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Soros Plots Economic Collapse To Blame Trump!

Soros is a despicable twit. He is a Jew who helped Nazis parse through the clothes and belongings of dead jews in concentration camps. He passed himself off as a gentile during WWII and helped the authorities against his own Jewish people. Some give him a pass saying he was trying to stay alive but if you listen to his own mutterings you will see (or hear) that he went overboard in his act. He was a turncoat in my opinion. Now he is a cut throat and a left wing piece of trash. His money has helped him manipulate other nation's reserves and money to the point of near bankruptcy. He is an enemy of conservatism or even normalcy. He is the man whose money got Obama elected and we all know what a catastrophe that has been. He is a champion of the NWO which is nothing more than a pack of rich liberals trying to run the world. Soros is trash. He is a wannabe dictator himself and he has the nerve to compare someone else to Hitler??

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  1. trump hillary is just a twist, so forget trump the saviour or anyone as saviour, is over folks, enslavement is here to stay, the only way out is to quarantine washington, and that is something americans cannot achieve only someone from outside can do that. reagan gave you a hint, when he spoke about aliens, as kennedy warn you about secret societies, so eisenhower. only a king from a far away land can save america you yourself cannot AIPAC is too powerful.


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