INFOWARS Live Stream - Donald Trump-Michael Gove Meeting & TRUMP's Inauguration [18/01/17]

Our schools have been hijacked by the feds for over 30 years now, and they have CLEARLY left our population in the dust. Soon, most Americans will all find themselves in the dustBIN of history. It is astounding how completely mentally retarded most Americans have become. Most truly do NOT deserve the freedoms that they take for granted. I would love to see every one of the morons in this country who have no clue where their freedoms come from, and who have no desire to defend those freedoms, and in fact, fully support measures that STRIP them of their freedoms, to be living in FEMA camps with guns up their asses and jackboots on their throats for the rest of their lives. That would make me SUPER happy. Let them suffer the consequences of their own stupidity. And while the schools are largely to blame, never forget this: You can live in America and sit on your fat ass eating Cheetoes and ice cream, watching Jerry Springer, soap operas, sit coms, and fake news all day and all night, and remain mentally retarded, OR, you can turn that sh!t off, get on the internet, and educate yourself. Any American who blames the failed school systems for his own ignorance needs to be b!tchslapped in the face for his/her abject LAZINESS. WAKE UP,

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