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Soros: Trump Will Fail; Markets Will Fall

Soros needs to be place on the FBI's '10 Most Wanted' list and all assets frozen.

Rethinking the Khazar Theory! by David Duke
November 15, 2016
For years I accepted the Khazar theory as true. After it, all it was repeated by some writers who also
recognized the leading Jewish role in Communism and their leadership in many other subversive movements.
It was only later, when I considered the question logically and scientifically, were my doubts about the Khazar theory aroused.
One thing that I did not know then was that Koestler, the communist Jew who popularized the Khazar Theory
bragged in a Jewish magazine that he advanced the theory as way to fight against anti-Semitism. His theory was that since the Gospels and Europeans blamed Jews for the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, if he could make Europeans believe that they are not related by blood to the Christkiller Jews talked about in the New Testament that he could lessen hatred against Jews. One must remember until the Jewish triumph of “Christian Zionism” 99 percent of Christianity viewed Jews as the greatest enemies of Jesus Christ and God, as the New Testament makes very, very clear. So in those days some Jews, such as Koestler saw an advantage to say that the Jews were not actually related to the Jews who crucified Christ and so persecuted Christians.

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