Tuesday, January 31, 2017

China Strikes Back WW3 Alert! South China Seas BREAKING NEWS

Unless US sends all its troops to conquer South China Sea then US might become the real owner of SCS but how long can it be? If China attacks US with its massive navies, and jets, and anti ship missiles, plus nukes. How Will US enjoy, and gain from this war? Iraq war costs US about 6 to 7 trillions dollars, and thousands marines. Would US play this deadly war game with giant, super powerful China? Probably not as it is too risky, and costly.

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  1. The reality of now is America no longer has a president simply, the new world order has begun a new world government it has started with the larger nations in America Argentina brazil and they hope Mexico. The so-called populism and Brexit is the coordination to this new world government. It has not been accomplishing so far. The fake real news phenomenon is the subconscious psychological medium to divide and conquer both opposite sides psyche. Russia china have not totally agreed to the new world government. However, they inquire and looks they are open to the offer. America is a European union with a single language, based on gothic ancient arrangements, Europe is of gothic design but with different languages reason why the new Atlantis somehow did work in America.


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