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Anonymous Threat To Trump's Presidency & The Russian Border

No doubt Putin is laughing at this little assembly of nothing at his border. NATO is done as is the UN. Where is George Soros and the enlightened inbred illuminati?

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  1. This Brexit piece of garbage is just an Anglo Zionist maneuvers to keep the dollar afloat no different than 1917 Belfour declaration, to create a war in Europe, the aim is the same another try to keep the Anglo Zionist elites afloat keep the junk toilet paper dollar alive at the expense of slavery for British and Europeans citizens, slavery is you work for, free. And working for free is cheaper products, and more benefit to the master. The immigration Nigel Farage Murdoch’s scheme is part of the plan after the Anglo Zionist declared war on the middle east, 1967 war and renew it in 1990 2001. Theresa may, might be no different than Hitler’s Eva Brown in disguise. The problem of Europe is Goldman sachs wall street, the IMF and the dollar, not the euro.

  2. anonymous is CIA anglo-zionist enslavement schème. forget this joker's you are alone on a real 1984 realm info-trump alias info-wars is no different than winston smith that now has joined the establishment party, but what can anyone do in animal farm but talk to the pigs and let the other animals die. so let them kill each others and pick up the pieces after the war.