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SHTF Survivalism - After the Collapse: Surviving in Alberta Canada

Come Armageddon come Armageddon, come. (The Smiths)
Toilet Paper will be the new "paper" currency.

Get off the grid if you can with solar, wind and back up generator with a huge underground tank of LP or NG to power it. Camoflauge the protrusion to the underground tank so thieves or greedy neighbors can't siphon off your LP or NG. Have an underground gasoline tank as well and camoflauge the pump. Have a well or put cistern tanks under your gutters and siphon off your roof rainwater, buy about six months worth of freeze-dried food, coffee, powdered milk and seed's for future plantings, sanitize your bathtub and fill it with water and use another shower to bath, have a septic system and mount a large conventional antenna on your house to get local programming. If Internet, cable and Satellite die, make sure you have a HF ham radio Have plenty of weapons, ammo and train your son's to use them. Post signs at the entrance to your house/driveway telling any/all authorities you are completely fine and NOT to enter your private property. Inform potential thieves you have big dogs and weapons to defend yourself and RIDE OUT THE STORM. Keep lots of cash on hand in case you have to bribe authorities to leave you alone. Do NOT drive away from your house, you may NEVER make it back unless you have some serious weapons you can take with you

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