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Marine Le Pen has very bad news for globalists

Marine Le Pen has overtaken French presidential favourite Fran├žois Fillon to become the frontrunner in the latest first round election poll. The Front National leader is now polling at 26.5 per cent, a lead of 1.5 per cent over former Conservative Prime Minister Fillon. However, Mr Fillon is still expected to beat the far-right leader in a second round runoff in May, with polls giving him 64 per cent over Ms Le Pen’s 36 per cent.

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  1. what globalist you lot worse and worse, no wonder 1984 is now in place globalist took over in 1913 and they still rule, however the illusionist and dreamers believe otherwise, the FED is the real globalist the IMF, world bank, have you heard anyone mentioning they will be dismantled.!!!