by the 'starving and ill armed' terrorists. Who can stash such huge quantities of weapons had enough space for food as well.

...Americans should be ashamed for this. ...its Government is helping those infamous terrorist that are killing men, women, and children!!!
All these weapon going to the hand of terrorist in Syria through Turkey
Where are the western media outlets like BBC or ABC news to report on the discovery of these chemical factories??? They all now go silent and turn a blind eye as they are the suppliers to the terrorist groups via Turkey! Iran needs to bring this to the attention of UN and such crimes need to be recorded!
US and NATO can now be held accountable under Article 8 of the Rome Statute. Russia has produced a "White Paper" to the UN confirming US/NATO War Crimes. Time now to commence action.

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