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Red Alert -- Soros has moved on to plan C

Trump To Declare George Soros ‘National Security Threat’
Gigs up psycho Soros puppet master. Putin is coming for you. Russia has issued an international warrant for his arrest and he is wanted in many countries . He gave up his cousins and family to the Nazi's and he said it was better them then me, He supposedly own the DNC lock, stock and barrel. He is fueling these protest because his world domination sicko plans are falling apart.

Soros has moved on to plan C which is some kind of disruptive Leftist revolution and attempt to poison the electoral vote that happens next month.. Plan A was getting Hillary elected, B was to crash the US economy by causing stock market panic with a 900 point sell order that was canceled at the last minute.. He is the front man for a group of global diseased pricks that want total power over us that they never will have..

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