End Times Headline News - January 11th, 2017

Trump seems to be the guy to watch. Its a Trumpday. Whats gonna happen is anyones guess. The day of Jesus' return will be a day like any other. He told us to be ready. These are your headlines from across the world.

It is all about the money. All wars are banker wars, and until something is done about the bankers, it will continue.
the United States government that has created this war on cash currency inching toward a more tight knit security police state in limiting the privacy of private transaction between two or more parties. If you've run across difficulties with law enforcement carrying cash you understand they consider transporting cash illegal which is weird and just as strange also is why would you have to ever explain why you have cash when it's considered legal in a free country, and than of course after the interview the lower law sends in the higher Federal investigators to whip you into shape before they charge you with what they can imagine you were going to do with your money, meaning you really do have to prove your innocence to avoid being arrest while detained and going to jail. Plus those in law enforcement representing this beast are hunters themselves like hunters that cougars and tigers are seeking the weak to kill, they enjoy killing and watching things die. They represent the beast the pervert the killer. It's a perversion but they enjoy locking people up for cash and watching things die, and they are American.

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