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Russian Cyber Attacking Trump Or Hillary?

The whore of Babylon made sure everything on the menu was for sale No need for hacking

Vladimir Putin is not the enemy. The Illuminati and Federal Reserve Jewish Mafia ARE THE ENEMY. Americans need to know that Russia is OUR Friend and Ally, if Donald Trump challenges the CIA and the Jewish FBI to come out and Prove Something, they will shrink back in to the dark Jewish Delicatessens where they hide behind their communist newspapers and RIDICULOUS, VILE attacks on a Great American Patriot, Donald J Trump! The Globallists and Zionistic Executioners of Democracy are trying to kill Donald Trump for exposing the Pizza guy's murderous warehouse of death. America NEEDS Russia to help PURGE the LIbtards once and for all. Putin has already moved special ops in to Alabama where they will begin to Cleanse America of Libtards, Dumbocrats and other Traitors, like Kapernick and the rest of the minority affirmative action leftwing clowns. Thanks to GOD for Putin helping to save America! Yes! Yes! Yes!

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  1. trump success is the alternative media; trumps reality is actually a way to eliminate you the alternative media. And they have succeeded. Trump is nowhere he is just a tool of the event; the real purpose is to dismantle these believes on revolution honesty and justice. The internet has provided this chance.
    The controllers have realized that trump was the guy who would do the job, he had some experience as a showman; they created a controversial media show were you anonymous infowars and the others are the trump followers, the opposition is the main media a sort of Trump vs Hillary show no different than a television show. However, the intention is that after trump gets into office he will do the opposite of what you lot expected by these methods you anonymous and the lot of alternative media is totally discredited as you are now, and bingo the job is done infowars collapses breitbart takes over and CNN fox news etc. returns to the guiding hand for the blind. But alternative media is no longer credible. that was the task to accomplish, trump makes money he enjoys the white house gets replaced in 5 years and you lot of the alternative media disappear.


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