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Are You Eating Yourself To Death? - David Icke

Human life is cheap to those that make your foods... and they control your government and also make your laws so ... if the thought of armed revolution does not appeal to you then your only other option is to secure your own food supply by producing your own foods. You can write letters and stage protests til you turn blue in the face it will not do you one stitch of good. Peaceful protest is allowed because it does nothing at all to threaten the government but you all THINK you are making an impact (it's actually a form of deception). Government does not change for the good of the people, never ever has in human history, government only changes when it feels threatened. So if revolution is out and peaceful protest do nothing at all then become a gardener. This is actually my approach. In the last few years I have been working hard to increase my ability to produce my own foods by gardening, fishing and hunting as well as finding local farmers in my area to buy things like milk, eggs and some other foodstuffs that are hard to grow or hunt for. I do work a regular job too so the added benefit to this over the last couple of years has been a increase to my 'disposable income' and a serious decrease in my food budget requirements. The real trick is to not bite off more than you can chew. So, for example, if you want to have a solar powered generator for back up power (as I do) but the price tag of the entire system is intimidating then buy it slowly over time. One panel at a time and store it til you have the whole set. We can take care of ourselves pretty easily if we really tried to it is a shame that all that human potential is locked into slave jobs in cities. The real shame is most of the slaves working those jobs have been convinced that the only way to succeed is to be a slave of some corporation. Sounds like this is where you live too. Any human can live a good life independent of your 'economy' or 'government' - money is the chains of your slavery. I want to help you break those chains yet you would rather keep them on. A slave who is too afraid to be free and is constantly looking to the slave masters for better conditions rather than to himself for his own liberation.

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