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Anti-Trump Riots -- It Is a War

With the Inauguration of President Donald Trump, leftists have taken to the street, not in peaceful protest, but with violent confrontations and riots. Property damage, physical assaults, shootings, and more have all been done in the name of “the high road” and “love trumping hate.” Stefan Molyneux is pissed off and wants to discuss his now complicated relationship with hatred. 

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  1. the robot of trump followers, come on men since you became winston smith of brave new world, only the trump followers think the rest are stupid: are you with the party or are you with the terrorist, the trump effect is no different than the bush effect are you with us or the terrorist, i wonder if your mind is actually working or if it got definitely damage by something external !!!!

  2. Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists
    boredjoewo g w bush

  3. what war ? only fanatisme creates wars, this right left ideology is the same thing, what happens is war as you said what for ?