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SMART METER SHOWDOWN - Houston Lady Defends Her Property & Rights. Forced To Point Gun at Installer

On January 17, 2008, President Obama famously said, “Under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” It’s now becoming evident that the new so-called “smart” meter your utility is attempting to force on you, is the culprit technology for the government-sponsored extortion that Obama was referring to. But this is just the beginning of a hornet’s nest of alarming details unveiled in our new documentary, Take Back Your Power Billions of tax dollars… no benefits? In a time of economic crisis, the US government allocated $11B of taxpayer funds from the 2009 bailout package to develop a “smart” grid, including “smart” meters for every home’s electricity, gas and water. And recently, the European Union has announced plans to blow a mind-numbing $700B on building out this centralized control grid. The ostensible reasons for “smart” metering and grid technology: a) to save energy and thus aid the environment; b) to increase power reliability; and c) to give you more control of energy use in your own home. It is now easily demonstrated that all three of these claims are patently false. “Smart” meters and grids typically use more energy, they are extremely hackable (making the entire power grid vulnerable), and customers suffer increased utility bills virtually across the board immediately following a “smart” meter installation – a fact even acknowledged now by some utilities. A couple in North Bend, Washington is suing their power company after being forced to pay a monthly fine for refusing to install a new digital electric “smart meter.” Looking back over a turbulent year, some things remained reassuringly constant. England lost the football, Julian Assange stayed vitamin D deprived, and Blighty's smart meter rollout continued at a snail's pace. According to the latest government figures (PDF), there are now 4.9 million smart meters operating across homes and businesses in Great Britain, by both large and small energy suppliers. That may sound like an impressive number, but it leaves the government just over three years to achieve its goal of 53 million smart meters by 2020. "smart meter" meter power water electric installation defense home usa "united states" showdown warning "home invasion" defend secure security tech technology radio cancer news media entertainment constitution property wireless signal sick sickness texas "public utilities" removal 2016 2017 battle "energy efficient" "low energy" "solar power" trends trending "elite nwo agenda" In its last quarter report, the department for Business, Energy, & Industrial Strategy said 4.2 million smart meters were live. Smart electricity meters can be dangerously insecure, warns expert Hackers can cause fraud, explosions and house fires, and utility companies should do more to protect consumers, conference told The lack of security in the smart utilities raises the prospect of a single line of malicious code cutting power to a home or even causing a catastrophic overload leading to exploding meters or house fires, according to Netanel Rubin, co-founder of the security firm Vaultra. “Reclaim your home,” Rubin told a conference of hackers and security experts, “or someone else will.” Just last year, researchers in Germany analyzed several smart meters and discovered that the devices transmitted unencrypted data, allowing the researchers to know whether or not anyone was home. The data even revealed what movie was being watched on TV. The amount of transmitted microwave radiation has been measured up to 200 times greater (if one is standing next to the meter) than the Building Biology standard threshold for “extreme concern.” The radiation standards set by national agencies such as the FCC are literally thousands of times higher than science-based levels, because they actually assume that harm can only be done from electromagnetic radiation (EMR) if cells heat up by a certain amount. This is called a “thermal effect”.

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