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Anonymous : Invisible Empire -- The Shadow Government

As long as "The People" themselves remain "unconcerned" or "apathetic" to the political corruption all around them – by NOT PARTAKING in any political "process" that could theoretically effect "CHANGE" for the betterment of themselves – or humanity in general, then those corrupt politicians will continue to "get away with" their immoral actions – ULTIMATELY because "The People" themselves ALLOW the former to do so. As long as the American People collectively "allow" politicians, of whom the citizens THEMSELVES elect into office – to continue to "rip-off" the general population, then the common folks inadvertently cause their OWN political destruction; since the Government of the United States – by its very design – is "supposed to" be [or theoretically] "controlled" by the People, via "elected representatives"; and therefore, since the American People REFUSE to hold their elected officials ACCOUNTABLE for the latter's "corrupt" behavior, then it is "The People" themselves who are at "fault" for NOT demanding "moral" or "ethical" behavior – in regards to both Uncle Sam's domestic affairs and foreign affairs. The American citizenry is too “busy” in trying to FULFILL their hedonistic lusts for all kinds of physical pleasures; and doesn’t really “care” what their Government does to them; and doesn’t really “care” what Uncle Sam does to other nations abroad. All the people really care about – primarily – on a personal or individual level is PURSUING money, material things, status, and some form of power. Therefore, the MAJORITY of the American People allow the politicians and the military establishment to “get away with” whatever “it” is that the latter wants to do – as long as the federal officials and the military brass are NOT being carefully monitored or scrutinized by our grossly carnal-minded apathetic/hedonistic citizenry.

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  1. the truth you ignore, one question, is trump a republican, if he is then you are a liar, if he is not you are rigth, to have a real new government it has to be someone is not a republican neither a democrat the rest is just crap ignoring reality is OK but ignoring the consequences of ignoring reality is impossible something you will see soon, however it will be too late, same as jesus before he cursed israel, he said you got a messenger from god and you ignored him, the result israel got destroyed, and god indeed send a saviour to america but you ignored, reason why it is was and has always being a democrats republicans opposites while they are both the same, and trump and congress are republicans same as dick cheney and bush. and that is a fact for alex jones now that he has become glenn beck and you. in 2001 you got the republican that gave you a war so get ready. the saviour you ignored it was jill stein..!!


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