Saturday, January 28, 2017

Is Donald Trump Hitler 2.0 ?

The TRUTH about Donald Trump
THE FED IS NOTHING MORE THAN A MONEY PRINTING CORPORATION, it can fall like Rome if America and certain countries and 'brexit' band together against the few strings the Fed can still pull. The Federal Reserve is replaceable, The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS NOT.
TRUMP WILL FALL. America WILL... FALL TOO... We the people stand strong, with God on our side, we shall prevail!

is The TRUTH about

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  1. trumps explains this is exclusively info-trump warriors infowars warriors trump lovers, carnage: trump is very wise he is signaling that the idiots that voted for trump are the real idiots the nation should dispose off, to do the trick we have muslims arabs and other figth info-trump trolls, that way we shall get those trump troll to the morgue and the muslims as well, trump is brilliant. he will make america great again and the idiots will be suppressed and dispose off.


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