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#BlackLivesMatter Thinks Whites Should Be Slaves?

Black lives matter = Lets ignore the almost 800 white lives killed by police in 2016, & ONLY talk about the almost 400 Blacks lives taken by police!! Funny how their smart enough to use Twitter or Fagbook, but NOT smart enough to look up FACTS!

Some facts that don't seem to matter either: "Drop weapons" are not just carried by our soldiers in Iraq to frame up collateral damage as insurgents. It is originally a law enforcement tactic from the cointelpro days and was commonly used on black activists. Now drop weapons are used to create Cia psy war propaganda by killing innocent unarmed black folk and then framing and condemning them in the media. A common thread being that the people killed are all disabled (or children sometimes) and in some way are known in their community to be harmless. The media in collusion with police departments then report leaked "facts" from the investigation (really just psyop propaganda) which, although never cooberated or scrutinized, crystallize into a preordained good guy cop defending himself from aggressive black man narrative. Police officers enjoy qualified immunity, and it's attendant rights during the proceedings where the victim is investigated as the perpetrator. Of course, the victim being dead, no trial can be held to convict them of agressing an officer of the state and such cases are decided by sealed inquiries or internal investigations (police policing themselves). Agents provocatures and hired mobs are then dispatched by police intelligence to riot and delegitimize protests by the community. Infowars used to condemn the police state, but now claims the police state is just a blm white hating conspiracy theory. Wake up, white folks are killed and framed (sometimes in reverse order) by cops just like black folks! They try to paint the white man as a crazy lone wolf terrorist via similar false flags/engineered events. Infowars used to cover police corruption! For years infowarriors claimed on forums that they were waiting for someone to start the revolution against the police state. An man tried to start a revolution and so called Patriots stood down, Why? Cause he was black. And if black men try to revolt it's called racist and infowars goes all pro "law and order". Alex used to tell us that the law and order the state gave us was really a human control matrix, a slavery system. Now he tells us to support the police state and the law and order candidate, so we can crack down on minorities. Infowars along with the msm is playing the races AGAINST each other so that we don't stand up TOGETHER against the NWO. A race war is what the NWO wants. The NWO wants slavery and depopulation and they want us to do the dirty work for them. Say no to race wars. Humans vs evil is the paradigm. The state is the evil not the negros. Marxist takeovers are always presented as surging nationalism. Did you know your police department has intelligence assets that collude with the CIA, FBI and others at local Fusion Centers? Did you know the NDAA made it legal to propagandize the American public?

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  1. whites are slaves what is happening is that the establishment makes them believe that they are better and the slaves are the blacks browns and yellows. thats all.